Mighty Triple-Header: Exciting Announcements from Anime Expo 2014!

Hello Mighties! 

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled Mighty updates to give you some breaking news and an extra special announcement! 

Those of you that kept your eyes and ears glued to Anime Expo today should be in the know, but we had something so exciting to tell you that it couldn’t wait until next week!.

Our main man Keiji Inafune has something big he wants to share with you all, so I’ll let the him do the talking: 

You heard it right: Keiji Inafune and the Mighty No. 9 team is pleased to open up a new funding campaign for the project via PayPal!

Take your time, let it sink in…. we’ll wait. :)

Now I’m sure we’ve got your gears turning trying to piece together what the new funding campaign means for the existing Kickstarter project, among other things. We have a FAQ here ready to tackle what we considered the main concerns, but even so let’s start things off here in the update. 


We formed this plan as a result of all of the slacker backers that contacted us after the Kickstarter campaign looking to contribute. But let’s make this crystal clear: this new funding campaign is for bonus content in the Mighty No. 9 video game. We are reaching out to current backers, but even more so to those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign for a chance to put even more features in this jam-packed game. Any new funding will NOT go towards existing content in the current state of the game, but bonus content to be implemented into the title.


During the Kickstarter you guys have made our dream game possible by blowing through stretch goal after stretch goal--and with this new funding campaign we can do even more! Of course, this means new stretch goals too! Go check out the front page for our first new stretch goal: full English voice acting!


And it doesn’t stop there! Thanks to our awesome friends over at Humble Bundle, we’ve been given the green light to open up pre-orders for the Mighty No. 9!


This is a chance for non-backers to grab the game early at a pre-launch day price! Grab extra copies for friends, family, pets, imaginary friends! You can even grab multiple copies, or get the game in a bundle with digital rewards that go towards the bonus content stretch goals! 


 Mighty No. 9 Digital Copy Pre-Order* (aka the “Gotta Have It”™) 


This tier gets you the release build of Mighty No. 9 in all of its glory, at a pre-release day price! *note: Pre-orders do NOT go towards the bonus content stretch goal. 


 Mighty No. 9 Digital Copy Pre-Order + Digital Reward Bundle  (aka the “Gotta Have It All”™) 


This tier gets you Mighty No. 9 upon release AND a bunch of digital rewards, namely: the digital retro-style game manual, digital art book/strategy guide and the digital official soundtrack. 


 Mighty No. 9 Digital Copy Pre-Order + Digital Reward Bundle + Steam Early Access 

(aka the “Gotta Have It All NOW”™) 


This tier gets you Mighty No. 9 upon release, the digital rewards from the $50 tier, AND access to the much-coveted Steam beta for Windows! 

We’re exploring other backer reward options at the moment, but these are the only rewards we felt comfortable opening up to new funding. It’s a tough balance to strike: keeping the backer-exclusives intact while showing the slacker backers our gratitude for their passion and willingness to contribute. We think we’ve struck that balance just right this time around, and we’ll be doing even more as the campaign continues! 

Just to reiterate, check out our FAQ for the new funding campaign for answers to questions and other important factoids! 

This is quite a lot to take in, I know… but can you believe we aren’t even done yet?

The hits keep on rolling here at Mighty central, with this new video from a certain company called Digital Frontier we think you’re going to love! 

Our words can’t do it justice, so once again we ask you to take a gander at the YouTube video: 


We’re proud and truly humbled to present this amazing teaser video for our new project: exploring a Mighty No. 9 animated series! 


The awesome men and women at Digital Frontier put this teaser together (and on their own dime!) to show the world how amazing a Mighty No. 9 animated series could be. We’re grateful to have their passion and skill on our side, and we can’t wait to see how this project unfolds! 

Keep an eye on the Digital Frontier page for ongoing updates, and in the meantime check out our FAQ for some basic info surrounding the project! 

As you can see, we’ve had quite a weekend over here at Team Mighty. We want to take this opportunity to thank the people at Anime Expo for helping us put this announcement together! 

And just as (no, definitely MORE) importantly, thank YOU, Mighty Beckers, for your continued enthusiasm, love and support that’s brought us this far! From the beginning you helped push the game to new heights, poured love into the Mighty No. 9 universe and--after the campaign concluded--showed up by the droves looking to lend your support through fan art, game ideas, development feedback and new backer requests. We wouldn’t be here without you, plain and simple, and together we can push the boundaries of the Mighty No. 9 universe even further! 

It’s times like this we can’t help but be grateful for all of you for making this dream a reality and make Mighty No. 9 the best game it can be. We only hope that you will continue to put your faith in us as we’ve put our faith in you. 

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you on the forums come Monday morning! 

Let’s keep this fire burning, Mighty Beckers! (`_´)ゞ

- Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Keiji Inafune (Mighty No. 9), Humble Bundle, Digital Frontier and the Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 21075 ガメレオ's picture


英語音声だけかと思いきや日本語音声もStretch Goal に!
Mighty No. 40176 Ray's picture

What about original Beckers?

So I get that this campaign is  to give some of the opportunities us original Beckers had to late comers.  What if us original Beckers also want to help?  Is there an option for us to just donate money without getting duplicate rewards?
Mighty No. 70808 RoflQu's picture

If I knew what could

If I knew what could potentially be on the horizon after this, I'd be more interested in going for it. As it stands, voice acting was never huge on my list of desires for the game and I don't think it's exactly enough to get me to fund more.
Mighty No. 38784 DryKoopa's picture

I think the target audience

I think the target audience of elementary school kids for the show is a great idea to attract a new generation of kids who missed out on Mega Man in his prime. My main hope for the show is that they recognize that older viewers (i.e. all us beckers) would also like to watch the show, and have some elements of the show we'd like to see.

As for the new stretch goals, great start with the voice acting! I do believe a couple more stretch goals should be added to the list very soon, so as to attract more backers. 

For a new stretch goal, can we have the eight Mighty Numbers playable in some way? Please? (kind of like how Mega Man Powered Up had all the eight bosses playable)
Mighty No. 42043 Photon's picture

Guys, I'm gonna question this

Guys, I'm gonna question this... $100,000 for voice acting? Really? Why so much, you have appx $4M to use why do you need an additional 100,000? That should already be achievable with the amount of money you already. I want there to be voiceacting in the game but but 100,000 is a bit too much. 

Artstyle wise, I don't care that CG was for the teaser so it doesn't bother me, it's better than how Mega Man looked in the Ruby Spears cartoon.
Mighty No. 53921 SSS's picture

All of the money over the

All of the money over the initial 900k is going toward stretch goals, of which we have many.

The extra 3.1 million is the reason we're getting: two extra full stages, Mac/Linux versions, New Game Plus and Turbo modes, the extensive three-part documentary by 2 Player Productions, the Boss Rush mode, ports to PS3 / PS4 /Wii U / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS Vita / 3DS (very expensive), a Challenge Mode, an extra end stage and boss, CO-OP online multiplayer, an intro stage and boss, our support character (Patch), the single-player Call stage, an optional retro soundtrack remaster, and online competitive multiplayer.

So, in summary, the extra ~3 million dollars got you:
  • 5 additional game stages
  • 4 additional offline gameplay modes
  • 2 additional online gameplay modes
  • A new character that influences gameplay
  • A soundtrack remaster
  • An extensive documentary of the game-making process
  • Ports to every console and computer OS that's relevant

And yet, you wonder why they don't have enough money to hire professional voice actors? It's not cheap, and I don't think anyone wants the infamous crappy dub voices we're accustomed to.

Making a high-quality game costs a lot of money. We're already getting way more than the original kickstarter was aiming for, so you have little room to complain in regards to game content. In fact, that they're still willing to offer us more is rather responsive of them, given that the forum-active Beckers have been asking for this all along.

Please be more considerate.
Mighty No. 11863 GGABueno's picture

Stretch goals and teaser opinion

We really need new stretch goals for incentive. I'm not a big fan of Voice Acting in the first place (risk of bad voicing), and others might agree.
I also feel 100,000 for that is too high, and we need to have an idea of what other kind of stretch goals are you planning if we want to buy and help this new funding. As of now we don't really have a reason to back this up. Better stretches -> More funding.
I read someone else talking about Mods and user created content and I thought it was a pretty cool idea as a late stretch. I would also like short cut-scenes in plot-relevant moments.

About the teaser, I thought it was pretty cool. The visual and animation quality seems great, I'm really confident about Digital Frontier's capability of pulling this out.
That being said, I'm not a fan of how Beck looks different from the Beck we know, and how clumsy and kiddy he is. I'm sure this was just a teaser to convince comcast's minds to support this and that they'll change it for the better later as they take people's feedback here into consideration, but I want to point out the fanbase's age.
I'm getting a very kiddy feel from this game (chibi character) and the animation, and I don't really like it. I'm a grown man and I'm sure most backers are also adults or late teens, so they shouldn't work the project as if their target audience were 5~14 kids. Isn't the game supposed to be made for us, who made it happen?
Mighty No. 53921 SSS's picture

The chibi feel is for the

The chibi feel is for the animation project alone, and said trailer was mostly a proof-of-concept which they made of their own volition. The actual show would need a lot of character tweaking, even if it is aimed at kids.

The first question and answer here should provide reference.
Mighty No. 21509 vampyren's picture


100.000$ for english voice? seriously how many hours of voice is there in a megaman game? I'm loosing my respect just for this item alone.
Mighty No. 53921 SSS's picture

Check this: https://www

Check this: https://www.voices.com/resources/rates

$100 per minute, and MN9 would be on an hourly basis. We have at least 13 characters to voice (the Mighty Numbers, Beck and Call, the three doctors), potentially more. That adds up fast given the amount of time it takes.

Credit to Lambda for the link.
Mighty No. 39994 Pakman's picture

Not liking the idea of a clumsy hero

I like the idea of an animated Beck, but I dont want Inspector Gadget the "accidental" hero.  The idea that hes clumsy and uncoordinated is not appealing to me in the least.  To have a back up character that is like that would be funny, but for Beck like that is just wrong.  I think the concept of anime style is good and the opening seemed to be playing out well, but the whole part with Beck...wouldnt give it the time of day to be honest.  That could use more spit and polish.  My 2 cents, given.
Mighty No. 32936 Syaoran's picture

About Next Goal

I hope the next strentch goal is FULL JAPANESE VOICE.
I love the Japanese version of Rockman X~X4, and X4 OP Song Name 負けない愛がきっとある.
Mighty No. 12038 Nenets's picture

Since no one's mentioned this

Since no one's mentioned this yet, how about those new bits of gameplay strewn about in Inafune's video? Sneaky, Comcept, very sneaky...

Several things stood out to me in them, but I will go into more detail about them probably in the forums. For now, let me just say, I love, and I mean I will marry it and have its kids kind of love, the zoom-in plaster shots that MN2 and 5 have right before their battles! I am such a sucker for that kind of stuff, hahah.
Mighty No. 59165 Pedronian's picture

pokemon,yugioh,other game based anime were good enough

It was never same as real game, and there was no problem with that.
anime Beck is not same as game Beck, it like saying why Ash doesn't act like Red in Pokemon series
Mighty No. 15308 Mega Neutrobyte's picture

Not sure how I feel...

Color me confused by this one.  Firstly, I really don't like the animated Beck being portrayed as an inept screw-up; I don't mind him being inexperienced or slightly unprepared, but since when was the original/x/exe/starforce megaman shown as a joke? Please fix that? I don't mind the art style though personally, maybe they could have animated sequences in the game like they did with The Day of Sigma in Maverick Hunter X? Secondly I personally can't help looking at what is being offered to the "slacker backers" and feeling cheated as a Becker... All of us that can post on this forum donated when it really mattered and earned our Mighty Numbers, and have been guaranteed our rewards i.e I donated $25 to get the digital copy... why do I feel like the "slacker backers" are being given the "same" rewards i.e. a finished copy before others, despite being "late to the party".  I'll be happier if comcept would add a bit to the new FAQ reassuring us Beckers that our copies of the finished game will be available first? And that all of the funding isn't going to cheapen the kickstarter? Rant over... Lastly to end on a good note I like the full english voice acting stretch goal!
Mighty No. 9406 Zol Grimm's picture

Have to say I'm of the same

Have to say I'm of the same mind the portrayal of beck in the teaser was in my opinion aimed at very young kids, i get they want to try to coax the younger generations into the game but i think they are aiming too low, i think their intended market should be more the 11-18 year old sort of range and the series should reflect this i'm just saying a cooler, sleeker image with a bit more action and seriousness is more what i expected not Spongebeck No.9pants vs the Mighty's. I like comedy but fighting robots don't exactly scream for slapstick.

Also i agree with your point's about the new stretch goal's, i mean i've already backed to the point i'm getting the game, a bunch of stuff and one of the USB's (total of 2 copies of the game) i don't really need any more, but if i want this extra content am i going to have to buy more copies? Seems a little lame after i backed Mighty no.9 from the start i'm not one to ask for something for nothing but it sort of feels like the original backer's should get options to buy in to these additional content's at lower/reduced prices at the very least (assuming any of them will in fact be pay for DLC), I'm all for more stuff just kinda getting a little crazy on the expenditure for one game, especially for the original backers.
Mighty No. 41051 time2henshin's picture

i wish i could contribute to

i wish i could contribute to the new stretch goal's, however being a becker already, i don't know how i can contribute without buying extra copies of the game. (don't get me wrong, its going to be great, i just don't have the cash)
however the show sounds like an ok idea, but the character designs don't match closely enough, and that isn't really how i envisioned Beck. otherwise this will be fun when it comes out, and i can't wait!
Mighty No. 7689's picture


Seen the teaser. Beck's face doesn't look good at all. Expressions are ok, the construction of the face is what doesn't work like it should. Fix that!

Also, why the animated Beck doesn't look like the regular Beck? It's a considerable downgrade, just look at this:

Style-wise is worse, design-wise is worse... I'm seeing a not-cool-in-the-slightest trend here. And I'm not talking about how Beck looks only:

So, you want to try the same cross-media model that "Sonic Boom" and "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures" is striving for (Videogames + Animation +  Merchandising). You want a piece of the cake that 3D animated features are generating globally, and safely entering it with an animated series. Fine. But don't make the same mistakes Sega and Namco made.

What is your purpose with the series? Making money? Or making something that everyone can enjoy for how good it is? The latter is precisely why such a model even exists. Thank Pixar for the opportunity by actually doing that, for once!

Seriously, talking about "target audience" plus how you word it ("Kids 6-11") is a red flag already. The kind of mindset that thinks about that as something that matters -at all- is the kind of mindset that only makes flops and brings ruin to the world. You are creators! You make videogames! Precisely you should be able to understand this! Tell me, please... What is Mighty No.9 "target audience" supposed to be?
Mighty No. 42138 Cap'n's picture

Mighty No. 9 is supposed to

Mighty No. 9 is supposed to be for just about everyone. It'll probably be about as hard as some of the classic Mega Man games or some of the Zero games so that it's still fairly difficult, BUT not something that kids are going to hate. The idea of using a cartoon aimed at kids is to help draw them into the series, to help it grow. And, to be fair, it IS a mock-up for the animated series, it's not a guaranteed thing nor is that the final design even if Mighty No. 9 becomes a series. It's also a different studio that's handling it that went to Comcept about it; Namco and Sega reached out to other companies for that sort of thing so if the projects fail, THEY lose money (and judging how Pac-Man has a second season, I'd say it's apparently working out rather well), whereas Comcept doesn't have to worry about it as much as Sega or Namco do.
Mighty No. 7689's picture

Yeah, that's the answer:

Yeah, that's the answer: Mighty No.9 is for everyone. And the animation should be too, because if something is truly good, it can be enjoyed by everyone. By what they show, they are just limiting themselves in order to copy a formula that is a poor copy of a formula from the 90s (with some updates)... Can you even call that "creating something"? But even using that formula you could make something good, so the reason I'm concerned (apart from Beck's face, that is bad) is because I'm seeing the series follow the exact same path of The Ghostly Adventures, or better said; I see the possibility of such thing.

I know the hell out of animation, so I can see that Beck's face is something they precisely won't fix, because for them, there is no problem with it at all. That's why they made the teaser exactly how it is. We are talking about a production company with considerable experience, so the teaser only shows weakness. I'm not saying everything is wrong with the teaser, like I said the expressions are ok, as well as the idea of what happens. The problem is design/style-wise. You can use a different style for an spin-off, sure, specially if you want it to be its own thing. But they just made it inferior... and that's not counting the future script or other art-related elements...
Mighty No. 13643 Yuske's picture

Go Mighty!

I was skeptical at the beginning about a "new funding". I thought "ok, they've got money, and now they want more money?"

But then, I saw Inafune's video. And then I saw the trailer video. And now I'm all like: I wish I had an international credit card again to help it.

I see this Mighty Animated and I remember when I played a couple Megaman games that had anime as cutscenes. And how much I loved them. And I think about what Inafune means about "other media". Is it only the animated series? Is it more? That's something I'd like to hear more about, before pledging more.

Trailer looks childish? That sounds as prejudicial as saying that videogames, anime and a whole bunch of cool stuff are for kids only. I loved that trailer. And I'm looking forward to more.

Go Mighty!
Mighty No. 1080 Mighty Rockman's picture

Personally I don't like how

Personally I don't like how the animated series trailer looks, I know is only a trailer, but I hope the show don't look like that. Regarding the new founding, I thin VA should have been part of the original campaign, I rather pay more money to have other stuff, like maybe a physical copy of the game or a manga.