Hey Mighties!
We want to give you some more clarity on the demo situation.
Although the demo had been finished and was ready to go, we ran into some very last-minute and unexpected complications with distributing the demo exclusively to all our backers through Steam. We’ve also been listening to your feedback about preferring to have a demo that is not time-limited. Given the complications with giving you the demo, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to make the demo DRM-free without any time restrictions.
Because this demo is exclusively for you, our backers, we still needed to have a way to get the demo to each of you individually and we’ve been looking into all the options. We’re currently working with our partners at Humble Bundle to prepare the demo for delivery through their service.
Unfortunately this change in our plans means that the release of the demo is going to be slightly delayed as we are currently working on retooling the demo for a DRM-free release. Comcept and all of our partners are working hard to get the demo ready and in our backers’ hands as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for this delay, but we hope you’ll like the resulting changes!
We will keep our backers up-to-date regarding the release of this demo as soon as we have more information.
The Mighty Team


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Remember who's handling development?

You guys DO remember that Inti Creates is handling development, and that comcept is just handling the conceptual side of the game?

And that Inti Creates has other projects they are working on in some way, shape, or form, like Gal-Gun 2, the Steam ports of Mighty Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt?
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Just coming in to say; they

Just coming in to say; they're having troubles giving everyone separate codes for the demo...
...but they just did the same with Mighty Gunvolt.
I understand that it might take time to have the demo cleared on Steam and accepted for console markets, but how different can it be to uploading Mighty Gunvolt?!
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Purpose of crowd funding / response to problems

One more first-time speaker here :/
Well... I try to sum up the situation a bit before commenting, please correct me if I got things wrong.

1. I think Comcept need to rethink what is crowd funding.

At the beginning Comcept started MN9 and received a lot of support, so they got the funding for the game itself and some add-ons. Then in the middle of the development, they opened a second round of fundraising for voice acting and Ray, but the response (in terms of money) was much weaker than at the start. Nevertheless, they want these two things to happen so they ended up co-operating with Deep Silver, resulting in the first delay. Some people (including me) were like "cool, so we wait for 5 more months and we get Japanese voice acting and Ray" while others were like "I don't care about voice acting and Ray, so why the delay?" Then 15 September was approaching and Red Ash popped out. For whatever reasons, Red Ash did not hit the target and Comcept went to look for Fuze, which I think is a very dangerous move. People are frustrated about it: What now is the position of backers? My opinion here is that if one doesn't get enough funding from people, it should lead him to think that maybe people don't want him to do it, or maybe it just isn't the right time to do it. Forcing the project to go on by controversial means makes him lose support from people, and hence a failure. I personally am happy to see Ray and Red Ash happening, but still, maybe this is not a good way to make them happen.

2. I don't doubt the attitude of Comcept but they need to improve the speed and accuracy of response to problems.

Comcept is at a very sensitive position because of its very own background, so people are constantly comparing it with Capcom, which they are disappointed with. Therefore any move that looks like (not necessarily being) what people hated, such as DLC's that cost a lot but offer a little, would cause negative rumors to spread very quickly. Comcept tried to maintain an enthusiastic tone in announcements and this gives an impression that they are hiding problems and ignoring questions. I personally believe this is not a problem of attitude but of ability to handle rumors. The company that I work in receives thousands of emails every day so I understand that it is impossible to bring quality response to all of them. The way to go is to clear the rumors as quickly as possible (easier said than done I know, and thank you for bringing up Project Phoenix I think it makes a good reference) so that less emails flood in and the situation is easier to handle. Or, maybe they just should not handle too many things at the same time.

I write these things not because I hate Comcept. In fact I really want to see Comcept succeed. I am perfectly OK with the delay, and I still am pretty sure that I will enjoy both MN9 and Red Ash. I just hope they will sit down and seriously reflect on what have been done these few months and people's reactions about them.
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I don't get it...

So the game and the demo has been delayed... i don't get the problem here.
This is not Capcom. If they think they shouldn't rush the release before the game is all done, it is completly okay. That's my opinion I don't get all the butthurt people here.
Guys... you have MANY other games to play. Just wait for this great game to be released. It won't run away.

To the other post: Red Ash is no crap... "Megaman Legends" was a great game and I hope Red Ash will follow in the footsteps.

I think this is a good example what the problem with Kickstarter is. You all here are no different than the Higher Ups from Electronic Arts (Battlefield 4 - Rushed with tons of bugs) or the other shitty publishers who GIVE A FUCK about their franchises and the people who buy it. 
The great thing about Kickstarter is that we (the people who backed) LOVE this idea and we want it to be as good as it possibly can but this is not possible with this mentality.

So pls for gods or whatever sake.... Shut up, and let Inafune and Comcept do their job.

Thank you!
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I think you're missing the

I think you're missing the point of evveryones fustration, but im not gonna reiterate it as you should read what's actual going on. IT's way more than just a delayed game....
Mighty No. 45443 Zuuley's picture


..wow. Just... wow.

Thank you.

I was now starting to have a feeling of entitlement coming from this fanbase now...

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They claimed they wanted to

They claimed they wanted to be transparent...... They hide delays and announcements at the bottom of posts no one would ever read. They ignore emails. They ignore the forums. The list goes on and on. 2 years of being jerked around, which will end up being over 3 years if it ever finishes..... 
Mighty No. 26263 GDAvatar's picture

If no one would ever read the

If no one would ever read the posts where the delay announcements were made... How is it that we all know about them?

The same way we found out about MN9's kickstarter. Some people found it, and they spread the word.

Was putting the announcement at the bottom of another post ideal, no. But the fact is, it was posted, and people read it, mission accomplished.
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I think they're not doing it because they want. There were probably some complications with the pc or a console release and they want it to be released on the same day. If they give us a date now and it won't release in time tell me what is going to happen? There will be much more hate. If they said from the beginning, hey guys we will release 2016 nobody would be angry because we don't know how long it takes to make a game. I think it is their first project as Comcept and they are not as experienced as other publishers. I prefer a release which is not rushed like Battlefield 3, Battieflield 4, Assassin's Creed Unity and so on.
Mighty No. 58370 The Maverick Eye's picture

Strawman much?

I don't know whether you are delibrately doing this or just fail reading comprehension, but he clearly stated that his problem was not with the delay itself, as with a lot of other people here, and yet you kept arguing like the delay was the sole reason for his anger and frustration. The real problem here is Comcept's failure to communicate properly with their backers. With the second delay, there were rumors circulating since late July that the game would be delayed, but neither Comcept nor Deep Silver issued any official statement regarding that. It was only two days after Red Ash KS ended that they issued a statement confirming that the game is being delayed, making it appears that they intentionally kept quiet about it to avoid bad PR for Red Ash (whether they actually did that on purpose or not is debatable). And now, with the trial version, they put the notice about the delay in an unrelated update about KimoKimo's Cup instead of posting a full update explaining the situation, leaving a lot of confused backers flocking to the forum and KS comment asking about the trial code. Again, whether they did it on purpose or not is debatable, but this ends up making it looks like they tried to hide things from backers regardless.

All of that is the source for most of the anger being directed at Comcept right now. It's not about the delay, it's the way they are communicating said delay to their backers. People can understand when they wanted to delay the game to add more content. They can understand when the game is delayed to iron out the bugs (don't believe me? just look at people's reaction with the first delay: the backlash was much lighter compare to what's happening right now). But if they continue this trainwreck of communication, Mighty No. 9 won't be known for being polished and bug free, it will forever be known for Comcept's poor communication and all the drama that surrounds it. And right now, it's looking like the later is more likely to happen.

(Btw, you wrote Inafuna in your first post.)
Mighty No. 61845 Ryuudo's picture

Thank you

Thank you for suming the situation up. And for pointing out my mistake xD i saw it but couldn't edit it anymore. Sorry Inafune* xD.
Yeah the communication is a big problem i know. But you have to admit that KS and the method to involve backers is new.
I didn't expect to have so much insight as in Star Citizen which is a good example for KS. I think you are right and they should have given us a better insight about the situation. I mean we don't even know why it's delayed and so on. My point in the previous post was that I think they are an inexperienced studio and they don't want to admit that they did a stupid mistake so that we wouldn't get suspicious (I didn't write the last part). But that backfired and now we are more suspicious or mad xD.
You know I am afraid that when other publisher see this and think we won't use KS because the people are too emotional and love to rage and troll (just like in Star Citizen with the guy who said the game won't release because they delay it all the time). I like KS and i like the idea behind it.

To sum it up I agree with you they should have just said the truth and write what's going on.

Btw I'm German sorry if there are some mistakes XD
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You can actually edit your

You can actually edit your post here, it's just the edit button not showing up. To edit post here, look for the ID of your post (it's the last string of number in the reply link to your post), then replace postID in this link with it: http://www.mightyno9.com/en/comment/postID/edit.

Comcept is in a very bad situation right now. They've dropped the ball too many times, and many people have already lost their patience. The next time they drop it, it can very well be their last. For their own sake, I hope they've learned and start being more transparent with us.

About KS, I think it will be fine. Sure, we see big project failing time to time, but it's not the end of crowd funding as we know it. But I think people will be much more cautious when they come to KS. If anything, MN9 is a great lesson on the important of communication and how it can make or break a project. Coincidentally, another Japan-based KS project, Project Phoenix, has also ran into development hiccups, but they handled communication way better than Comcept. Though there are also people demanding refund and stuff like that over there, the dev are being very engaged and respond to them directly (see this update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1300298569/project-phoenix-japans-i...). It's unknown which project will end up on top, but right now I have more trust in the Project Phoenix team than Comcept.
Mighty No. 61845 Ryuudo's picture

Thank you

Thank you for the advice. I think I will remember Project Phoenix it seems pretty interesting. To be honest I just hope Comcept will make a good game and deliver it so that everybody is happy. They said they will release the final game in the first quartal in 2016. Now they have a better tolerance with the release date. I won't play the demo and I'll wait for the final release.^^
Mighty No. 67897 Zero's picture

Well... what can I say about

Well... what can I say about this than "I'm not surprised"... don't take this as negative as it could sound, the idea of launching the demo on steam only to backers sounded bad from the start, I don't really know if steam has that kind of features to make like a "selective access" to games, maybe using keys, but I think in that case the demo would have to be registered as separate or some stuff like that that make troublesome to do it there...

Now, making it DRM-free, well... maybe using Humble bundle is the best option, I think no one would predict that kind of problems and I understand that...

About the people asking for a Demo on consoles, remember that for that kind of release there are some procedures of validation from the companies in order to approve games on their platform stores for download, so making it for consoles would be being released almost the same time that the final version would be realeased on 2016 maybe xD

I hope people understand also the situation of the issues, right now after the Arkham Knight PC version enormous failure this year, many AAA companies are more cautious of their releases, even Nintendo a couple of days ago announced the delay of Star Fox (and I think that another game also) in order to "polish" it, or like I want to see it: make like old times when they had only ONE chance to make things right and work to achieve it, so Comcept also would not make somthing that would be their biggest mistake: give a buggy game, I prefer to wait for a polished game without functionality issues (leave graphics aside... I'm playing the NES megaman games and that's not an issue for me xD ) than a rushed one with a 2GB patch that make impossible to play it on 5  years later ...

I'm not defending Comcept, I'm just pointing out the most "technical" complications they may be having, but still I think they have to improve A LOT their communication with backers, was a HUGE mistake to let the first notice of delay of the demo on a post that was not related to that topic as a footnote... they give the impression of falling down with the same stone... they need someone to help them with this or they'll never be able to build the bridge again with the people...
Mighty No. 61845 Ryuudo's picture

I completly agree with you xD

I completly agree with you xD you wrote what I couldn't. I think we souldn't be too mad about it. But don't let it slide either.
Like saying "Comcept that was not okay you should have done this instead" and not "I don't trust you give me back my money".
That's my biggest problem with the reactions and why I posted in the first place.

Now something off topic I prefer the X and Z series haha :P and nice BlazBlue pic :D
Mighty No. 58370 The Maverick Eye's picture

About Steam and technical problem

You are not too far off about the technical problem with Steam. I made a post explaining about that here on the forum. Kinda wish they did their homework beforehand though, this kind of stuff is completely avoidable. But they're not the first to run into this kind of trouble - both inXile Entertainment and Larian studios also made the same faulty assumption about Steam with Wasteland 2 and Divinity: Original Sin respectively. At least Comcept managed to realise what they're getting themselves into before they mess up big time.
Mighty No. 13027 Nicotine's picture

Inafune should be ashamed...

He put himself out there to rally the fans.

It worked, to the tune of 3.8 MILLION dollars (not counting paypal or other fundraising efforts post kickstarter)

Now all we get is announcements of delays AFTER the delay had happened, lack of communication, deleted forum posts, comcept ignoring emails - and I just don't really care anymore about MN9.

Inafune took peoples money and ran. Comcept was supposed to be everything capcom wasn't! Comcept said they would be transparent with backers, they wanted heavy interaction with backers, votes, polls, all to make a game the fans wanted - the ones who opened up their wallets to make it happen.

Comcept is NOTHING without the people who gave them the capital to be who they are. In turn, the backers who put their faith in comcept have been lied to and ignored.

We expect companies like Capcom to not care. Comcept, we expected more from you. Instead, you're worse than Capcom. You've become what you didn't want to be.

With crap like red ash,  you bit off more than you could chew. In the process you've burned bridges - and even people like me who made sizeable backing pledges, didn't touch it with a 10ft pole - ALL because of how you handled MN9.

Why on earth would you EVER expect any of us, who gave you the chance to be successful, back you - when you can't even finish one project, let alone 2?

Why would we open our wallets and put faith in you again when you haven't made good on the first project - and it's many many hiccups along the way?

You guys need to back off from red ash, back off from the short films, finish what you have on the back burner (MN9) - then maybe you'll regain the love and trust of those you've lied to and disrespected.

Inafune, you've ruined your name. The love and respect a lot of us had for you means nothing now.

You need to make good to the people who gave you a chance. This failure will haunt you and your company down the road (red ash is just the first example of the burnt bridges.........)
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I would like a refund for my pledge amount. Honestly at this point it just seems like your butt hurt from Red Ash failing and are never going to finish this game. How does a demo get delayed when you made a beta of this game already. Pretty sketchy to me....
We deserve a refund at this point!
Mighty No. 34569 Tdogrulz99's picture

I can wait.

I can wait. Plague of Shadows just came out so I really don't need to wait. Just play the Shovel Knight DLC 'till this comes out or untill I beat it.
Mighty No. 36008 Drifty Boots's picture


I want a refund for my pledge amount. IF I support your title, it will happen when it releases at retail. I've sent an email to your support team and have yet to hear a response, but really, what can I expect? You guys are a pretty huge disappointment.
Mighty No. 60460 Foxie X's picture

"Although the demo had been

"Although the demo had been finished and was ready to go, we ran into some very last-minute and unexpected complications with distributing the demo exclusively to all our backers through Steam."

STEAM ?!Angry

I don't plan on playin this on my laptop!

I don't use Steam !

Why can't I get it on console?!Cry

Mighty No. 26263 GDAvatar's picture

Because attempting to release

Because attempting to release a trial on consoles is more touble than it's worth as you have to submit it like a normal game, and get approval for it separate from the full game.
Mighty No. 16433 Rockman X's picture

Here's the positives I see in

Here's the positives I see in this update:

1. They posted this as it's own update on the main page and as a Kickstarter update. It feels more upfront and honest. Making this an off-schedule update and not part of a regular update makes it feel like this info is more important and not a mere footnote.

2. They told us what the problem was, what they plan on doing to fix it, and what it would take for the fix to happen. Steam didn't work as expexted or something went wrong with it. This is in line with what others have posted in other parts of the forums. They are going release the demo DRM-free and with no time limit. For that to happen they would need to re-work the demo (remove Steam references) and find a reasonable distribution method.

3. They've acknowledged user feedback. The one-month time limit on the demo was somewhat grumbled about but grew after the first demo delay "announcement". The demo delay "announcement" itself was talked about much more, um, vigorously. Multiple backers (including myself) suggested that a Kickstarter update and separate main-page post would come off as more transparent and honest by avoiding email delays and alerting the most backers.

Most of us backers have not just donated our money, but we've put in an emotional investment as well. We loved the feelings we got from Inafune-san's games. We backed Mighty No. 9 so we could be a part of continuing that legacy. The first delay "announcement" caused so much ire because we felt like we were being intentionally kept out out the loop. We backers want to feel like we are part of the team that's bringing Mighty No. 9 to the world and so feelings of betrayal reared up. This second demo announcement feels, to me, like a step in the right direction.  It's clearly posted, there's a plan for making things right, there information on what's going on, and User feedback was acklowledged and acted on. That's what we, as backers, want!

Please, keep us backers in the feedback loop. We want to make this best game we can!
Mighty No. 37159 Kuro Neko ShiroXIII's picture


Unfortunately the positives you see to me are not of any worth at this time. While it's true that the positives are indeed...good things...they came too little too late. The only time I see those positives being of any actual significance is if they learn from their mistakes...which it seems so far they haven't even come close to that as they are repeating the same mistakes over again. 
Mighty No. 28988 pomidor rolo's picture


YOU LAUGH AT US??? WAIT AGAIN???.. And how long? No, people, you are the biggest dissapoitment of the year! And i think your game will be maximum only just good, maybe not (IF it will be)... And we must waiting AGAIN, for what? For crap??? For 2020?.. AGAIN: TO THE END OF SEPTEMBER, and FOR CONSOLES TOO, greedy liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mighty No. 42296's picture

No survey still

Still waiting on Platform survey and it's already mid September. All e-mails regarding the platform survey up until this point has been ignored by you guys.
Mighty No. 42835 NW's picture

That's OK

As I said before,I can wait.
I want to have something good,better than something quick but has bug everywhere.
Mighty No. 896 Jaden's picture

I fully agree

I've played so many games lately that are fully of bugs because of it being rushed, it's totally worth waiting for a finished game.
This may also sound like an old and corny saying, but "Good things come to those who wait" is something I've always gone with.

I'm glad to see other thinkt he same way. ^^
Mighty No. 43161's picture

We have been patient.

I have never posted in the community, just looked at the updates I have got through my email since backing. Now I am commenting.

I am sick of this. Do what you say you're going to do. I have been patient, as have many, and all we seem to get is either ignored, or misdirected. I backed this game to play this game at some point, and I'm starting to feel burned out. When you say you will do something, then do it.

By the time the game is released, I may not care anymore.
Mighty No. 40122 47drift's picture

We want our money back.

At this rate, most backers don't even care about this trainwreck of an obvious con job anymore. Not only is the game looking like total trash unlike any of the promotional content as we were promised, but at this rate we can't even get any form of compensation for how we've been treated over the past two years. Yet comment after comment asking for a refund, that we are very well entitled to by this point, has gone ignored. Our money was exchanged under the promise of a product, and given that you've failed to deliver on that, we deserve our money back, or at least the option for it. There ought to be a law against how you've scammed this many people who just wanted to see their favorite kind of game come back and were generous enough to support you.