Mighty No. 9 Demo Available!!

Hey Mighties!
The main event of Mighty Month 2 is here!
Thanks to our partners at Humble Bundle, the Special Demo Version of Mighty No. 9 is now available for our backers!

All you need to do is use the e-mail address that is attached to your Kickstarter or Paypal pledge to login to the Humble Bundle website and the download link for the Special Demo Version will be available! From there you just need to download and enjoy!

If you do not have a Humble Bundle account, or are unable to locate your order please enter the e-mail that was used to back Mighty No. 9 on the Humble Bundle Order Resender page.

We are extremely sorry for the delay in delivering this demo to you, but we hope you enjoy your time with it!

Also, as a result of switching to DRM-Free distribution, there is obviously not a cut-off date for this demo.

You are also welcome to stream or record gameplay videos to share with your friends and followers!



If you have any problems finding the EXE to start the demo, please use these images as a point of reference!
You can find the MN9Game.exe at the following folder location: Build>Binaries>Win32

And finally, we have another nice little something for you!
We are returning with more episodes of MighTV!
With the Special Demo Version now releasing, our backers will get a chance to try out a portion of the Challenge Mode which is included in the full game.
For this episode of MighTV we invited the Mighty No. 9 Lead Composer, Manami Matsumae, to try her hand at the mode!

This was actually her first time ever playing this mode so she was a little nervous! How far do you think she can get on her first try!?

We also just recorded another episode of MighTV a few days ago, so you can look forward to seeing that in the future as well!
We are still editing the footage, but we think you will enjoy it once it's ready!
That’s all for this update, Mighties!
See you next time! (`_´)ゞ
-Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 2868 Shujinko's picture

Can't run game

I am also expericing problems with launching the game. When I attempt to run it it says I'm missing components. Running on W10
Mighty No. 10555's picture

The demo is fun

I downloaded the demo after using the "request Humble Bundle orders" feature on the Humble Bundle site. I'm at the $99 tier. Overall I'm pretty happy with the game. Thanks to Comcept for finally getting the demo out there.

My main criticism: everything seems very shiny in the game -- including Dr. White's afro. It's... odd.
Mighty No. 61876 GeorgeCdA's picture

Can't run the demo

I downloaded the demo. Since I already had a humble bundle account and used the same email address for kickstarter, I found the demo under the 'non claimed purchases' part of my account (https://www.humblebundle.com/home/purchases). But now I am unable to run it. It says is missing the files XINPUT1_3.dll, X3DAudio1_7.dll, D3DCOMPILER_43.dll, XAPOFX1_5.dll. What now? Running Windows 10 Home.
Mighty No. 54219 Bill's picture

DLL Problem fixed

I hope this helps someone else.  I finally got the demo working - search for DirectX End-User Runtimes - I used the "June 2010" version.  Note - after I installed this I got further errors and I had to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010.  After that the demo worked.

Loving the game so far!  It's a blast.
Mighty No. 67897 Zero's picture

Have you checked that you

Have you checked that you have installed directX 9? (as far I've seen this is the version the game is running), also check that the file was fully downloaded or decompressed, use the md5 checksum that is at the side of the download link and download a tool to make the check.

Good Luck!
Mighty No. 19725's picture

Same problem here, Windows 10

Same problem here, Windows 10 with DirectX 12 installed (checked in dxdiag).
Mighty No. 67897 Zero's picture

I think it runs with DirectX9

I think it runs with DirectX9(check attachment) try installinng it...
Mighty No. 5308 Cold Machine's picture

I probably missed this in

I probably missed this in another announcement, but am I right in assuming that defeating bosses doesn't give you their ability in this demo version? Am I missing something?

Either way, fun times.

Mighty No. 3543's picture

Yeah I thought the demo is

Yeah I thought the demo is supposed to be for all backers. Is that not the case? This is what happens when I click on Mighty No 9 (5$) tier on my purchases page on HumbleBundle. Am I doing something wrong or just missing the download link? I've looked thoroughly and I do not see it.

Furthermore, I thought they announced many months ago that ALL backers will get the game for free along with pretty much all the dlc. I mean I even filled out the platform survey for which version of the game I want to receive. 

Mighty No. 63423 Akinori II's picture

did you Pick the 5$ Support

did you Pick the 5$ Support amount?? 

if you do , you are not able to have the demo or the game bro , sorry
Mighty No. 5308 Cold Machine's picture

They must have meant all

They must have meant all backers who pledged for the actual game. It'd be silly if all the people who pledged $20 did so for nothing if they could have pledged $5 for the game and still get it. Still, demo access wouldn't have hurt.
Mighty No. 46317 Lifeman's picture

Can't find demo

Has anyone successfully redeemed the demo? I can't find it. Is the demo for a specific tier of pledgers? I mean, I don't have a good PC in the first place, but I still want to redeem the demo for the future.
Mighty No. 59359 Roc's picture

Yeah, I've redeemed it and

Yeah, I've redeemed it and got it downloading; you need to use the Order Resender link and make sure your email is the one you used on kickstarter. Put that email in and check that email - you should have a message from Humble Bundle, that will take you to a page to redeem the game. Hope this helps!
Mighty No. 46317 Lifeman's picture

It still isn't there. I get

It still isn't there. I get the message "When available, you'll be able to get all your digital content listed below right here on your download page!"
Sounds like a TON of other people are having this problem as well.
Mighty No. 68933's picture

I am using the same email

I am using the same email address. The Mighty No 9 page just says this:

"When available, you'll be able to get all your digital content listed below right here on your download page!"
Mighty No. 70001 X-shunin's picture

I cannot see the download

I can't download the demo. I even used the resend feature and it only shows me the physical tier of MN09. But no demo for me.