"Mighty No.9" Documentary Episode 1

Hey Mighties!

With the release date of Mighty No. 9 quickly approaching, our staff felt it would be a good time to look back at the early days of development.
So for today's update, we are releasing the 2nd part of our Development Documentary!
A big thanks to our friends at 2 Player Productions for their hard work putting this together. 


This part of the documentary was shot in the Spring of 2014 when we were still at a very early stage of development, and it is a great look into how Inafune and the staff approached the development of Mighty No. 9.
Now that more and more footage of the game is out there in the form of trailers and gameplay videos, we hope our fans enjoy watching this documentary and comparing how aspects such as KIMOKIMO and Komaki's sketches or the designs and ideas from the Inti Creates team are represented in the final product.
The release date is right around the corner!
I am sure everyone is looking forward to it just as much as we are!

Until next time Mighties! (`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 15991 Jon's picture

Broken Promises

Yeah, you guys will never see a cent of my money ever again. Been a lifelong Megaman/Megaman X fan and backed this game the second it came out, but to have even more delays on the actual supposed release date? Despicable. Not to mention no news on handheld copies.
Mighty No. 68404 Call's picture

Paid Over $600

Backed Believed Beck...
Backers Wait While Store buyers/pre-orders/reviewers all play before we...
why beck...why..we loved you so.....we still do..
that is why it hurts so...
Mighty No. 23300 Devi's picture

i am super stoked to play

i am super stoked to play this game! Question do i get my code in my mighty acount or email ? and Rey looks awesome!!!
Mighty No. 53602 Nickzero's picture

Don't care

We don't care documentals. We are disappointed. We like to have the digita game TODAY june 20th, not June 21TH.
Mighty No. 4106 CreatoRuin's picture

Actually a good watch.

Despite feeling upset over this game's lack of release in all this time, I must say that this was indeed a good watch. I look forward to the next episode and I definitely feel it will give me better insight as to what exactly happened with the development of this game to make it take so long.