Mighty No. 9 – Goes Gold!


A message from Keiji Inafune –


To all of our backers and fans of Mighty No. 9,


Firstly, I would like to say again how sincerely sorry we are for how long we have kept all of our fans waiting. We are finally able to deliver some long awaited news regarding Mighty No. 9. We have now confirmed the following release dates for Mighty No. 9: June 21st 2016 (North America & Asia) and June 24th 2016 (World Wide). We understand that as a result of the various delays we have disappointed and let down our fans, but we are happy to finally be able to deliver the game to everyone who brought us this far.


With the game having “gone gold” we are in the last final stages of being able to deliver it into your hands, be that via your favorite retail outlet, or via digital channels.


Therefore the release date we are announcing is set in stone and there will be no further delays for the game.


Portable versions for PlayStation® Vita and Nintendo 3DS ™ will follow at a later point.


It has been almost three years since the start of our Kickstarter campaign, which was only made possible through the support of our backers and fans around the world. This is a project where everyone’s passions were combined in order to create something very special, and we are looking forward to delivering the final product to everyone who was involved. There can be no stronger connection between game creators and game fans.


Now that the dust has settled, we will be delivering Mighty No. 9 to everyone next month. How long will it take you to clear the main story on NORMAL? How many people are going to be able to clear MANIAC mode? What is going to be the fastest record for the time attack mode? We are looking forward to seeing the community answer all of these questions for us! Make sure to let us know your feedback and thoughts on the game through our SNS channels as you play the game. Your voices are what made this game possible, and we want to continue hearing what you think so that it may influence our future endeavors. “


-Keiji Inafune



Mighty No. 29915 Silent's picture

Backer Rewards

I missed the console selection surveys that apparently happened a year ago. Please tell me there's going to be another one of those real soon now that we're closing in on the actual release date.
Mighty No. 12183 Eric Rinehart's picture

well  this is good news now

well  this is good news now  all thats left is to wait for  the news on the  artbook for the backers  who  pledge  for the 250teirs or higher as well as   i recalled    ya   be sending out another survey to re confirm  the  console for our  choice
Mighty No. 7341 Krillos's picture

It is good to see you

It is good to finally see you breaking the silence and grant us wonderous news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one, so please don't let me down, Comcept.

Now, I would like someone to shed some light regarding the results on the KimoKimo Cup Contest. I understand it is put on hold due to some unknown circumstances and they have only managed to cover the results on the first week of Mighty Month before they went silent.
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These are the questions I don't see getting asked enough. I would very much like to have my artbook and game boxes. The artbook is actually the main reason I backed that tier.
Mighty No. 53139 rodger1983's picture

Yay hope the Mighty No 9

Yay hope the Mighty No 9 Shows up with without anymore Delays. Migthy No 9 will be very good game. I'mso ready to play.
Mighty No. 43608 Mr.Grey's picture

Change of platform?

It seems that since the many delays I, and others like me, may no longer own the platform that we originally selected. Any chance that we can be given the ability to switch our digital reward?
Mighty No. 3949 AlmightyZero's picture

Site update?

If these are indeed the official release dates, whoever manages the main site should be updating the dates TODAY. (Technically, should have updated for the release of the announcement.)   That said, let's get the official backer platform surveys rolling, shall we, Comcept?
Mighty No. 4571 YanDaMan263's picture

Change platform

Um, is it still possible to change the platform for my backer's copy? I chose 3DS but now I want it on PS3 or PS4. since handhelds are delayed.
Mighty No. 10630 Maximz's picture


i remember they sent out the console survey on 6-30-2015....i think atleast thats what my email states, all though i believe that they said they would do another round of surveys as to what console ppl want.... i dont rememeber i also dont remember what i choose anyone else know, maybe alraz will chime in on this and gimme a better understanding lol
Mighty No. 40880 Boh's picture

Release Date? Well...

I hate to be 'that guy'...but until the game is actually released, I am reluctant to believe this. After delays, fallout, and unnecessary nonsense and drama...I want to believe, but until the game is actually in my hands/on my computer/console and fully playable, I don't think I can. I love Mega Man and respect Inafune's work, but this has gotten out of hand. I will wait until the game is actually available to me before I fully believe it, I'm sorry. Worse, I just checked: The FAQ page still says "The game is releasing on February 9th for North America and February 12th for the rest of the world." The site still says "COMING 9TH FEBRUARY 2016". Not good signs, if you ask me...
Mighty No. 36654 Paulo's picture

No answer

I sent an email last year because I need to change the platform of the game I will receive but I've never been answered. It's an absolutely leck of respect to a backer. I hope the email that I sent today will be answered this time because the delays on the project caused this platform change.
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This was going to come out on by birthday, the second time it got pushed back. Now it's another 2 months from now. Wouldn't it be great if you could give the backers the game now as a show of good faith, especially since we won't be getting all the content that people who buy it in stores get?
Mighty No. 35799 Ben's picture


This was going to come out on by birthday, the second time it got pushed back. Now it's another 2 months from now. Wouldn't it be great if you could give the backers the game now as a show of good faith, especially since we won't be getting all the content that people who buy it in stores get?
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I literally cannot even remember what Platform I chose in the survery, or if I was even able to successfully fill it out.


Mighty No. 16500 Al Ramirez's picture

Hope some one can give me any information

Last year there was an email sent regarding to what console do we want our game, I never got such email and wrote countless time but never got any reply from anyone, how do you guys know what version I want if you haven't sent me the email, a lot of people other than me had this same problem. I even Preorder the special edition at Amazon just in case I never get my code or just get the wrong one and have to keep it since probably no one will reply to my email and messages, any information about this would be appreciated.
Mighty No. 23040 cybik's picture

No news on the Linux version?

I backed basically so that the project would reach the necessary funding for the Linux/OSX version, which was the SECOND stretch goal. Yet, no news about that.

Is it safe to assume us OSX/Linux players are, again, left in the mulch?
Mighty No. 45443 Zuuley's picture

I don't think so.

The game is releasing on Steam with Mac, Windows, & Linux/Steam OS listed with it, so I think it's releasing there too.
Mighty No. 44183 Mike's picture


Beyond excited to finally have a confirmed release date. Looking forward to getting my copy for backing the game. The question is, when will I? Will it arrive by release date or after? Which version is everyone getting? Xbox One, Wii U, or PS4? Im not sure if many are aiming for PS3 or 360 editions in 2016 but I could be wrong.