Development Update: Meet the Mighty Cast!

April showers bring May flowers, Mighties,


And what better analogy do we have for Mighty No. 9’s development cycle? We know all of you are itching to get your hands on the finished product, and we can’t wait to give it to you! With our radio silence on the release date front, some of you may be wondering how things are faring in the Mighty camp?


We promise we’ll have more to tell soon enough, loyal Beckers! In the meantime we’ve got something to sate your curiosity: A look at the English voice cast of Mighty No. 9 and a in-game peek at the fruits of their labors!



For the first introduction to our vocal cast, we’ve got a few sound bytes from Beck himself, Mighty No. 1 Pyrogen, No. 2 Cryosphere and No. 3 Dynatron! There’s even a few clips that don’t appear in the game, so give it a good listen!


Of course there’s more to come, so stay tuned!



Jon: Hi, everyone! We love getting feedback from our Mighty Beckers, and try our best to implement it wherever we can! Sometimes it’s easier said than done, of course, and even when we can it takes a bit of time to execute...


That being said, a month ago more than a few of you expressed concern about the Face in the Game backer reward clashing with the in-game world setting. We heard you, Mighties, and got a little help from our resident artists to put a Mighty spin on the backer portraits.



Here are the portraits from our early March update. A month and some Mighty feedback later…



Voila! Here they are again in their final incarnations!


We can’t always fulfill every request we get from the Beckers, but that’s why we’re ecstatic every time we get the chance to do so. We hope you enjoy the update, too!


That’s all for now, Mighties, but let us know your feelings on the voice work and updated backer reward in the comments below, on the forums, and on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts!


Keep the faith, Mighties!(`_´)ゞ

- Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Jon (Mighty No. 281) and the Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 39796 SonicX796's picture

Part 1 voices!

1. Yuri as usual always delivers as awesome voices even as Beck! 2. Pyrogen sounds very pumped up indeed. 3. Cyrosphere sounds really adorable as dream of what she sounds like. 4. Dynatron feeds on lots of electricity, be warned be warned.
Mighty No. 42043 Photon's picture

The faces.

Wonder what i would look like as one of those portraits. For Project Ukele, I'm going to try and pledge as much as possible, couldn't do it for this game cuz I didn't have my own payal account or anything... Cry
Mighty No. 68083 Stendal's picture

The voices will definitely

The voices will definitely sound better in game amidst the BGM, but overall I'm happy with it. None of the characters sound  the same, which is great, and I feel like Mercer's performance shines above all. Now I just need to hear Steve Blum's voice work.
Mighty No. 28428 Jonathan Goldberg's picture

The English voice work is

The English voice work is well done here. But Japanese voice work is something I primarily prefer, given the origin and nature of the IP.

It's really a shame that we are not getting a Japanese dubbing. Hopefully, it'll be something that may be made available in the future. Via DLC perhaps?
Mighty No. 3551's picture

People seem to unanimously

People seem to unanimously like Beck's voice, and I agree with that. Though a lot of the others are hit-and-miss, namely, Cyrosphere's and Dynatron's were pretty cringe-worthy...
Mighty No. 39701 Miraglyth's picture

One person saying it's great,

One person saying it's great, three saying it's alright (one in response to criticism) and three saying it's really bad (one of which seems to have been removed) is unanimous now? Try not to misrepresent opinion too much!
Mighty No. 48204 spd12's picture

(x-post from youtube)

(x-post from youtube)

I'm a big fan of the voice direction here!

The writing is childish and groanworthy - in the best possible way - where everything is delivered with sincerity and confidence even as they run down the gamut of elemental power-based threats. That's the sort of combination that spawned some of the more quotable cartoon lines of the eighties and nineties.

Dynatron (No. 3's) speech pattern is so well-delivered that something which would read as a forced characteristic actually sounds about as natural as it can get! My hats off to the talent and the direction alike, I look forward to hearing it all in-game.
Mighty No. 38900 Kchunxty's picture

Good start, but needs a little work.

I was for japanese or english voice acting, since japanese is always good and english can be done incredibly well with the right actors and directors. You guys definitely have the right actors and the samples are good, but only as a rough draft. No offense to the directors at all, but I will agreee the voices sound a little bit childish. I understand why, but considering most of the backer audience and what people want out of this, I think the direction should be a little bit older. Beck is fine, great job Yuri. maybe make him sound a tiny bit more Azure Striker, if you know what I mean. Pyrogen is good but needs to calm down a little; his voice would sound much more threaning if it were a bit more in control. Cryoshpere needs to be a bit more malicious, less giggly. Colder, so to speak. Dynatron is way over acted. The over-enunciation is killing it and making the voice cringe-worthy. Make her sound more twisted and evil and less "I AM ACTING LIKE A CRAZY" and she'll sound so much better.

Wow, sorry for the mouthful, haha. I'm really involved in voice acting, so I want these voices to be as fitting as possible. Sorry if I sounded harsh, but please consider these suggestions!

(Also calm down about the release date everyone, give them time.)
Mighty No. 66967 Shiny Snivy's picture

I'm ok with them. As long as

I'm ok with them. As long as the voices suit the characters when we see them in action, I'm good. Cryosphere's is my favorite so far, second being Beck's.
Mighty No. 39701 Miraglyth's picture

I actually like those voices.

I actually like those voices. I certainly can't hear other characters talking with a different picture, and some touches like the electric vibration in Dynatron's line were pretty cool. I bet they'll sound neat in the game.

...except Beck. At this point you may as well rename him Ben and make him Mighty Number 10. Goodness me...
Mighty No. 41648 Dusk's picture

I can't stop laughing at the

I can't stop laughing at the last part of your comment, well played there hahahaha.

And I agree with you, loving the voices. They're very intersting and crazy, the voice acting really defines the characters. Though, Beck sounds a bit too old to me >.>...and cannot unhear Ben LOL

Mighty No. 28428 Jonathan Goldberg's picture

Leon S. Kennedy as Pyrogen?!

Leon S. Kennedy as Pyrogen?! Ha ha ha HAAA!... Brilliant!

Nah but in all seriousness, Matt Mercer was great as Leon in Biohazard Damnation and Biohazard 6, even though Biohazard 6 is a garbage game overall.
Mighty No. 18558 D-Rock's picture

English < Japanese

As Beck is voiced by a very popular VO, it sounds great.  Pyrogen sounds cool, and Cryosphere has terrible puns, and Dynatron...  I had to stop the video after her first sentence.
Mighty No. 29645's picture

English Dub Isn't Bad.

Beck's voice is all right. He kind of reminds me of a slightly older-sounding Mega Man. Pyrogen absolutely sounds like a Psycho from the Borderlands series. Cryosphere sounds like the typical little kid character. Dynatron was really the only one that bugged me; I was expecting a more sultry voice, not a female electricity junkie.

Maybe if we get an older Beck at some point Yuri Lowenthal will make him sound like Sasuke. :P
Mighty No. 41639 Tracer83's picture

I support the English dub.

I agree that dubs don't always work out, but I'm visually impaired. I can't read subtitles. They're to small and my early years with anime were spent pausing the episode every few seconds to read. Videogames don't pause and if it's something like sao or tales of hearts r I can't play those because the sub's are a size 2 font that I can't read. So thank you Concept for inadvertantly helping me enjoy this game by not making me read subtitles. My condition is called bilateral optic nerve hypoplasia. My visual acuity is 20/400.
Mighty No. 16514 HeatPhoenix's picture

Hi, it probably won't solve

Hi, it probably won't solve your problem but most video players allow you to override the subtitle settings and make them any font and size.
Mighty No. 29424 SoulHero7's picture


UghGotta be honest. The voices aren't god awful, but not really great either. I just hope it blends in with the characters in game. There's already people saying that the game is ruined now, so I really want all the voice actors to prove them wrong.

Beck's voice is pretty decent in my book. The rest...have personality?...well...I just gotta see how it plays out in the end.