Q: What does the Mighty No. 9 project gain from taking on a publisher?
A: To put it simply, we get to add a lot of content to the game and offer services to users that we couldn’t offer before. Right now that includes the following:

  ● An additional stage, boss battle, and playable character in the Ray DLC (name TBD)
  ● Original Japanese and French voice-overs (in addition to the already-included English voices), and subtitles for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Polish languages!
  ● A packaged retail version of the game for certain consoles (currently Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Wii U™, PC, Linux and Mac) And who knows, maybe more!

Q: What does this announcement mean for my Kickstarter/PayPal/Humble Bundle pledge?
A: The good news: As a backer you get all of the in-game content mentioned above... for free! 
The not-so-good news: The game’s release date is now September 15th, 2015.

Q: Why does Mighty No. 9 need to be delayed until September?
A: Pushing the release date to September gives us enough time to produce the additional features above, and even better, gives us more QA time to polish existing and upcoming content. We understand you have all been waiting anxiously to start playing, but we think the additional time will result in a more polished game for you to play.


Q: When will backer rewards go out?

A: All backer rewards will go out to coincide with the release date.


Q: Is it too late to change my console/platform or choice, or to update my shipping address for physical rewards?

A: It’s not too late! We will send out a final platform selection survey closer to Mighty No. 9's release date, you can use this survey to finalize your console/platform of choice. You have two options for updating your address information:


1) Look for a confirmation message in your email, subject line "Confirmation for Order KICKMIGHTYNO9-#XXXXXX", with the X's representing your personal identification code. That should have a link to the survey where you can update your address.


2) Fangamer will send out a final address confirmation survey prior to shipping, so please be on the lookout for that a couple months before release!

Q: Can I upgrade my Kickstarter pledge to the recently-announced physical version?
 The new physical retail version is manufactured and distributed by Deep Silver, and is separate from the disc, USB add-ons and other rewards offered during the original Kickstarter campaign. Therefore, the retail version is not applicable towards redemption of Kickstarter backer rewards.


Q: That’s not fair, I backed at the ____ level to get a USB/disc/etc. because there wasn’t a physical version! You should let me change/update my pledge!

A: While we love that you’re excited from Deep Silver’s retail release of Mighty No. 9, the aforementioned separation between Kickstarter and retail versions currently makes this impossible: As of now, the process involves two different manufacturers (Fangamer and Deep Silver) and multiple distributors (Humble Bundle, and Deep Silver’s regional distributors) for the Kickstarter and retail versions of the game. That’s why making this change would not as simple as upgrading your pledge. That being said, rest assured that your feedback has been heard and passed on to the appropriate channels.

Q: How does this partnership affect Mighty No. 9 as a franchise?
A: First and foremost, Comcept maintains total creative control over the Mighty No. 9 IP, both for this game and for any future titles. Partnering with Deep Silver has given us the resources to add even more content to our dream project, and help out with publicity and marketing so the developers can stay focused on making a great game. Frankly, we feel super lucky to have found a partner who understands our desires as game creators, and shares our passion for making this project the best it can be!

Q: Why didn’t you mention that finding a publisher was a possibility before now?
A: Well, actually, we did! From the start we’ve mentioned the possibility of a publisher in the FAQ section of our Kickstarter page, and reiterated the sentiment in articles and talks at gaming events. The important thing was we were waiting for a partner that would not only help the project in the right way, but also protect and even add to everything we set out to do with our Kickstarter, including the fan involvement, backer rewards, and community aspects, and Deep Silver has offered all of that and more.

Q: As a Kickstarter backer, will my physical copy (disc) be the same as the one sold in stores?
The physical disc add-on purchasable through the Fangamer survey is separate from the one sold in stores, and as such is an item unique to our Kickstarter backers.

Q: So wait a sec – who all gets the extra Ray DLC for FREE?

  ●  All Kickstarter backers and slacker backers (whatever system they are playing it on, and whether they opted for the physical or digital version of the game): YES
  ● Non-backers who buy the physical version: YES
  ● Non-backers who buy the (cheaper) digital version: NO (though they can always buy it separately if they want!)

Q: Why are the handheld versions coming out after Sept. 15th? 
The handheld versions were originally meant to be simpler ports, but we found that the amount of work necessary exceeded our expectations—the 3DS and Vita versions will actually require remaking the game from the ground up. Because of this development, the handheld versions will be released after the other versions.

Q: I have a question you didn’t answer here! 
Email it to us here -- then watch our regular updates page for answers to the most common questions.