Big News for Mighty No. 9!!

Big news, Mighties,


OK Beckers -- we’ve been working on something big for awhile now, and finally, today, we can finally let the cat out of the bag (this news will be all over soon, but we’re telling you first!): Mighty No. 9 is teaming up with publisher Deep Silver to release Mighty No. 9 this September!!


Why are we so excited about this? Why should you even care?? Wait, is that a DELAY on the release date?!??11


First of all, yes, it is a delay from our original Spring estimate (which, from reading the comments lately, might not come as a surprise to many of you, given we’re in late April already...) But before you despair, please, hear us out first! The reason for the delay, and the reason we are so excited about this new partnership in the first place, is all the cool stuff it will allow us to add to the game (content that all Backers will get absolutely FREE): Added Japanese (yes!) and French voiceovers (in addition to English), FREE for all backers! Extra subtitle languages (Spanish! French! Italian! German! Russian! Polish! Brazilian Portuguese!) FREE for all backers! And best of all: the entire Ray DLC set -- an entire extra level and boss (and playable character) -- FREE for ALL backers!


And that’s just the big bullet points -- this deal also allows us more time and resources for testing, polish, and the creation of physical retail versions (on some systems), and -- very importantly -- won’t affect absolutely any of our Kickstarter plans or rewards. In short, it will make for an even Mightier No. 9, for backers, for us, and for all our fans, worldwide!


We know this is a lot to take in all at once, and we know anytime a Kickstarter ends up with an outside partner some people will be skeptical, so we’ve prepared a short FAQ that goes into a bit more detail about the hows and whys. See if it answers any questions or concerns you have, and if it doesn’t, let us know!


Too much info for ya? Here’s just the need-to-know stuff in handy infographic form:



You can also check out the official press release here for more nitty-gritty details! If the FAQ and press release do not answer your question, feel free to contact us at, subject line "Mighty Publisher Question".


Here's to a bigger, better Mighty No. 9!(`_´)ゞ

- The Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 27374 Hikari Diego's picture

Comcept should launch early

Comcept should launch early for backers in September 9th (9/9). This would be the best date to launch ever.
Mighty No. 1080 Mighty Rockman's picture

That will be an awesome thing

That will be an awesome thing to do for the people that believed in the project from the beginning, a couple of days in advance for backers should be enough in my opinion, but the spoilers and probably Deep Silver are two thing that comes to my mind that probably will not allow it.
Mighty No. 27374 Hikari Diego's picture

I don't think spoilers is a

I don't think spoilers is a major problem. I live in Brazil and Avengers Age of Ultron was released one week before than U.S. They do that in order to movie have good reviews during the official release.
Releasing MN9 to backers a few days before would guarantee some good reviews when the official release.
Mighty No. 36994 Darkwaver's picture


I backed the game and I would still pay full prise for it! Exited Ray is actually a Ray-ality but I didn't expect him to be playable. I'd rather wait for an amazing game, then have a good game earlier.
Mighty No. 48461 megakazi's picture

I was wondering about the

I was wondering about the delay, but now it turned into good news!
Really happy about the japanese voice acting (and I think at least ~48% of the community is too)
Mighty No. 53139 rodger1983's picture

Everyone gets what we Super

Everyone gets what we Super Cool. All the DLC of Mighty No 9 Will be fun to played. I  will enjoy wahcting it anime counter part. All the voiceovers opinions sound good. I so gald this game is not RUSHED  out. To all Mighty No 9 staff Good Job. This Lets me   Keiji Inafune cares about fans. You read everything About Mighty No 9 befor you play. Thank to Comcept staff for all their hard work. Thank You guys all the Artwork upload here.

Mighty No. 59148 popo's picture




Mighty No. 42675 Daikuza's picture

When can we decide which

When can we decide which digital version we want? (PS4,WiiU and so on)


Thank you for Japanese Voices !!Heart

Mighty No. 39701 Miraglyth's picture

Non US delay

--> WHY <-- is the game releasing 3 days later in Europe and other regions, even digitally?

I know there are physical distribution channels but this is not a traditional game and it should be allowed digitally on the Tuesday like it will be in the US.

If this goes ahead, thousands of non US backers eager to enjoy this game to its fullest will have their long anticipated experience spoiled.

This also has business ramifications for YouTube players, some of whom may have backed entirely with the intention of demonstrating the game. Now they will be 3 days late, they will lose a LOT of their audience to US players who might not even have backed the Kickstarter, ergo their investment will be wasted.

PLEASE reconsider this.
Mighty No. 60187 Metazoxan's picture

Well stores may not be happy

Well stores may not be happy if the digital version is avaliable before they have it in stock. I don't know for sure if it's the case but I could see it being an issue. So they might have to releast the digital version with the physical. 
Mighty No. 28428 Jonathan Goldberg's picture

I knew that Comcept would at

I knew that Comcept would at least attempt to implement Japanese voicework into Mighty No. 9. It would have been most unnatural for the game not to have it, as the English language will completely kill the atmosphere and themes of a very Japanese universe.

But now that Japanese voicework is in the cards, us Rockman/Mighty No. 9 fans can treat ourselves to the nostalgia of that "Rockman on Playstation/Saturn" experience, which first became available to us almost 20 years ago.

Being that the Japanese language will be added to the game, justice is now served.

Comcept, Inti Creates and Deep Silver, I thank you kindly.

Mighty No. 41385's picture

I'm a little disappointed....

I'm glad the game is given more time for development and all the things everyone wanted will be i the game. But the dispointing part is that we have wait until September to get the game which is pretty far from now. Also, since I started being a backer for the game, I wanted to get the game on the 3DS despite being a digital copy. But if there are going to be physical copies of Mighty no. 9 for the 3DS, which I know there will be hopefully, then I might as well have it for the PS3, since it's going to be digital only for that system. Hope a survey for that comes around.
Mighty No. 46769 Paladin-08's picture


Thank you Comcept! I will be pre-ordering the Wii U physical copy right away! The game is looking amazing! Take your time and polish Mighty No. 9 as much as you can. 
Mighty No. 1722 Minami Hideki's picture

Legendado em Português-Brasil e Audio em Japonês!

Woohoo! Muito Obrigado por lembrar de nós! Thank you very much to remember about us! \o/ 

Mighty No. 28544 Mário's picture


Excellent news! I like the prices, even more when you consider the discount you'll get in the future for digital and retail versions. They must have considered some collectors (like me) will love to buy more than one physical version of the game. I'll be looking forward to the Wii U, 3DS, PS4 and PS Vita versions (my hopes for retail versions of handhelds are very high now) Smile
Can you imagine how pretty a 3DS/PS Vita box would be? HeartVeeee
Mighty No. 42977 Chronicles's picture


Mr. TheBlueMegaman, sorry to disappoint you, but if I understand the FAQ correctly, Ray is still the boss of the level. Instead, there will be an entirely NEW character, who has yet to be revealed.
Mighty No. 42977 Chronicles's picture

Wait, I'm wrong

Disregard my previous statement on Ray. In my haste, I apparently misread the FAQ and disregard the graphic covering this information. My apologies, especially to anyone who was mislead by what I said.
Mighty No. 26157 Green's picture

Mixed feelings.

I'm excited to play the game, I'm happy to see a real release date and I'm glad physical versions are coming.

I'm a little disappointed that backers only had the chance to buy the Fangamer PC version however.
Mighty No. 27374 Hikari Diego's picture

Great news! Now I can play

Great news! Now I can play with japanese VA (sorry guys, but i think some english voices are horrible) and with portuguese subtitles.
And we can play as Ray too. I'm very happy since I pre-order to back Ray's DLC. Heart