KIMOKIMO CUP PART 6: Purple Area!!


Hey Mighties!

We are back with the second week of this year's KIMOKIMO CUP,
and we will be taking submissions for the Purple Area this time!

This time the area includes Germany, the home country of Deep Silver!
Will we see the return of the dreaded German Potato Robot again this year!? 


Just in case you need a reminder, here are all of the submission and guidelines for the contest!


Design Submission Details
 ・For those who want to draw, please design and submit your robot in accordance to the following rules.
 ・For those not confident in their drawing abilities, post any good ideas you have!
   Or if you see an idea you like, please feel free to design a robot from that idea.
 ・Use the feedback you get on submitted designs to polish them into even better pieces!
 ・Please make sure to include any nicknames/Mighty No.s of everyone involved in a particular design.
 ・Image size: 946×669px or larger
    (You can just take a picture of any sketch for submissions as well.
     We plan to print them out on A4 paper and show them to Inafune.
     A format or size that fits on A4 paper works best!)
  ・File type: .jpg, .png
 ・Please do not plagiarise other artists' work.
 ・Please do not take other artists' design and edit without permission from the creator. Credit when neccessary.

 ・Please do not commission or buy designs to use as your entries.
 ・Collabs are okay, and are highly encouraged!
 ・Please do not use any designs that utilize characters from other games or any other type of media or include them in your images when submitting (even as a reference) as we will not be able to post any such designs in our updates.

You will own the rights to your own submitted content. However, if comcept has chosen your design to be re-interpreted, that reinterpretation belongs to comcept. In this way we make it possible to include this design in future installments of the series.Please refrain from submitting your work if this is an issue.
Robot Design Rules
 ・Robots representing countries and states from all over the world meet in the Battle Colosseum.
  Please make sure your design clearly portrays its country/state of origin.
・Please determine the following 4 parameters of your robot.
  These figures should add up to 100 points in total.
  SP Attack.......................25
・ We will start a new thread every week for the area that submissions are open for,
so please post any images or ideas for the robots you have designed!
Now then... let's get those creative juices flowing Mighties!


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All hail the Holy Britannian Empire! ...wait, no, this isn't even a mech series.

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Hey everyone! It's been a

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last visited this forum, so it's good to be back here again. And would you know it, I have decided to participate this year's contest!

I've always wanted to give it a try on the last year's contest but sadly, I could not participate at the time. Now a second chance has arisen and I'll make the most of it!

I'm thinking of representing Sweden, my homeland, and I'm busy working on my robot design as we speak.

Wish me luck, fellow numbers!
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Yeah!! 考えてる時、最高に楽しかった!