Mighty No. 9 Robot Design Contest Return!!

Hey Mighties!

After the success of the Robot Design Contest we held during last year’s

Mighty Month (which garnered 38,225 views, 1309 comments, and 239 robot entries)
we decided to hold another contest for this year’s Mighty Month 2!


In the world of Mighty No. 9, powerful robots compete with each other, displaying their extraordinary abilities in the ruthless “Battle Colosseum”.
Beck and his siblings, the Mighty Numbers, are only one of the many teams vying for domination in this arena. But what about the other teams? Using the Mighty Beckers’ creative power, let’s all design new robots to enter the arena, and broaden the universe of Mighty No. 9!
Last year’s contest showed us that robots based on countries or areas in the world were especially popular, so this time we decided to base the contest around that theme. We have split the world into 3 different areas, and will be accepting submissions for a different area each week!



Show us what a robot from your hometown or home country would look like! Or show us a robot
designed based on your favorite country in the world!
The Battle Colosseum features Team Battles, so it might be a good idea to work together and design a team that represents your own country!

Once again we will be covering the walls of our office with robot designs that stand-out as the best of the best!
*Please keep in mind that neither Beck nor the Mighty Numbers will fight in the Battle Colosseum in the actual Mighty No. 9 game.

Design Submission Details
 ・For those who want to draw, please design and submit your robot in accordance to the following rules.
 ・For those not confident in their drawing abilities, post any good ideas you have!
   Or if you see an idea you like, please feel free to design a robot from that idea.
 ・Use the feedback you get on submitted designs to polish them into even better pieces!
 ・Please make sure to include any nicknames/Mighty No.s of everyone involved in a particular design.
 ・Image size: 946×669px or larger
    (You can just take a picture of any sketch for submissions as well.
     We plan to print them out on A4 paper and show them to Inafune.
     A format or size that fits on A4 paper works best!)
  ・File type: .jpg, .png
 ・Please do not plagiarise other artists' work.
 ・Please do not take other artists' design and edit without permission from the creator. Credit when neccessary.

 ・Please do not commission or buy designs to use as your entries.
 ・Collabs are okay, and are highly encouraged!
 ・Please do not use any designs that utilize characters from other games or any other type of media or include them in your images when submitting (even as a reference) as we will not be able to post any such designs in our updates.

You will own the rights to your own submitted content. However, if comcept has chosen your design to be re-interpreted, that reinterpretation belongs to comcept. In this way we make it possible to include this design in future installments of the series.Please refrain from submitting your work if this is an issue.
Robot Design Rules
 ・Robots representing countries and states from all over the world meet in the Battle Colosseum.
  Please make sure your design clearly portrays its country/state of origin.
・Please determine the following 4 parameters of your robot.
  These figures should add up to 100 points in total.
  SP Attack.......................25
・ We will start a new thread every week for the area that submissions are open for,
so please post any images or ideas for the robots you have designed!
   09/01(Tue)~09/07(Mon)  Green Area
   09/08(Tue)~09/14(Mon)  Purple Area
   09/15(Tue)~09/21(Mon)  Blue Area
   09/22(Tue)~09/28(Mon)  Worldwide

Design Hints
・Try thinking of contextual ideas: a rival for No. 1, something based off of No. 2, etc.
 ・"Fire + Gun", "Lightning + Chain"... try thinking up combinations of elements and other motifs.
 ・Just like the Mighty Numbers, try thinking up a bunch at the same time in a team!

Well, that should explain everything for this contest. The team is looking forward to seeing what you come up with this time!

-The Mighty No. 9 Team