We understand that a lot of our backers are disappointed with the announcement of the Mighty No. 9 release delay….

Our team and the rest of our partners are working hard to solve the issues with the Online features for Mighty No. 9, however we have not forgotten all of the supporters who got us to this point.

As a result, we want to do what we can to make up for the delay with our second iteration of Mighty Month!




We have a lot in store for our backers for this Mighty Month 2, so let’s go ahead and introduce it all!


As was announced by our fearless leader, Keiji Inafune, during the Mighty Chat at PAX Prime 2015, we are releasing a backer exlcusive Trial Ver. of Mighty No. 9! Anyone who backed Mighty No. 9 is eligible to play this special Trial Ver. which will go live on September 15th and last for one month! We will be sending out codes for the Trial Ver. before the actual release on September 15th.





And that isn’t all! We are bringing back the KimoKimo Cup for another Fan Art Robot Design Contest! Are you ready to take on the Battle Colosseum!?



We will also be bringing back MIGHTV for this month!
Our first video will feature the lead composer on Mighty No. 9, Manami Matsumae, taking on the Mighty No. 9 Challenge Mode! We are editing this first video now and will be releasing it as soon as it is ready! We will have more in store for MIGHTV over the course of Mighty Month 2 as well, so keep an eye out!

That is all for this update! We will have more details regarding the Robot Design Contest in another update!

- The Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 55913 Raven's picture

no beta code

Hi Guys, Not getting any codes here as well. Can the code also work for PS4 or is it for PC only?
Mighty No. 22773 X's picture

No Code yet?

Still haven't recieved my code yet, did something happen? Please I want to try this trial version before its gone!
Mighty No. 21632 DaveB's picture

Will this be PC-only again? I

Will this be PC-only again? I'm a Mac user and intended to download the game for PS4 when it's finally released.