Mighty Beckers!


Back at the end of our Kickstarter campaign, over 80,000 backers, friends and supporters took part in the first round of our community vote to decide the look for Mighty No. 9’s fan-favorite heroine, Call. (Cue dramatic music.)


When the dust settled, we were left with three contenders -- three designs that enough of you found worthy enough to continue on to the second round of backer-only deliberation.


And so here we are: Starting today, those three finalists return, fleshed out and fully colored in by their original creators (er, well, not Dr. Sanda, know what we mean):


Call E, by freelance artist Hideki Ishikawa


Call F, by Yuuji Natsume of developer Inti Creates


Call H, by Comcept’s own Shinsuke Komaki


Now, the final contest begins: a battle royale of sorts (shades of the Battle Colosseum, eh?). Which one will form the basis for our heroine in the final game? It’s your Call now! Just follow these three easy steps:

  • Check the email you used to back the Kickstarter or to pledge via PayPal (or if you updated your contact email on the forums, check there) over the next four days (we are limited to sending 20,000 a day, so if you don’t have yours yet, please wait just a little while longer! :). And if you don’t see an email after the 23rd, please check your spam filter / junk email folder!

  • Find the email “Mighty No. 9: Community Vote No. 2: FINAL CALL DESIGN!”, and click on the link. It’s a unique URL for each backer, so keep it secret, keep it safe! And then...

  • ...VOTE!

Just remember: You have until the end of day, Saturday, Dec. 28th at midnight PST time to get your vote in, and everyone only gets one vote, so make it count!

The final winner will be announced on Dec. 29th, but in the meantime, why not sound off here  (or to our official Twitter account or Facebook page) on which Call you want to / already picked, and why? Or share awesome fan art of your favorite?


Happy holidays, and happy voting! (`_´)ゞ

-Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Koji Imaeda (Mighty No. 610), Mark (Mighty No. 84), and the Mighty No. 9 Team

P.S. If you're on SurveyMonkey's opt-out list, please opt-in at to get your email. If you still haven't gotten an email by the end of Dec. 23rd PST, you can email, subject "Missing Call #2 email" and we will try to get you squared away ASAP!



Mighty No. 65943 Styx - model Harpuria's picture

F won

The result were very close !! 43 % for F and 41 % for E. Personnaly I voted for F but Call E is really well designed ^^ I'll be really happy if a secret clothe for Call is Call E's hat or something wink

Great community support for all the Call it was great !!
Mighty No. 33933 Rodney 1.666's picture

Comparing F and E...

Who actually looks like they were created as Beck's counterpart (which she was)?
Who looks like they can really move when they really need to? (Mighty boots ftw.)
Who can you more easily picture sprinting at someone, duck/weaving a shot, and meleeing them in the face? (I.e., who looks the most playable?)

Mighty No. 36957 bluebomber's picture

I voted H. I really enjoy the

I voted H. I really enjoy the design and I want to see what the team(especially Keiji Inafune) will do with the design. I like F as well and feel like the way she was drawn already fits the MN9 universe. However, don't you think no matter which one is chosen they will all be tweaked and adjusted to fit in the world. I can't be sure, but it would make sense that the design will change(maybe F will change the least). Also, some people are talking about the features of each choice, E,F,H. I'm pretty sure they will all have a head set or communication device to connect with Beck. They will all have a companion, and even if C had made it to the top it doesn't garuntee she would end up with those roller things. And why can't E,F,or H have roller buddies as well(don't like them though, kind of creepy). Of course, in the end they can all have multiple costumes, which I couldn't care less about, but it is cool for people who are interested in that. Anyway, 1 day left, vote H.
Mighty No. 55829's picture

Dare I Say It...

This is going to be a......wait for it....CLOSE CALL.....there i said it!  now stop staring at me..cheeky
Mighty No. 65864 Gizen's picture

So hard to decide...

Personally, my favourite design is E, but F seems to be more fitting for a playable character. The design for E looks more like a support character, one who stays safe out of the way and provides backup via information and advice, someone along the lines of Alia from the X series. On the other hand, F looks almost like a cross between Roll and Zero, not quite as combat ready as Beck, but she still looks like she'd be ready to jump in there and fight. Considering our stretch goals confirm she'll get a playable level of her own, and be playable during co-op as well, she seems like the most fitting design, even if E is the one that looks more appealing. I just love the hairstyle for E so much, I'd love to get E's hair on F's body. I don't really give any consideration for H though. Personally just not a fan of that design at all. Reminds me too much of Penny from Inspector Gadget.
Mighty No. 41051 time2henshin's picture

I cant find my previous

I cant find my previous comment... man this is akwerd... if it didnt post ill just re-state my oppinion. i personaly chose call F because i like her designe the most. the main resons being she's alot like roll and i wanted that classic megaman feel. another reson i chose her is because she is less sexualised than both call E and H. E and H dont fit with becks desighn which F does. she also looks in the same age range as he is, whare the other two look older. beck and call being the same age allowes the creative processes to flow concerning thair relationship. the creaters can play it off as siblings, or if they whant a childhood love kind of thing, these options are other wise lost when looking at E and H's designe. at least thats my oppinion.
Mighty No. 50012 D50's picture

The thing I liked most about

The thing I liked most about Call B was her message panels.

Out of the three remaining, I personally voted Call E, but Call F's ribbon seems to have had Call B's panels in mind and add to her expressiveness.
Mighty No. 28139 HeroZero's picture

It's all up to you

Whoever you think looks or fits best to let anybody tell you who to vote for.

Vote for which one makes you happy to look at and play as.

Just don't forget to vote lol
Mighty No. 35355 Yggdrasil's picture

                    Additional Call E Concept Artwork!         

MIGHTY No.9 callちゃんコンテスト提出素材
                            Additional Call E Concept Artwork!
Mighty No. 65943 Styx - model Harpuria's picture

Call F

Call F is for me the most kawai-robotic-sympathic design of Call. Call E was great in the military looking but didn't look like your robotic friend as Call F did. Call H is too human-little girl for me :-/ and the lack of knee seem weerd to me.
But whatever Call is chosen i will love her <3 !!
Mighty No. 35945 Bailey's picture

"F" it!

I voted for Call F! Because I like that one and she actually looks as if she was
made to match Beck's design.
Mighty No. 70153 Jex's picture

E for "eh", H for "Hmm", etc.

Personally, even though F is the most Roll-like, I went with her be-a-cause she seems the most reserved one.  When it comes to anime, I tend to take a liking to the calmer and more reserved characters in both mannerisms and appearance.  All 9 designs were exceptional, but F is my preference.