The official Mighty No. 9 community site is open!!

Mighty Nos. and friends of Mighty No. 9 – welcome to our brand-new official community site!
What is this place, you ask? Why, just look around: This is where everyone can come to see the latest news and updates on the development of Mighty No. 9, straight from the developers in Japan! Plus, if you were a backer of the project during our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be getting a special email soon that includes a password to log in to the (for now) backer-only forums, where you can interact with the team and fellow Mighty Beckers! (These emails will roll out over the next week, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, be patient! It’s on its way soon!)
And don’t forget, what you see here is just the beginning: We already have some fun stuff planned like contests and user surveys, but this website, along with all of our plans for interacting with the community, will evolve based on feedback from fans like YOU. So don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts here, in the forums, at our official @MightyNo9 Twitter account, or in our facebook group! We can’t wait to hear what you think -- because this is your home now, just as much as it is ours!
NOTE: Only Kickstarter backers are currently able to login. All backers will be sent their Mighty No. and password to the email address they used for their Kickstarter or PayPal account; it will take roughly one week to send all these emails out, so if you don't have yours yet, please, be patient! You can change your contact email in "My Account" once you are logged in.
New users: Enter your Mighty No. as your username (you can change your username in "My Account" once you are logged in). Enter only the digits of your number as found in your email or the card included with your PAX t-shirt; do not add "#", "No.", extra "0"s, etc.
For your password, enter it exactly as it appears (case-sensitive) in the message sent to the email address you used for your Kickstarter or PayPal account. PAX attendees who received a three-line grid for their password should enter all twelve characters of their password with no spaces, starting with the top line of four characters, left to right, and then the second line, left to right, and finally the bottom line, left to right.
You can change your password in "My Account" once you are logged in.

See you in the forums!
-The Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 68404 Call's picture

Im here everyone xD Mighty No

Im here everyone xD Mighty No. 68404 Hows Everyone!!! we did it! Mighty No. 9 Is a Dream Come True :3
Mighty No. 71386 Whaike's picture

I´m ready to beta test

Love your megaman Legacy. You got our money now go to work hard and have fun!

Please let me beta test the game!
Mighty No. 71406 Zero's picture

Software Ready!

Mighty System Check
. . .
Mighty Systems Active.
. . .
Mighty No. 71406 Zero online!
Mighty No. 67387 Luna's picture

All of my excitement!

Mighty No. 67387 Reporting for duty! I'm so excited to get on here! It was a bit of a struggle at first >.<. the website seemed to be having some issues. But I'm glad I'm here!
Mighty No. 27012's picture

Mighty No. 27012 all systems

Mighty No. 27012 all systems go! Except for the G-Diffuser. Something's wrong with that.