Robot Design Contest Part 6

Hello everyone,

Lead Character Designer KIMOKIMO here once again!

I hope you enjoyed our last entry of the Robot Design Contest results!

This time we will be showing the results from Part 6 of the Robot Design Contest!




The original reason we started the Robot Contest was to have everyone be a part of the
design process and extend the world of Mighty No. 9. However, Inafune-san always had

a larger goal in mind: "How far can we push the envelop with robot designs?"



For example, in Part 5 I took on the challenge of trying to supress the 'cute'
elements of a female robot design while still keeping a balance. During this part,

I feel like there was a more general theme regarding the overal theme within the world of

Mighty No 9.


How many of the designs this time fit our view of the Mighty No. 9 world?

Continue on to find out!


The area for this part covers a very wide regions, so I am sure everyone struggled to settle on

a country they wanted to focus on. From the final submitted designs, we had a lot of fun seeing all of the different countries.


This time there were a bunch of designs that I wanted to work on, and several where
I felt they could almost go into the game as-is without any extra work.

・Mighty No. 34088 HOBB                    ・Mighty No. 34088 HOBB

・Mighty No. 47318 Tron Bonne                  ・Mighty No. 51906 Enlus 

・ Mighty No. 36731 KurowaSan                ・ Mighty No. 36731 KurowaSan

・Mighty No. 46362 Putti                                       ・Mighty No. 9141 takobot


・Mighty No. 14015 Lux Morningstar           ・baeeito@AScissorMidget 7 



・Mighty No. 878 JewelMaiden ✰ 宝石娘 ✰            ・Mighty No. 7341 Krillos

・Mighty No. 38964 Mnemosyne                  ・Mighty No. 7447 Pontata 


・Mighty No. 42977 Chronicles                  ・Mighty No. 13794 Atom

・Mighty No. 35312 Handlebar-Orion X. Servbot#3759       ・Mighty No. 42275 Ryngar Acia



Did any of these designs catch your eye?

Next, I would like to present the designs that we fell was the best overall idea in this batch of submissions!




Congratulations Mighty No. 7341 Krillos!


Inafune-san commented that this robot design would have a very good silliohettue and the Viking theme gives off an aura of strength.

He is definitely right there. I wouldn't want to run into this robot in the real world!


Next, I would like to introduce the design that we felt just needed a little bit more work to fit in the world of Mighty No. 9.

Here is Inafune-san working on a redesign of the robot!



"This is a really interesting idea, but it doesn't exactly fit with the rest of the Mighty No. 9 world. It probably needs to be a bit sillier in general, so I decided to make the hands a bit bigger."



"It would probably be better for there to be some sort of face in the middle as well? With that change I think I could see this robot battling with Beck."


Mighty No. 7447 Pontata



You can see Inafune-san's redesigned version of A-10 above!


Congratulations Mighty No. 7447 Pontata!


Finally, I grabbed the baton from Inafune-san and finished the redesign in the same way I did for all the Mighty Numbers.

I know I say this everytime, but this was another design that gave me a lot of trouble!

When I tell this to Inafune-san he always tells me "That's why I picked it!" so I believe this is just another part of my training in creating characters for the Mighty No. 9 world!


One aspect of the Mighty Numbers are the special headphones they all wear.

This is a design constant among the Mighty Numbers and other similar humanoid robots.


For this very unique design, my first challenge was deciding how and where to attach those headphones!


Since this design is obviously themed around an Egytian god, I also added design elements based on a scarab beetle.


I only had a front-view of Potanta's design, so I had to imagine the side and rear design for myself.


The basis of the design is Aten which was an aspect of Ra, the sun god, so I created a robot that would collect and use sun rays.

This design is also very shiny and bright which enforces that design idea even more.


The six arms can obviously be used to attack, and the idea is that it would collect solar rays from it's back and use them to attack.

I imagine that the parts around the face in the center would rotate slowly, and that its general movement would resemble a jellyfish.


Obviously this would make the robot very powerful during the day-time, but would limit its ability at night-time.

I believe that could make for a really interesting boss battle if done correctly!


I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the design and enjoyed the rest of the designs we featured!

We sitll have more to show so make sure to check back for the next update!


Finally, we have one other piece of news for backers. The DRM-free versions of the game for Mac and Linux have been uploaded to Humble Bundle. If you were waiting for those versions, make sure to log in to your Humble Bundle account and download them!

Untill next time Mighties!



Mighty No. 12449 Xylem's picture

Creative designs!

This is a really good batch, A-10's design in particular. Articulating all those limbs must have been no mean feat!
Mighty No. 58092 Oakie620's picture

I'm Confused.

Is Vinter getting an official redesign or not? This is mentioned in the post, but I don't see any pictures. I'd love to see KIMOKIMO's take on it.

A-10 would be a great boss for a sequel.
Mighty No. 51906 Enlus's picture

Congratulations Krillos and

Congratulations Krillos and Pon! And the redesign looks stunning, I love it~ :D
Mighty No. 7341 Krillos's picture

Wow! My Vinter is #1? That is

Wow! My Vinter is #1? That is a great honor! Honestly, this made the wait all worth it! Congratulations to Pontata as well!