Development Update: Sound Creator Profiles Round #2

Hello Mighties!

Our previous update featuring the sound creator profiles for Mighty No. 9 proved to be very popular and our fans have requested a chance to see more stages and hear more of the Japanese voices in the game! As a result, the team put together another video for you to enjoy!

We are still keeping the details of the No. 8 stage under wraps so it stays a surprise for players, so it may have been difficult to follow the action in that stage!

Look forward to figuring out your strategy for tackling the stage in the final game!


By the way, while listening to the Mighty No. 9 music have you ever thought that you would like to hear what it sounds like when performed live?

If so, we have some great news for you from our lead composer, Manami Matsumae!




Hey there, Mighties!

This is the lead composer on Mighty No. 9, Manami Matsumae, here with a special announcement!


I have been invited to PAX Prime in Seattle by the Starr Mazer team,

as I am one of the composers working on the game. Not only that, but I have

been invited to perform at a concert they are planning during the event,

and will be performing along with the other composers working on the game.

The Starr Mazer team has actually requested that I play some songs from

Mighty No. 9, so anyone in attendance will not only get the chance to see me perform

my new Starr Mazer songs, but also some of the Mighty No. 9 songs I created!




Also, I will be attending the following event in Houston to perform even more Mighty No. 9 songs!




*Ticket purchases are required to attend both of these events.



If anyone is able to attend these events,

please share your experience with the rest of our Mighty No. 9 fans!

We hope to see some great pictures and footage of the events!


That’s it for this time, Mighties! Let us know what you think in the comments, on the Mighty forums, Facebook and Twitter!


Until next time, Mighties!(`_´)ゞ

- The Mighty No. 9 Team


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Hey guys!

As both a backer of MN9 AND Starr Mazer, I couldn't urge you guys enough to join! Alex Mauer, the lead composer of SM, has made so many sweet beats that I haven't found one that I don't like. Also, the one song I heard that the SM let us listen to... was absolutely beautiful, it really proved how somebody can turn music into art. So yeah, if you're going to PAX Prime, or just wanna go to the concert, I beg you to! Starr Mazer deserves just as much love an MN9, and this can really give them the jump they should have!
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Great video! Love how

Great video! Love how countershade is starting to show his persona....his theme is liberation huh... Tongue out Also he is cool!

AAAh!! I hear Tyger's voice from RedAsh in Countershade! Same VA but still cool Heart