Reminder: Platform Survey Deadline Approaching!

Hey Mighties,
As of this week, all of our backers who are eligible for a digital copy of Mighty No. 9 should have received
their platform selection survey in the mail.
If any backers haven’t received their survey yet, please contact us and we will deal with any issues
on an individual basis.
As of 5/22 we had only received completed surveys from around 70% of our backers.
If you haven’t made your selection yet, please make sure to do it before the deadline.
When searching for your survey, please make sure you are checking the right email address and make sure to double check your spam filters.
We have noticed an issue where some users have not received this mail or any other recent surveys because they had chosen
to ‘opt out’ of any future surveys from our account. If you have previously opted out of our survey mails, we
are effectively blocked from sending any messages to your address. 

You can find an explanation of this feature, along with how to 'opt in' once more on this page:

【Survey Details Reminder】
Survey Title: Mighty No. 9: Official Platform Selection Survey FINAL ROUND(RESEND)

Deadline: 11:59PM PDT on May 29th 2016

Any backers who have not chosen their preferred platform by the deadline will be given a Steam key and DRM-free PC download by default.
Information for the Support Team
If you need to contact our support team for help, please make sure to 
Provide as much information as possible. At the very least we will need to 
Know the mail address that was used when backing the game.

As many of our backers have noticed, while the team was focusing on
preparing the game for release and nailing down a release date we have taken
a break from our normal update schedule. We are sorry for the silence everyone during that time!
It has already been 5 months since we released the first part of this video,
but we are finally releasing the second half of the Online Race Battle tournament!
●Previously on MighTV....
Old colleagues put their pride on the line as they battle it out in the Mighty No. 9 Online Race Battle mode!!

INAFKING takes the first battle against TOM-PON!

RATTCHAN shows off the results of her intense training in a match that hardly felt fair!

How is this battle between RATTCHAN and INAFKING going to play out?
Who is going to take home the big prize!?
Check out the video to find out for yourself!

Once the Platform Surveys have completed, we will return to releasing updates on a more regular schedule.
Until next time Mighties! (`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 41449's picture

I didn't received any e-mail

I didn't received any e-mail with the link for the survey.  
Mighty No. 58730 Ninjaarekku's picture

Another No Show

I also havent receieved an email. Not the survey or a response to my question. I may have changed emails but supplying this information is about as good as talking to a wall.  No one will respond and nout will get done. I do not want a pc version.

The whole communication front of comcept is a joke.
Mighty No. 28577's picture

Survey doesnt work

the survey doesnt work for me, please help, i dont want the pc version
Mighty No. 67979 Richter Beyond's picture

Missing survey

Numerous emails, still missingthe backer survey. No communication at all.

Do not want the Steam/PC version, but can't get a hold of these guys. Are they going to extend the deadline?
Mighty No. 46283 Shizumi's picture


Haven't received any email about the survey here too, and I don't want a steam version of the game!
I still use my original email, and have opt-in on the survey site, please help!
Mighty No. 47799's picture

Changed email

Same as everyone else here, my email I backed this with has been changed. I'd like to update it, but they don't answer their emails...
Mighty No. 5376 ZEROmaverick's picture

New trailer... Offensive

I just saw the new Mighty no 9 trailer and I feel offended

At one point the announcer says '“And make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night"

I love anime and videogames, and I have no problems with dating girls or having girlfriends, or even a wife...

Come on, Backers are mostly Anime and VideoGame fans (included myself) and you make fun about us??

I really think Mighty No. 9 looks bad, and won't be a great game... but we supported you all at COMCEPT, we gave you our money, and you offend us in exchange??

Great deal.

I never felt offended by Rockman/Megaman games. Now it thinks it was for the best you are not allowing to use the IP anymore
Mighty No. 37089 Weakwall's picture

I have still not received the

I have still not received the survey. I dont know what power i have left when i try everything to get an answer.
Mighty No. 66115's picture

Still have not received survey

I've already sent two e-mails to, one Friday night and another Monday night, as have still not received the survey or any response at all.  I've also sent e-mails in the past when I did not receive surveys or notifications I should have received (such as with the Call vote or Humble Store demo).  In all the e-mails I mentioned my suspicion that they were still being sent to my dead e-mail address despite having changed my settings both here and on Kickstarter.
Mighty No. 6961 Zero's picture


I still have not received a 2nd survey link after the first one did not work. My email address is and I'm opted in for emails. Please send another one so I can fill it out by the deadline.
Mighty No. 25462 Drascoll99's picture

No email yet either

My old e-mail tied to this account is no more because it was compromised. I have a new e-mail and have tried to get it changed several times to the new one associated with kickstater but I haven't heard anything. The only reason I was able to get the Demo was because it was linked through this forum. Therefore I have never recived a survey. Why these servesy are nessiary to be sent though e-mail, their is not an option to fill out this information on the website or no way to correct this information through the website is bizarre.
I also tryed to contact and several times with no response.
Mighty No. 4221 Mr. G&W's picture

Unable to Take Survey

Hello, this is Mighty No. 4221, Mr. G&W. I received an e-mail link to a survey, but I was unable to take that survey because the survey link was broken. My e-mail address is, and I can read and type in English and Japanese. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to get a new survey link. Thank you!
Mighty No. 47383's picture

I haven't recieved my survey

I haven't recieved my survey and I'm not sure how to go about contacting.