A Mighty Mid-Spring Update

Winter turns to spring, Mighties,


And we’re finally starting to see some warm spring weather here in Osaka! Speaking of spring, we’ve seen your inquiries about the spring release date on twitter, Facebook, and the forums. Rest assured that we hear you, and that we’ve just got a few more puzzle pieces to fit into place before making our formal announcement.


In the meantime, the Mighty updates soldier on, with part two of our vocal cast breakdown, a mini-reward update, and a special message from a very special member of the Mighty team!



What’d you guys think of the last round of Mighty voicework? We hope our choices were close to what you’d imagined for the characters.


This time we put No. 4, No. 5, No. 6 and Call on display, including voicework you won’t find anywhere else. Take a look!



We got a pleasant surprise in the mail last week from our friends at Fangamer: the first editions of the add-on USB drives!



These are the very first design samples off the presses, and are undergoing modifications as we speak. Even so, we loved what we saw! There’s nothing quite like holding a sample like this in your hand to feel just how these rewards are coming together.


Look forward to how these bad boys turn out!



We end this update with an announcement from someone all of you know quite well:



Hi there, Mighties!


This is Dina, your community manager, reporting for duty! ...for what is effectively the last time. Yes, I have indeed resigned from my position at comcept and have resumed my former position of simply a backer of Mighty No. 9.


There will be no tearful farewells though, since I will still be lurking the forums and following the development of this wonderful game intently.  I just felt like my role here was done, especially now that we’ve entered the final stages of production (exciting!).


Watching the community grow and respond to the game's development has been wonderful. I’ve enjoyed my time with all of you immensely. I loved seeing all your creative input and concepts in our Becker events and surveys. Going over them with the development team were some of my most fun times in the office. And rest assured, all of your input made it to their ears! I'm confident that when Mighty No. 9 comes out, you'll see just how much of your own hearts and souls went into making it as ours did.


This has been quite the experience, and I doubt I’ll ever have another chance to work side by side with legends of the Japanese industry as I was able to do with Mighty. I have learned and grown so much and with my coworkers’ and your blessing am off to the next step!


Thank you all for this wonderful experience and your love and support of all things Mighty No. 9. I’ve made lifelong friends here --a HUGE shoutout to my awesome moderators!--and as much as I'll miss the people and good times, I am thankful for them a thousand fold.


Much love to Team Mighty, devs and Beckers alike!(`_´)ゞ

-Dina (Mighty No. 1046)



Many thanks to Dina for all of the hard work she’s put in for us these last 15 months! Everyone on the Mighty team wishes her all the best going forward!


We have more important updates on the way soon, but for now that’s all, Mighties! Let us know your feelings on the new voice work, the USB samples and Dina’s goodbye message in the comments below, on the forums, and on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts!


Until next time, Mighties!(`_´)ゞ

- The Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 18558 D-Rock's picture


OK, starting off with Seismic's voice, it was meh, Aviator's voice was almost as annoying as Dynatron, Julie sounds like she's just reading off the script and not even trying for Call's voice, and Battallion's voice is the best overall and probably will stay that way.  Can't wait to switch to Japanese voices immediately!
Mighty No. 9141 takobot's picture

Awww no more Dina?! Well many

Awww no more Dina?! Well many thanks for all your help and hard work! I'll miss ya and I wish you the bestest! Don't be a stranger!
Mighty No. 5154 Clyde's picture

Too late for a re-vote?

The second I heard Call's voice, I knew they picked the wrong design. Personally, I wanted E's uniform look, but this voice would have been absolutley perfect for C's blank, uncanny valley-ish doll face; something that's almost human, but not quite there yet. I even pictured that one as being awkwardly taller than Beck and, after hearing these clips, can image her raising a finger to pointificate everything she says while rarely deviating from the usual dead pan expression; that or just doing other machine-esque things, like plugging cords in her ears or doing those slow, creepy head turns. It would've made for such a great dichotomy between her and the far more human like Beck. Plus, she had those freaky pylon things and could've turned into a ridiculous centaur--AAARGH, wasted potential!
Mighty No. 7447 Pontata's picture

I do think it's perfect

I do think it's perfect for her design though. This voice is far too girlish and not old enough for E anyway. And besides have you seen F's design in the voting? She has robotic expressions as they come.

Different people have different opinions, and there's no 'wrong' design. And a lot of people happen to think it fits.
Mighty No. 5154 Clyde's picture

A lot of people think it fits

A lot of people think it fits because that's the design we were shown first and for a while without ever knowing that it was one of many choices. When they suddenly said, "Hey, you can pick her design," most people just went with what they were already comfortable with since it would've felt odd to change it by that point. They should've announced all of the designs at once so that bias wouldn't have grown. I mean, it's a moot point by now, but it still kinda bugs me.

Anyway, E would've been my first choice, but I later scrapped that for C when I considered her given bio and realized that E would've been way too expressive. Her expression in the F design concept is just a blank look, while her entire face looks artificial in the C one. Like I said, even including the emotive smirk, she looks like a doll, which really sold it for me; that and the whole design was clearly a spiritual successor to the look Roll would have had in MMU, had it been released, and that would've been a nice nod to some of the efort that went into that game. I just think it would've amped up the contrast they were going for between her and Beck a lot more if she looked like some kind of "not quite human yet" prototype or something.
Mighty No. 46769 Paladin-08's picture

Goodbye and farewell!

Thank you Dina for all your hardwork! Without you, Mighty No. 9 wouldn't be what it is today. For that, you have my enternal thanks. I hope you find success for your future. 

So far I love all the voices, espeacially Call's voice! She sounds really cool and potrays her personality well. Thank you Mighty voice actors!
Mighty No. 31986 CobaltGale's picture

Awesome voices!

Been a long time since I came to check on this game's progress....And I gotta say, I'm liking the voices. Kinda curious as to who will voice the remaining Mighty Numbers.
Mighty No. 42043 Photon's picture


How fitting...Aviator is voiced by Mick WINGbert...LOL... I see what you did thereLOL

Also..>DINA!! We will miss you! Mighty salute
Mighty No. 896 Jaden's picture

Okay, this is driving me nuts

First off, I'd like to say that I'm loving the english voice acting, they really suit the characters in my opinion.  The one thing that's driving me nuts is people harping on Call's voice.

It seems that people are forgetting her backstory that was mentioned on this site, as well as when we were voting for her design.  "She has no emotion unlike Beck."  It's mentioned that she could develoup her emotion as the story progresses, and I think that works well for Call.    Sorry, it was bugging me that a few people forgot about that piece of information, and I wanted to bring it up.

Okay, not that that's off my chest, I'm gonna leave for work.  Later.
Mighty No. 26157 Green's picture


I think people should wait to hear the voices in context within the game itself before criticizing too harshly.

They're fine and cartoony as they should be in my opinion and there are some really talented and well known voice over actors who are a part of the team.
Mighty No. 66967 Shiny Snivy's picture

I totally agree with this.

I totally agree with this. Some people are being too harsh on the voices when we haven't even heard them in the game itself. On top of that, most of the lines used are not even in the final script as the updates have been saying. 

I'm also fine with the cartoonish voices. Were people expecting a super mature script or something? This is a game that's made for everyone, and that includes children, not just Mega Man fans.
Mighty No. 48204 spd12's picture

Still great!

This set of voices really tops the last, and I liked those plenty enough - with only one caveat.

No. 5 plays it safe in the stereotype department by going for the easy 'drill sergeant' route, but I personally think it fits about as well as anything else you could imagine. He's a zealot, he wants you to know your place and what you are, and you will fall in line. The actor did great here.

No. 6 is the greatest surprise of the lot to me. I didn't think that he'd be some crazed news reporter, but it works very well! He just comes off as unhinged and potentially really fun to fight as a result, where he's not taking himself too seriously. Most importantly, it sounded like his actor had a lot of fun with it, which counts a lot!

Call met expectations at first with the idea that she was more robotic than human in demeanor, and the actress nailed it. Some of the lines seem to harbor seeds of resentment or jealousy, which is something I find as a neat touch.

My only real concern is that No. 4 will be hard to hear above the BGM. He sounds unambiguously the part of a big, gruff, no-nonsense construction worker who is absorbed in their work... I'm just afraid I won't be able to make out much of what he says in-game.

I haven't really watched or engaged the forum community enough to follow Dina's efforts with management, but I wish them the best! Thanks for your hard work.
EDIT: Huh, I didn't know there was so much drama over in the forums about their position when I wrote this. I hadn't been too involved in the community proper the last number of months.
Mighty No. 27461 sdzero's picture

Voice acting!

As for the English voice talent, I think they're all fantastic choices. Very talented group of individuals. Although this type of stuff is totally subjective. Hopefully there will be eventually be a Japanese voice cast for people who prefer to hear it in that language 
Mighty No. 27461 sdzero's picture

Honest Critique...

But seriously, Dina was not a good community manager. I'm not even saying that to be mean. I'm saying that based what she did and didn't do. She lacked a level of professionalism required to make rational replies to individuals she did not agree with.

That's not all! She was also responsible for getting the community voices heard, relay that information back to the development team, and vise-versa. One of the main reasons people are upset is because Japanese voice acting won't be available. This is also something that wasn't properly presented to us.

"Hey everybody! We forgot to tell you some information you're really passionate about! Information that should have been given to you eariler when it could've been a stretch goal. We forgot to tell you that we can only afford to have one language of spoken dialogue in the game. There are some cost effective methods of achieving this goal, buuuuuut we're going to ask you for more money anyway!" Wink

It's just frusterating to see this kind of stuff happen. Even if we didn't get responses from her in a professional manner, I wouldn't have mind so much if she was doing her job well. Doing community polls on visual esthetics was fine, but beyond that most of the community got sour over the big blunders.

I can't even reasonably contribute the mistakes toward her alone, because there are other people managing this as well. They contributed in the miscommunication just as much as she did. To make a long story short, next time Comcept may want to invest in a better communication team. A team that's more professional. Sweat drop
Mighty No. 26263 GDAvatar's picture

The voice acting was not

The voice acting was not originally part of the plan. They added it on as a post kickstarter stretch goal when the people demanded it, and when it raised only half of the amount they planned for to put voice acting in at all, rather than scrap the idea, they sent out surveys to the backers asking which language they wanted the voice acting to be in, English won.

All of this information was readily available, even people who aren't backers could have seen it, you have no excuse for not knowing it.
Mighty No. 53921 SSS's picture

Voice Acting

Excuse me? Voice acting was -never- promised or mentioned during the kickstarter. We weren't going to get any voice acting at all- the one and only reason we even got ONE language is because the dev team opened up another mini-funding campaign (with doubled as an early release/preorder) since it was the most backer-requested addition- meaning, mind you, that Dina had to be doing her job properly and letting the devs know we wanted voice acting.

What we would get from the mini-funding was never candy-coated, and we weren't promised anything if the goals weren't met since it was a preorder. In the end Comcept didn't even get half of what their goal was (for voice acting in both languages). It was out of tremendous generosity, in my opinion, that they decided to give us one langauge anyway. As for English vs. Japanese, they even left that in the realm of the backers, and you just like everyone else got a chance to influence that decision. If you have anyone to blame for the voice acting being English, it's your fellow Mighty Number Nine fans. Please don't try to spread blame where there is none.

It's not Comcept's nor Dina's fault if people don't read the updates and make wild unsubstantiated assumptions.
Mighty No. 44070 Rupan Sensei's picture


Hey, I expected the programmers/artists to do some old school voice work for cut scenes, but no, I didn't ever expect pros. Some times It's funnier if the non pro's do it, lol. 

We have many classic one liners due to such activity! 

Mighty No. 27516 Trickstar's picture

Just a bit on the Japanese VA part

Just wanted to point out that although a little less than half of the backers wanted Japanese VA. There was indeed an official vote. It was announced and the results tallied that more people wanted VA to be in English over Japanese. There was only enough money for one of those languages.

I dunno what else to say about that. But the vote was fair. I wanted both Languages but we couldn't get 200k.
Mighty No. 39796 SonicX796's picture

Part 2 voices!

1. Seismic definitely sounds like the Hulk...construction edition! 2. Battalion voice really fits the bill, I don't like it...I LOVE IT!! 3. Aviator is not what I had expected he sound a humorous reporter...that sounds kinda like Deadpool. Hilarious! 4. Call sounds exactly what she sounds like.
Mighty No. 47688 Mighty Ray's picture

voice cast...

they're cool enough...
I really thought aviator as, well, archie's air man. but that's creative...
battalion is over the top, and that's awesome!!! RELEASE THE DOGS OF WAR! GREAT!
and call, well I at least see the reason for the monotone voice
I checked the voice actors - and I was pleased to find they're actual professional actors, and not some upstarters! way to go Comcept!