About Anime Project

Q: Who will be producing the animation for this series?
A: Digital Frontier will be managing the animation production for this series.  


Q: Will the funding raised from the Mighty No 9 video game Kickstarter campaign be used for this project?
A: No.  The funding raised on the Kickstarter page for the Mighty No 9 game is ONLY for the development of the video game.  Digital Frontier is seeking investment separately for this animated TV series.


Q: What is the genre and target market for the show?
A: The series will be an action-packed comedy aimed at kids 6-11, but we hope that fans of all ages will enjoy it! 


Q: Where will the series be releasing?
A: We are targeting a worldwide release but we currently have plans for a simultaneous release.  Specific territory release dates will be forthcoming.


Q: Who is writing the series?  Who is directing?
A: We are currently in talks with interested parties regarding the showrunner and director.  


Q: Have voice actors been announced for the series?  Will the voice of Beck in the teaser be the same for the series?
A: No voice actors have been announced as of yet.  


Q: Will the narrator featured in the teaser be in the series?
A: Only if he thinks Beck will actually be a worthy hero.


Q: I’m a big fan of Mighty No.9 and would like to contact Digital Frontier. Is that cool?
A: We hope you enjoyed our teaser.  Everyone on the DF team is a huge fan of Mighty No. 9 and as such we would love to communicate with fans at sometime in the future, but unfortunately they are unable to respond to fan emails at this time.  Please stay tuned for more information on the TV series at a later date.