Reward Update: Or “How Golden Beck Got His Groove Back”

I hope have your dancing shoes ready, Mighties!


We’re showing off all kinds of goodies today, including a bit of random news about the ending theme, and a look at the exclusive Golden Beck skin! The team and community also bids farewell to a member of the Mighty team. Finally, we end things with a short notice regarding the Mighty updates going forward.



For today’s update, we have some really cool news regarding the ending theme for Mighty No. 9. You’ve all known that the ending credits for Mighty No. 9 will be a special one, as it contains not only a backer staff roll, but voices from a select few of our Mighties. We’ve been dying to tell you guys this for a while now, but we’re actually teaming up with the amazing Mega Ran, aka Random to make the ending even more special!!



This nerdcore, chiptune rap superstar has been taking the world by storm with his unique musical stylings, and we’re excited to have him back up the Mighty team. But really, what can we say about him that this snippet from Mighty No. 9’s ending theme can’t say better? Go on, you know you want to!


As if that’s not amazing enough, Mega Ran’s new album RNDM drops the same day as Mighty No. 9!



Check out Mega Rans’ new website for even more of his amazing talent (including a new piece of the album every week!).



A lot of our beckers have been waiting for a long while to get a sneak peek at Golden Beck!
Now we are finally ready to reveal him, in all his blingin’ glory!


Well, how do you like this swank new Beck!?



All that glitters is gold, but Dr. White doesn’t even notice!! WHY!?


Even though he’s the same under the hood, everything just feels fancier with his new paint job!

Even his finisher is blinged out to the max!


This aesthetic change basically adds up to a fresh coat of paint, but everything just feels more fun and stylish! I hope the Beckers entitled to this reward look forward to him even more now that they have seen the end result for themselves!




Jon: Hey Mighties, reward manager Jon here! The past two years on the Mighty No. 9 project have been a wild ride, but it’s time for me to hit the old dusty trail.


I’m not great with goodbyes, but it’s been a pleasure being a part of this community. From the first day of the Kickstarter, to visiting fans in Bahrain and Texas, celebrating Mighty Month last year, talking with Beckers to get their voices, designs, ideas and feedback in the game… I don’t think I’ll ever see anything like this again. And not only the Beckers; working with the Mighty team has been a huge inspiration to me. I hope I possess half of the flexibility, perseverance and drive of this crew with a few more years in the industry under my belt.


I’ll be keeping tabs on things as the project moves forward, and look forward to all of the rewards arriving in the right hands. My own included, actually… a sizeable chunk of my first paycheck went into the Kickstarter, so you can say I’ve been invested in seeing all of the rewards come together (invested? Get it?).


Thanks for everything, guys!



So, now that development is winding down on Mighty No. 9, the team at comcept has decided to cut down on updates a tad. From July onwards, we’ll be changing from the usual three updates a month to two (say goodbye to the 19th update, basically). These updates will still be full of the same Mighty goodness, so keep your eyes peeled for what we’ve got in store!


That’s it for this time, Mighties! Let us know what you think of Mega Ran and Golden Beck in the comments, on the Mighty forums, Facebook and Twitter!


Until next time, Mighties!(`_´)ゞ

- The Mighty No. 9 Team


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I played Halo 3 with Mega Ran back in the day. We went through the campaign together, he is a really cool guy and I am glad to see him getting into a game officially. Check out his Black Materia album, its great!
Mighty No. 5856 Chewy's picture

Horrible Skin

Honestly the skin looks terrible. Even the skin and eyes (Including the WHITES) are gold. This looks like somebody brand new to photoshop just did a colorize and shifted the slider over to yellow.
Mighty No. 7561 Fruits's picture

The rap is fine. Also, I didn

The rap is fine. Also, I didn't expect to like it but Gold Beck is not bad looking at all. Thank you MEGARAN and thanks Comcept :)
Mighty No. 46831 Anubis's picture

not a fan of rap at all. also

not a fan of rap at all. also i do agree with the golden skin, i was expecting a layered skin with varying shades of Gold. but oh well. plus with the credits i will either Mute the game or just skip them completely.
Mighty No. 34945's picture

More Melody!

I don't mind rap, but I really dislike "smooth/mellow" stuff; I prefer fast stuff with a snappy melody, something a lot of people here evidently associate with both Mega Man and Mighty No. 9, considering that's what fills their OSTs.

The rhythm has a good punch to it already, but a mix of this with a more dynamic melody might be great, in my opinion. That said, maybe it comes out at another place in the song already.

Anyway, this isn't the end of the game for me...despite it being the literal end of the game.
Mighty No. 59359 Roc's picture

Golden Beck

Gold Beck looks a little... well, rushed, to me. I was expecting an armour recolour to make him seem distinct against the white and blue basic Beck, but the one we have just looks like someone covered his model texture in one shade of yellow and called it a day.
Mighty No. 5856 Chewy's picture

exactly, looks like it was

exactly, looks like it was done by a child on bring your kid into work day.
Mighty No. 4432 Weeg's picture

So after listening to the

So after listening to the snippet I decided to start familiarizing myself with Mega Ran and some other artists in the nerdcore genre. And I happened to happen across something while scouring the tubes. A little extra bit of "Mighty" that Ran decided to show off at Anime Midwest!

Mighty No. 16519 rocketnia's picture

Pretty nice, smooth track! I

Pretty nice, smooth track! I think the credit sequence is a pretty fitting place to have a different music track like this one. Feels like movie credits.
Mighty No. 9183 Radical Blues's picture

Really sad.

I have nothing against rap. When it's actual rap and not crap.

I mean, look at those lyrics. Congratulations, you discovered that Mighty rhymes with Mighty, here, have a cookie!!

The sound of the music itself is an insult for composers such as Manami Matsumae. Why not have her write the song too?

Please, don't try too hard to appeal "american" public. We want Inafune and Matsumae, not Daddy Yankee.

*you're free to disagree with this post, you've voiced your opinion, I'm voicing mine now*
Mighty No. 34798 Gehirn's picture

It sounds great. Glad we can

It sounds great. Glad we can get something like this for a end theme.

Though I wonder how many people just don't like rap, I mean plenty of other things have included rap well and been a contrast of styles.

Mighty No. 29424 SoulHero7's picture

Spiritual Successor =/= Original


The game isn't ruined because of the "rap". Listen to MM6's sound track. The point of the entire plot is that it incorporates things from different countries and themes. Listen to TomahawkMan, KnightMan, and YamatoMan's themes and tell me they're in the same genre.
Mighty No. 2363 jayare's picture

TomahawkMan's theme sounds

TomahawkMan's theme sounds good and fits TomahawkMan's stage, because it was made for that stage.
Same for all other stages, they're meant for the stage they're in. How dare you compare this to rap?
What does rap have to do with the ending of Mighty No. 9?
With your logic, it means that "an ending" or a "credits roll" fits with rap music. And it does, to be honest! I can imagine a credits roll with that rap, and it will seem appropriate. But only if the movie or videogame was the new TMNT movie or something like that. Why does it fit TMNT and not Mighty No. 9?
TMNT takes place in New York. So having rap at the end of the movie fits like TomahawkMan's music fits his stage.
Mighty No.9 does NOT take place in New York, nor are there characters from the Bronx or stuff like that. Even if there were, rap is not necessary. (Just listen to Mike Tyson's Punch Out music).
If we're just gonna put fan's music in a Mighty No. 9 game, I can think of a hundred types of music before rap.
Rap isn't faithful at all to MegaMan's legacy.
There should have been a poll about if to have rap in the ending or not.
Mighty No. 29424 SoulHero7's picture

Wrong tr:dl

I addressed all of this in the much longer post I had. The tl;dr was for the longer post I made earlier, not for the actual subject we're talking about.
Mighty No. 29424 SoulHero7's picture

Spiritual Successor =/= Original

MegaRan. He has a lot of respect in the community and I'm glad that Concept was able to land a deal with him. But the thing that seems to get on people's nerves isn't the track itself, but with how different it is than the rest of the game's techno-ish soundtrack. Now, the thing I really want to say is that different isn't a bad thing. Like for Phoenix Wright, in the 5th case of the first game, after you beat it, you given smooth jazz for the credits, which is completly different from how the rest of the game sounds, yet it works because it solidifies the ending and allows the player to relax and enjoy their work. And in Apollo Justice, Klaver Gavin is the only reason Rock music is in that game, which is again completely different from how the rest of the game sounds, yet it works because that pretty much defines him as his own character. I'm pretty sure that people complained the first time they heard rock music in Mega Man X, and how that "ruined" Mega Man by making him too edgy or something to that effect, not even paying attention to X.

The thing is, this is a spiritual sucessor to the Mega Man series, not a Mega Man game. That doesn't give it a free pass to use Gangan Style as a boss level or anything, but it does allow it to do things that the original could never do. Perfect Dark is a spiritual sucessor to GoldenEye, with most of the same themes involved yet slowly takes a dive into hardcore sci-fi territory before landing you on an alien planet on your final mission. The problem as I see it is how "instant" the change in themes seems to be, and without any proper buildup beforehand, it feels like someone just shoehorned a track into the game just because it sounds cool.

I never heard of nerdcore before this track. The fact that people instantly equated it to rap (and by extension, every single rapper stereotype) shows me that a good amount of people haven't heard it before either. I'm willing to give this a shot.
Mighty No. 35392 Dinopolis's picture


1. Mega Man always had rock. Mega Man X just got a bit more metal.

2. This song may be nerdcore (whatever that is) but it is also definately rap. It's possible nerdcore is a subgenre of rap.

Mighty No. 39423 Stark Reality's picture

Mega Ran Fan!

looking forward to hearing the rest of  Mega Rans song at the end of the game, I rock out to his Mega man albems and his work on Black Materia: FVII is the freaking best.
Mighty No. 39423 Stark Reality's picture

Mega Ran Fan!

looking forward to hearing the rest of  Mega Rans song at the end of the game, I rock out to his Mega man albems and his work on Black Materia: FVII is the freaking best.
Mighty No. 39423 Stark Reality's picture

Mega Ran Fan!

looking forward to hearing the rest of  Mega Rans song at the end of the game, I rock out to his Mega man albems and his work on Black Materia: FVII is the freaking best.