Big News for Mighty No. 9!!

Big news, Mighties,


OK Beckers -- we’ve been working on something big for awhile now, and finally, today, we can finally let the cat out of the bag (this news will be all over soon, but we’re telling you first!): Mighty No. 9 is teaming up with publisher Deep Silver to release Mighty No. 9 this September!!


Why are we so excited about this? Why should you even care?? Wait, is that a DELAY on the release date?!??11


First of all, yes, it is a delay from our original Spring estimate (which, from reading the comments lately, might not come as a surprise to many of you, given we’re in late April already...) But before you despair, please, hear us out first! The reason for the delay, and the reason we are so excited about this new partnership in the first place, is all the cool stuff it will allow us to add to the game (content that all Backers will get absolutely FREE): Added Japanese (yes!) and French voiceovers (in addition to English), FREE for all backers! Extra subtitle languages (Spanish! French! Italian! German! Russian! Polish! Brazilian Portuguese!) FREE for all backers! And best of all: the entire Ray DLC set -- an entire extra level and boss (and playable character) -- FREE for ALL backers!


And that’s just the big bullet points -- this deal also allows us more time and resources for testing, polish, and the creation of physical retail versions (on some systems), and -- very importantly -- won’t affect absolutely any of our Kickstarter plans or rewards. In short, it will make for an even Mightier No. 9, for backers, for us, and for all our fans, worldwide!


We know this is a lot to take in all at once, and we know anytime a Kickstarter ends up with an outside partner some people will be skeptical, so we’ve prepared a short FAQ that goes into a bit more detail about the hows and whys. See if it answers any questions or concerns you have, and if it doesn’t, let us know!


Too much info for ya? Here’s just the need-to-know stuff in handy infographic form:



You can also check out the official press release here for more nitty-gritty details! If the FAQ and press release do not answer your question, feel free to contact us at, subject line "Mighty Publisher Question".


Here's to a bigger, better Mighty No. 9!(`_´)ゞ

- The Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 13541 x_shockersft's picture

Kind of a Nintendo move

When the KS first started I was behind it from the very beginning however I did not like the fact that it was digital only, I'm an old-fashioned cartridge/disc guy, but now there IS a disc coming out and I'll be stuck with a silly download. I don't want a download if I can have a disc but I gotta pay, albeit significantly lower than normal game price, for a game I already paid way more than normal price for? Not cool yo. Also yay, I'm still very excited to play the game in its entirety
Mighty No. 12183 Eric Rinehart's picture

glad to hear it  as  the

glad to hear it  as  the saying goes a rushed game  can be bad  forever but a delay pushed back game means it will be better in the end
Mighty No. 22262's picture

This news is really good, as

This news is really good, as it allows the game to reach even more people, would have been even better if Call was also a completely playable character throughout the game for me (can only find info saying one level for her).
Mighty No. 51497 Dark's picture

I can wait

I supported the KS the second I heard about. I'm very excited for this game and can easily wait a few more months for it to be not only more polished but include a DLC that I really hoped would make it in. Of course no one ever likes waiting but with the amount of things that are happening because of the wait, this is nothing but good news to me!
Mighty No. 42835 NW's picture


That's AWSOME!!!!
September? I can wait.  It's for this game being better,right?
I can wait BLIZZARD, so...of course I can wait you guys .
Mighty No. 896 Jaden's picture

Yes, yes, yes!

Oh my gosh, so much yes!  As a collector of games, hearing that there's going to be a physical release is amazing.  Plus all the other stuff, this totally made my day.  Shame there's a delay, but it's worth the wait.  Keep at it everyone, we're always behind you every step of the way. -^^-
Mighty No. 13248 SeraphimBahamut's picture

For me it sucks, the game had

For me it sucks, the game had everything I wanted already and 5 months is a long delay. Whatever I will wait I have no choice.

My question is what about physical rewards???? I thought they were done? Do we have to wait till september to get those????
Mighty No. 70563 Z3R0_X's picture

Thank you so much!!!

I am very happy with the news! Thank you for adding the dubbing in Japanese and allow switch between them! Thank you for the free DLC for us backers! And also thank you for include subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese!!! =D
It's a bit annoying to have to wait for the release of the game, but sure it will be worth it! ^_^
Mighty No. 29153 Dryden's picture

Change Game Version

Where would we be able to change our game version? I know there was a survey sent a while back just wondering if we wanted to change before the game released how would be the best way of doing that?
Mighty No. 28283 Colonel Clefairy's picture

The survey that was sent out

The survey that was sent out was just to get an idea of what version the backers wanted. The official survey is yet to come, so don't worry. =)
Mighty No. 70591 Yggdrasil's picture

Expected but unexpected

I was still hopping for a release anouncement even this late in the month

But its completely understandable, moreover if its just gonna lead to a better game in the end, just gotta keep on waiting.

Mighty No. 16632 Notserp's picture

With news of this

With news of this announcement is there anyway to downgrade our backer rewards?

I paid for the tier with the digital game loaded on a jump drive in the shape of an NES cartridge. I know that some people paid more money to get the expensive tiers that included physical boxed games.

Now with the knowlege that this game will be sold physically in stores for PS4/X1 consoles, I would much rather get a second digital copy for a second console/device of my choice. 

I feel that the physical coppies might not be as special or "worth" the additional backer funding, especially now that just anyone can walk into the store on day one and pick up their copy. While it's quite possible/probable that us backers will have to wait days/weeks for our physical copies to come in the mail.

I'm happy the game is coming out, and proud to fund it and have my name in the credits. But I can be impatient, and I wouldn't be happy to play it later than someone who didn't have anything to do with supporting this project and just bought their copy on the day of release while I wait.
Mighty No. 15308 Mega Neutrobyte's picture

99% happy

Totally fine with the delay; nice score partnering with Deep Silver; the extra language support, especially the japanese voices getting green-lit will make many happy; the dlc getting done AND it all being gratis to beckers is great; the 1% I'm really not happy with, and would very much like an explanation for is WHY, given the internationality of the beckers and fans, does the the entire world excluding the US have to wait 3 DAYS AFTER the US release to play/buy the game!? WHY can't it be a simultaneous release on 15th September or 18th September?? Bad choice Comcept, not fair... :'(
Mighty No. 67491 Mendinso's picture

I think part of the issue is

I think part of the issue is because of the way most companies release their games. In America, releases (for most things, not just games) come out on Tuesdays, while everywhere else is varies. Nintendo generally doesn't follow this idea, but everyone however does. Plus, Sony's US PSN strictly updates on Tuesdays (sometimes fairly late). It's more of a marketting issue with how each market handles their releases and when they happen. It was probably the case of either releasing first in America or releasing last. Either way, it's only a couple days difference, but there is still a level of it being unfair.
Mighty No. 49704 LVTHN's picture

FREE for all backers! And

FREE for all backers! And best of all: the entire Ray DLC set -- an entire extra level and boss (and playable character) -- FREE for ALL backers!

But the picture below say only the physical release so what about the 60$ tier like my self? Am I also get the dlc?
Mighty No. 51497 Dark's picture


The release at the bottom is talking about the actual game on release. The digital version will be $20 and not include the DLC. The retail is $30 and will. If you're a backer then you're already getting the game + the dlc, especially if you're at the 60 tier.

This is all an assumption but a safe one I believe.
Mighty No. 64912 Cosmic Man's picture

Hold on, it says: "And best

Hold on, it says: "And best of all: the entire Ray DLC set -- an entire extra level and boss (and playable character) -- FREE for ALL backers!" But in the picture below that, it says just people who ordered the physical copies get that... I mean, I can't WAIT for the Ray DLC if that's all I get, and I'm happy with the changes, but are we who only did the $20 tier still getting the extra level and boss?

Either way, I'm very happy with what they're doing, and I bet it'll make MN9 an even better game then it already way!     Heart
Mighty No. 48204 spd12's picture

I'm very happy the deal

I'm very happy the deal involves you guys keeping the IP to Mighty No. 9, which was my biggest worry when seeing the headline.

In any case, glad to see we can expect even more gameplay value with Ray's DLC stage and the announcement of them being playable!

My birthday is earlier in September, so I'm more than happy to accept this as a belated birthday gift.

I look forward to the added layers of polish you'll be able to put on this!
Mighty No. 31986 CobaltGale's picture


First up, I want to say congratulations on teaming up with a developer. With two great companies working on this game, I dont see anything going wrong.

Also, concerning the fact that the game's delayed, I honestly prefer it this way. I'd rather you guys take as long as you need to iron out this game and make it an amazing experience than give us a rushed project that is buggy and glitchy as all heck.

In short, keep up the good work, guys. And remember to stay Mighty!