Release the Might!

Hey Mighties!

The day is finally here! All of our backers should be receiving mails from Humble Bundle regarding their key redemption in the next few minutes.
Everyone's keys should already be available on their Humbe Bundle accounts as well if you just can't wait for the mail!

The release for North America and Asia is today so the keys for those backers are being prioritized and sent out first. 
* Please note that for some platforms there is a bit of time lag between the release of the game in store and the time when the codes become effective. If it doesn’t work right away, please wait a little and try again. This is issue is most likely to occur on PS platforms, and will depend on local store policies.

If you are having trouble locating your Humble Bundle account, the following link can be used to enter your mail address
and have a link to your Humble Bundle account resent to your registered address:

Unfortunately, we do have two pieces of bad news regarding the Mighty No. 9 release.
There were issues regarding the publishing process for the Xbox 360 version of the game, and a certification bug was found in the final round of testing which is delaying the release of that version for several days.

Our team has already re-submitted the build to Deep Silver (and to Microsoft), and we expect it to go gold within a few days if all goes according to plan.
For the backers who chose that platform we are supplying Steam keys so that those users are not left behind on release day. Once the Xbox 360 version is ready for release we will send out those codes to the relevant backers ASAP.

The Mac/Linux Steam builds of the game are also in final testing by Deep Silver. These two versions of the game should be ready within a few days as well. We will keep our backers updated as the situation evolves.

Here is a link to a FAQ with all of this information:

With the game finally releasing to our backers and the public, the entire Mighty No. 9 Team is planning to do 
a livestream on Twitch to coincide with the North American release of the game. 

You can join in on the action by watching the livestream at the following link:

We are planning to start the livestream at 3PM JST (23:00 PST) later today!
Please stop by and join in on the festivities with us!

Have a Mighty release day everyone!(`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 53076 Zeratai's picture

About artbook/ost/manual and other physical items

Where can i get those? About the other physical items, when will you be shipping those?
Mighty No. 62435 Gardian X's picture

Well At Least Sony Has Customer Support

I got fed up of seeing no responses from comcept so I contacted Sony directly and they were able to confirm that my code is legit and will work, but I'll have to wait until the update to the Network's new game/code listings is finished this evening

Sony's more than willing to help and answer questions Beckers and PSN guys, you'll get more info out of them in ten seconds than this entire campaign.

Mighty No. 22974 abenia's picture

Bear in mind that they might

Bear in mind that they might be attending a whole lot of requests today because of the release.
Sony surely has a way bigger team for responding than Concept, and surely is less overwhelmed today. 
So it does not suprise me that they have replied to you earlier.

I did not have an answer today for my issue from Concept, but waited a little and got solved in 1 or 2 hours.

Mighty No. 62435 Gardian X's picture

RE: Response From Comcept

That'd be great if they actually bothered to reply at all during any of my concerns, questions, or anything during the entire campaign. I have not once gotten a response from them despite trying email, forums, twitter and other methods of contact.
At least Sony is reliable and I got a live agent in under ten minutes of wait time on the phone.

A wait time of 2 hours from Comcept? Reasonable.

5-6 weeks of never hearing back?
Mighty No. 62435 Gardian X's picture


PSN is still not accepting the codes.

I really didn't think this game could stumble any more but apparently I was wrong -_-
Mighty No. 68569 Dutch's picture


I got a Steam key despite having filled out both surveys you've sent around as preference for a WiiU key.
Mighty No. 20774 omegadragon's picture

My email says it's for ps4 but it's a steam key

Got the wrong platform keys. I kept redoing the survey's every time they sent it out and I received codes for steam when I should have codes for ps4 please help,
Mighty No. 41430 yymok's picture

Wii U code worked fine

Got no news at the end of 20/6, and when I was starting to worry... off from work, checked my mail and got the game AND the Ray DLC!!!


*p.s. I am playing on a Japanese Wii U and the download code worked fine.
Mighty No. 22974 abenia's picture


I can confirm now that the Ray DLC code is now OK.
Just reload the humble bundle page and voila.

Mighty No. 25580 Vicensept's picture


Just got a new code for the Ray DLC on my humble account that Steam appears to have accepted. Thanks!

Good luck to all you console people. Seriously
Mighty No. 53602 Nickzero's picture

They steal our money

Kenji Inafune has released a statement today : " even if not perfect, is better than nothing " . A phrase that shows poor interest has seemed to have in this game.
Mighty No. 29931's picture

Wrong key?

Same as most, my Ray DLC key didn't seem to give me the correct DLC. 

Also, when will backers be getting the physical rewards? (ie. Box, Manual, and such)
Mighty No. 24208 Kingconway's picture

Hi there, Just letting you

Hi there, Just letting you know, I'm in the same boat as a lot of people where my ray DLC activated under Retro Hero DLC, so I have no Ray DLC as well as the fact I can't find the place to download the artbook, soundtrack and other digital rewards.