KIMOKIMO CUP PART 8: Worldwide!!

Hey Mighties!

We are back with the second week of this year's KIMOKIMO CUP,
This week we are accepting Worldwide submissions!

Now that we have hit the final week, the submissions are open for countries or regions all around the world!
As far as we are concerned anything goes! Want to make a robot to represent Antartica? Go for it!

What about Atlantis? Well it might not really exist, but that doesn't mean there can't be a robot to represent it!


Just in case you need a reminder, here are all of the submission and guidelines for the contest!


Design Submission Details
 ・For those who want to draw, please design and submit your robot in accordance to the following rules.
 ・For those not confident in their drawing abilities, post any good ideas you have!
   Or if you see an idea you like, please feel free to design a robot from that idea.
 ・Use the feedback you get on submitted designs to polish them into even better pieces!
 ・Please make sure to include any nicknames/Mighty No.s of everyone involved in a particular design.
 ・Image size: 946×669px or larger
    (You can just take a picture of any sketch for submissions as well.
     We plan to print them out on A4 paper and show them to Inafune.
     A format or size that fits on A4 paper works best!)
  ・File type: .jpg, .png
 ・Please do not plagiarise other artists' work.
 ・Please do not take other artists' design and edit without permission from the creator. Credit when neccessary.

 ・Please do not commission or buy designs to use as your entries.
 ・Collabs are okay, and are highly encouraged!
 ・Please do not use any designs that utilize characters from other games or any other type of media or include them in your images when submitting (even as a reference) as we will not be able to post any such designs in our updates.

You will own the rights to your own submitted content. However, if comcept has chosen your design to be re-interpreted, that reinterpretation belongs to comcept. In this way we make it possible to include this design in future installments of the series.Please refrain from submitting your work if this is an issue.
Robot Design Rules
 ・Robots representing countries and states from all over the world meet in the Battle Colosseum.
  Please make sure your design clearly portrays its country/state of origin.
・Please determine the following 4 parameters of your robot.
  These figures should add up to 100 points in total.
  SP Attack.......................25
・ We will start a new thread every week for the area that submissions are open for,
so please post any images or ideas for the robots you have designed!
Now then... let's get those creative juices flowing Mighties!


Mighty No. 71002 Matt's picture

Canada - Boréale

Canada Name - Boréale Strength - 30 Defense - 20 SP Attack - 25 Intelligence - 25
Mighty No. 38784 DryKoopa's picture

Welome MightyNo17: Asterisk!

Codename: Asterisk
Country: USA

Strength: 50
Defense: 15
Sp Attack: 0
Intelligence: 35

Basically, i wanted to make a Number based on the USA. Stars are commonly used in "American" Themes, so i wanted to be clever and use an Asterisk instead of a plain star. His strength and number is a reference to the 50 states, and how each state respresents a collective amount of fighting power; uniting us into one collective power. His defense is a bit low, and he has no special attacks because i invisioned this character to be a melee/speedster type of character, focosing on mid to close range combat with his "Photon Sabre" and his trusty "Photon Gun" The last symbol to ty in his american-esque theme, was the eagle on his head; a basic and true american symbol of freedom. 

His design is based on American soldiers/marines.
Mighty No. 12449 Xylem's picture

Last Last Minute Entry!

So late that it might not even make it, but it's worth a shot.

This is Canyon, an intrepid mountaineering and spelunking robot designed in the state of Utah, USA! When she's not exploring dangerous mines or hunting for fossils, she guides beginner rock climbers and would-be spelunkers with her upbeat attitude and friendly demeanor. She's also partly modeled after the state insect, the honey bee.
Mighty No. 40591 LicoriceRabbot's picture

Robot Entry!

Had to use multiple programs to put this together but I managed to do it. Puck, the Canadian hockey robot designed for everyone's favourite ice based passtime, doubling as a combat robot when necessary.