MIGHTY NO. 9 機種選択最終アンケート (再送)

Mighty No.9 支援者のみなさま

いつも「Mighty No. 9」を応援いただきありがとうございます!

皆さんのメールアドレスに新しいアンケートのリンクがお送りされますので、お手数ですが、そちらのアンケートをお使いください。 (アンケートのシステムがオートで24時間ロックされたので、それが先ほど解除されました。)

「Mighty No. 9」の配信コードをお送りするうえで、ご希望のゲーム機を選んでいただく必要があります。
ご登録頂いているメールアドレスに「Mighty No. 9: Official Platform Selection Survey FINAL ROUND (RESEND)」という件名のメールをお送りしますので、アンケートにお答えください。
​※WiiU ニンテンドー3DSを選択される日本アカウントの方はゲーム機の地域「NTSC-J」を選択してください。

締切は2016年5月30日 15時59分(日本時間)です。


―Mighty No. 9チーム一同


ユーザー Mighty No. 10760 TiJae の写真

Here we are, on the final day

Here we are, on the final day, and I've taken every step I've seen, and reached out to Comcept multiple ways and times, but no response. I've received these surveys before, even the last one, but even just an explanation for why I haven't seen this resend would be enough.
ユーザー Mighty No. 43198 nano の写真

No survey

It is now 5/24 USA. I have not received the survey. Please list the options and allow people to respond on a case by case basis to get this resolved. I have checked spam daily. I have checked Survey Monkey.
ユーザー Mighty No. 6026 R16S の写真


ユーザー Mighty No. 41434 J_R_Frost の写真

Question on survey wording.

I have a question about the survey wording.

I chose the Xbox One version, and so far I'm still in the survey..

My issue is the screen that says:

"Please input the country your Xbox Live store account is attached to:

Xbox Liveのアカウントの国を入力してください:"


Am I supposed to put the name of my country? I already entered that earlier in the survey. Am I supposed to put the name of my xbox live account? I'm confused.

I put the japanese text through google translate and is says to enter the account and not the country. No help at all that way.

So...simply...do I enter country, account, both?

ユーザー Mighty No. 7341 Krillos の写真

I was wondering about that,

I was wondering about that, too. I found it odd that you have to pick your country twice during the survey. Without finding a proper answer to that dilemma, I gave up and did EXACTLTY what the survey told me, wrote down name of the country my account is attached to and hope that will suffice.
ユーザー Mighty No. 28544 Mário の写真

No Nintendo eShop

There's no Nintendo eShop for Wii U in my country, although there's for the 3DS.
If I choose the Wii U version, how will I be able to download the game? Frustrated
I guess I should get any Playstation platform since I have a PS3 and PS Vita... and they're cross-buy (so I'll get a PS4 too).
ユーザー Mighty No. 34112 RSF- blue bomber の写真

How to fill out the survey

Hello i gave 20 dollars for this game and I still didn't get my survey sent to me in an email. How do i access the survey because i want my copy of the game on 3ds.
ユーザー Mighty No. 71437 CraigMan の写真

Just got it!

I chose the PS4 verion, but for some reason it asked for the country to my xbox live store in addition to my PSN store. I'm a little confused?
ユーザー Mighty No. 69408 Mighty No.Error の写真

Question on the Add-On Survey

So, received the final call survey. It didn't cross my mind that I received it before. Responded to it now.  

Answered it as best I could with the options I chose for my personal account. However for the people who backed the add-ons (such as the Famicom/NES USBs) back in August 2014, when are we expected to receive that survey?

I chose the PSVita option in the final call survey by the way.

And I do want to get my hands on the Famicom version of the MN9 USB cartridge.

ユーザー Mighty No. 10760 TiJae の写真

Because I've spammed it

Because I've spammed it everywhere else by now with, to my knowledge, no direct response, once more!:

Some questions about the survey, as I want the PlayStation versions. If the Retro and/or Ray DLC is included, is it also Cross-Buy? If I choose the Vita version, will I receive a code at the time of the PS4/PS3 release or have to wait? And, on the PlayStation Store each the PS4 and PS3 pre-orders come with animated and static themes, respectively; would we receive either theme from the survey, and would we get both (as with Cross-Buy shenanigans) or just the theme for the system we selected?

(As posted in http://www.mightyno9.com/en/node/4439)