Robot Design Contest Part 7

Hello everyone,

Lead Character Designer KIMOKIMO here once again!

We already skipped ahead and announced the results from Part 8 before, so this will make Part 7 the last full update regarding the contest!




This time the area encompassed Japan, so we were really looking forward to it!

There were actually a lot of animal themed designs, probably in part due to how many diverse animals reside in this part of the world.

For the world of Mighty No. 9, animal themes don't fit very well but I wonder if one still got selected in the end!?




As usual, we lay all of the submissions out for Inafune-san to look over.


There were plenty of unique and original designs in this round of submissions.

Quite a few designs based were on Japan, but they were all very unique and different.

・Mighty No. 51906 Enlus                ・Mighty No. 30565 Lienn

・Mighty No. 878 JewelMaiden ✰ 宝石娘 ✰        ・Mighty No. 47318 Tron Bonne


・Mighty No. 48448 ぬこちん              ・stuc:er@stuc_er

・Mighty No. 55941 MOGY64              ・Mighty No. 42977 Chronicles 

・エスリア@sria0088482                      ・ハギス@covamin


・神沢アリス@Alice_Kamisaw                   ・家庭型カトリーヌ@ac_dysonP


・Mighty No. 54517 Kiyo                           ・Mighty No. 9141 takobot


・Mighty No. 54517 Kiyo                           ・Mighty No. 13794 Atom


・Mighty No. 7341 Krillos              ・Mighty No. 46362 Putti


・Mighty No. 34088 HOBB              ・Mighty No. 36731 KurowaSan

・くりりん @antikuroro                                        ・ハギス@covamin

・Mighty No. 9544 Plokman                                     ・Mighty No. 38964 Mnemosyne

・Mighty No. 38830 Cyborg-Lucario                  ・店長堂時計店@tencho_Factory



See any designs which caught your eye?

The best design award for this round was actually very popular on twitter and the forums!


ハギス@covamin is the winner!




Here are Inafune-san's comments on the design:

"The motif is very obvious and easy-to-see, and it is very easy to imagine how it would move as well."


This small detail in the description is also very interesting: "He has developed a fear of heights after failing to land once."


Next, we will show off the design that we felt neeeded just a bit more work to fit the world of Mighty No.9.

Inafune-san's Advice Corner:

・The design is very interesting, but at the end of the day it's just one robot riding a rocket. I think it would be more interesting to give a more unqiue spin such as the main unit being separate from both and able to switch between the two or transform.


・Mighty No. 30565 Lienn

Here is the redesign by Inafune-san.

He didn't really make many changes to the overall design.

Congratulations Mighty No. 30565 Lienn!!!!



As usual, I am now going to do my best to re-work the design to fit in with the rest of the Mighty Numbers.

I know I always say this, but this was another real challenge!


As you can see I made it so that the main uniit can transfer itself into the rocket, and with such transformations change its own attack patterns.


There are actually two individual personalities here, and during the battle they will cooperate or even quarrel among themselves.


In the Battle Colosseum, there are a variety of different rulesets.

Outside of the normal brawls, there are also race-battle events styled after ancient chariot races.


This time I designed it to excel at those sorts of race battles, with the ability to use the rocket shell as a shield or by joining with the rocket increase its speed on the track.

By utilizing the different positions this robot could adapt to different types of terrain and change its flight and attack patterns. Instead of a simple battle robot, this robot is definitely designed to excel at race battles.


I know it took a long time to get all of these contest results out, but I appreciate your patience.

I got to take my time and try out a lot of different possibilites with this contest, and thanks to everyone's submissions I feel like I was able to expand our design philosphy quite a bit.


One point that I believe makes Mighty No. 9 robot designs stand out are the fact that they can almost look human-like.

I hope to see more and more fans taking our design phililosphy and creating their own fan creations.


Finally, I want to thank everyone who took part in this contest!

I know there are some fans out there who would like us to continue with these contets, and I would like to do it once more if given the chance as well!

There are still plenty of designs among the submissions which I found interesting, so I hope to continue working on them when I can.