Communi-Day: 2015, AHOY!

Avast, ye Mighties,


And haul anchor at the first Communi-Day of 2015!

White Beck by Ichigoaimin


Since we didn’t have a Communi-Day last month, we find ourselves with quite the backlog of both regular- and holiday-themed Mighty fan art! We hope you’re ready for the deluge of eye candy coming your way… NOW!




First off, we got some special stocking-stuffers last December in the form of awesome holiday art!


(left) A Christmas Mighty No. 3 by Pontata, AND (right) one by Putti!


Beck is Ready for Christmas… I think by yoshi4ever


Merry Mighty Christmas by Putti

Mighty No. Shorts Holiday Edition by Mighty No. 39719 Vince


And speaking of presents, this beauty arrived in the mail from a Mighty sculptor, Mighty No. 9998 Haro!



You may recognize his style from the awesome Beck and Call figures he hand-delivered to our door! We’re still in awe of this baby, we can’t thank you enough!


Alright, let’s segue back into our regularly scheduled Mighty fan art with more Call!


Call chan by Kazuma


Call by Level.21


Call Part 2 by セセリンゴ


Followed by the Mighty Numbers…


Mighty No. 3 by Mighty No. 69484 Eyz


There is some “static” between the two! by mdkex


Mighty No. 7 pixel art by RamzaNeko


Kaboom by theChamba


Chibi Beck by justbelmont


BECK by I-am-Homestuck


Beck! by mira-rami


New Beck Color and New Call Weapon by Putti


Mighty No. 9 Fire by fanboy-supermegaman


Mighty No. 9 Wallpaper by Emortal982


Dr White’s New Design by FollyKnight


...And finally, some love too for the mysterious Ray!


Hey it’s Ray! by Mightybot


Ray/Beck AU Switch by Mightybot


Thanks as always for your amazing fan art, Mighties!


Speaking of which, it’s come to our attention that some of our fans have had trouble getting their beautiful works to us for a number of reasons. That’s why, in a push to link back with our Mighty artists, we’re happy to debut:




If you have any Mighty No. 9 themed fan art, music, stories, crafts, baked goods, cosplay--whatever!--and want us to show it off to the Mighty Community at large, email us your work at!


A few ground rules:

  1. Provide us with a link and a name so we can credit you properly!

  2. Keep .jpeg or .png files for pictures, and youtube links for videos and audio!

  3. Only send us your OWN work! If it ain’t yours, no poaching!

We can't guarantee every piece we receive will make it into CommuniDay, but we'll try our best!

And for a little burst of inspiration to get you going, here’s an an energizing remix of Mighty No. 3’s stage music by Skytric! Enjoy~







February is fast approaching, and you know what that means!’s cold as No. 2’s cannon up here in the northern hemisphere. BUT, Feburary also means it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day! I got a personal request by our resident character designer KIMOKIMO for some Mighty No. 9 Valentine’s art, so come over and show us some love in the Community Activity -3- Mighty Valentine  thread!


Discussions will be kept to the forums, but non-backers can join in, too! Just hit us up at . (See? Useful already!)


So our Communi-Day comes to a close with the promise of even more Becker love! You can leave praise for your fellow artist backers here in the comments, on twitter, or our official Facebook page!


Ride the fan art tide, ye Mighties! (`_´)ゞ

-Dina (Mighty No. 1046), and the Mighty No. 9 Team