The main protagonist Beck is the youngest member of the popular Battle Colosseum team, the “Mighty Numbers”. Unlike his siblings, he wasn’t created with combat efficiency in mind.  However, Beck has a special ability that none of the other robots possess: that of “transformation”.

“Xel” are extremely small cube-shaped robots that have the ability to combine and transform to make up various robots. Given orders they can give off heat and electricity----the various actions of robots are made possible with the movements of the Xel.

In the world of Mighty No.9, all robots are made up of small cube-shaped robots called “Xel (pronounced "cell"). Beck has the ability to absorb Xel from other robots and learn their programs, allowing him to transform his own body and use various abilities.


These are images in the idea phase and will vary from the transformations in the final version of the game.

Transform into a tank and be able to move on spikes without taking damage; spread your body apart to avoid an enemy’s attack; or turn your arms and legs into giant magnets allowing you to steal an enemy’s equipment. Beck’s transformations hold limitless possibilities!

These are images and will differ from the final version of the game.


Furthermore, Beck can use accumulated Xel for special actions such as moving at great speeds, using rapid combo attacks, or even send a shock wave across the entire screen, etc. What actions will you use to take down the enemies? You can expect even more strategic and exhilarating game play in the final version.