Welcome, all you hot-blooded Beckers and cool Call fans!


This is the submission thread for week 1 of KIMOKIMO’s robot design contest, KIMO KIMO Cup!

Recruitment area for the first week is ‘Green Area’!!

We chose the area with the largest amount of Backers for the first week!

Are we going to see the return of the Quebec Robot Army again this year!?



The heat is on, but keep your cool and re-read those rules one more time:

You will own the rights to your own submitted content. However, if comcept has chosen your design to be re-interpreted, that reinterpretation belongs to comcept. In this way we make it possible to include this design in future installments of the series.Please refrain from submitting your work if this is an issue.


Robot Design Rules
 ・Robots representing countries and states from all over the world meet in the Battle Colosseum.
  Please make sure your design clearly portrays its country/state of origin.
・Please determine the following 4 parameters of your robot.
  These figures should add up to 100 points in total.
  SP Attack.......................25
・ We will start a new thread every week for the area that submissions are open for,
so please post any images or ideas for the robots you have designed!
   09/01(Tue)~09/07(Mon)  Green Area
   09/08(Tue)~09/14(Mon)  Purple Area
   09/15(Tue)~09/21(Mon)  Blue Area
   09/22(Tue)~09/28(Mon)  Worldwide


Now then... everybody, get those gears turning!


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Hope it's not too late to submit

I wasn't sure where I was supposed to submit my entry, so I figured here was as good a place as anywhere else.

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And i just realized tomorows. the deadline. Curse myself for being so late to this and not looking at my emails and coming on the site. Well Ill make sure to beef it up for the World Wide recruitment one. At least i wont be as exhausted thsi time. 
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I've received an entry from

I've received an entry from Night447 via email, so I've uploaded it in his stead.

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For all those who need a map

It is open to public Smile

Although in Japanese, it says non backers can post their submissions under

Still waiting for the English tweet to go up...

For all those who need a map to figure out the countries, here ya go!