Communi-Day: Back in the Swing of Things!

Hey there, Mighties,


We end Mighty May with a Becker-backed bang, and the revival of Communi-Day! We’re sad to say we missed out last month in the midst of preparing for our publisher announcement. On the plus side, we’ve got such a backlog of Mighty fan art we can barely sift through it!


Together with our first preview of the much-requested Japanese voice-overs, there’s plenty for our Mighties to love this time around! Now then, on with the show!



First off we have some Mighty main character art…


Mighty Ensemble by @D13MONStudios


Beck sketch at JD Dishmon


Fighting Beck by @DarkSkai_NUTS


Chibi Beck at Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions!!! (plus a non-chibi bonus!)


Beck Dash by mightybot (via email)


Call E(s) at zedrin-maybe


Lady Dynatron by @JewelMaiden


Call H & E at Shine on you


Brandish No. 7 by @nova_cami


Mighty No. 8 at ArtyBlogy


Ray Expressions by Mari c/o Sophia Teh (via email)


Baby Graham at That Doofus Over There (Yushee)


...followed by some original Becker creations!


Noctis by Mighty No. 30557 Noctis


No. 300 Pracer by @Ido1010


Zap by Mighty No. 42043 Photon


PYN-004 Telephone Android by Marcus Yamamoto


Finally we’ve got some awesome Beck cosplay!

Beck Cosplay by @Mtymaster10Ma (aka Marcus Yamamoto above!)


Free Comic Book Day Beck by @MavirickHunter


We couldn’t get to all of the incredible art fans sent this time around, but that just means more to look forward to next time! Thanks again for all the awesome work, Beckers!



After the last voice update, many of you asked for a taste of the Japanese voice acting. Well look no further, as we bring you the first installment in our Mighty Japanese voice cast introduction!



No doubt there’s more to come, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next video!


That’s all for this update, so give your fellow Mighties (and Mighty cast members!)  some love in the comments below, on the forums, Facebook, or twitter!


Until next time, Mighties!(`_´)ゞ

- The Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 43904 Greg's picture

Video Link is down.  Says it

Video Link is down.  Says it was removed by user, checked comceptjp youtube and couldn't find it there either.
Mighty No. 42043 Photon's picture

YAY! I got mentioned!

I'm curious to see you guys look into Bloodstained and Yookalaylee since those are also Kickstarter successors. Will ya? Next update? That'd be awesome! 

Also, JAPANESE!! Tongue out
Mighty No. 29424 SoulHero7's picture

My Opinion

I might get flak for this, but I honestly like the English VA's more. I still don't like the cheesy dialouge though. But to be fair, could someone please give me the gist of what they're saying in English?
Mighty No. 30557 Noctis's picture

So, I'm in this update twice.

So, I'm in this update twice. The Noctis drawing and the second costume picture are both mine