Community update and Speedrun video!

Hey there, Mighties!

September, also known as Mighty Month, is fast approaching at this point!

We currently don’t have any finalized plans regarding an event or anything,

but if any of our backers have any good ideas we would love to hear them!


Mighty No. 9 was shown during the E3 2015 event that took place

at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 16th-18th.

And Mighty No. 9 was the recipient of a handful of awards during the event!

Here is a list of the awards that it won!


Curse – Most Intuitive Controls



That is just one of the awards!

Altogether, the title earned 7 awards at the event!

Of course, this never would have happened without the support from our backers! – (WINNER) Best Platformer Game


Curse – (WINNER) Most Intuitive Controls


Game Revolution – (WINNER) Best Downloadable Game – (WINNER) Star of the Show


US Gamer – (WINNER) Editors’ Choice Award


VentureBeat – (WINNER) Love at First Site Award


WorthPlaying – (WINNER) Best of E3




“one of my favorite games I played at E3”



Game Informer

”A punishing treat”



And of course, our fans continue to be some of the most

enthusiastic in the world! Today, we are going to share

some of the fan art that our fans continue to pump out!



Illustrator:伊緒直道@5巻発売中 (@loNaomichi


Illustrator: あいみん夫人 (@mofumofuaimin


Illustrator: GoN (@GoN_illus


Illustrator: Shilfyyo (@ShilfuYo)



Illustrator:ねぎこ (@rockman_zero69)


Illustrator:くりりん (@antikuroro)


Illustrator: Zerg  (@tentarote)




Illustrator:Putti (@Putii_95)



Illustrator:ロックずきX (@rockzukix



Illustrator:Stuc:er  (@stuc_er


Artist神沢アリス (@Alice_Kamisawa

Illustrator:Sketzaouja (@sketzaouja


Illustrator:エドイン (@side1master


Illustrator:家庭型カトリーヌ (@ac_dysonP  


Illustrator:店長堂時計店 (@tencho_Factory


We will continue to collect any fan art submissions for future updates, so please use the following hashtag if you are sharing your art on Twitter!



As one final surprise, we wanted to share a gameplay video with our backers!

This video features Ikegami-san from Inti Creates doing a speed run of the opening stage!



That’s it for this time, Mighties! Let us know what you think in the comments, on the Mighty forums, Facebook and Twitter!


Until next time, Mighties!(`_´)ゞ

- The Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 896 Jaden's picture

Super Excited

Man, that intro stage looks great.  Super excited to play it for myself, and the in game mechanics are awesome.  I always enjoy seeing a score counter in my games -^^-  *sigh* Nostalgia at it's finest for me.
Mighty No. 24789 NGamerS's picture

Beck, what does the scouter

Beck, what does the scouter say about his Xel level?
Beck: IT'S OVER 90 MILLION!!!!!

I had to...
Mighty No. 39423 Stark Reality's picture

Turn off Arcade sounds

so maybe this has already been brought up but Plese tell me I can turn off the things like the High score stuff and the "GOOD!" anounsments when I play

I am not in an Arcade and this crap isnt remotly fun or add to the experance if I am not going for some kinda scoore attack run.