Release the Might!

Hey Mighties!

The day is finally here! All of our backers should be receiving mails from Humble Bundle regarding their key redemption in the next few minutes.
Everyone's keys should already be available on their Humbe Bundle accounts as well if you just can't wait for the mail!

The release for North America and Asia is today so the keys for those backers are being prioritized and sent out first. 
* Please note that for some platforms there is a bit of time lag between the release of the game in store and the time when the codes become effective. If it doesn’t work right away, please wait a little and try again. This is issue is most likely to occur on PS platforms, and will depend on local store policies.

If you are having trouble locating your Humble Bundle account, the following link can be used to enter your mail address
and have a link to your Humble Bundle account resent to your registered address:

Unfortunately, we do have two pieces of bad news regarding the Mighty No. 9 release.
There were issues regarding the publishing process for the Xbox 360 version of the game, and a certification bug was found in the final round of testing which is delaying the release of that version for several days.

Our team has already re-submitted the build to Deep Silver (and to Microsoft), and we expect it to go gold within a few days if all goes according to plan.
For the backers who chose that platform we are supplying Steam keys so that those users are not left behind on release day. Once the Xbox 360 version is ready for release we will send out those codes to the relevant backers ASAP.

The Mac/Linux Steam builds of the game are also in final testing by Deep Silver. These two versions of the game should be ready within a few days as well. We will keep our backers updated as the situation evolves.

Here is a link to a FAQ with all of this information:

With the game finally releasing to our backers and the public, the entire Mighty No. 9 Team is planning to do 
a livestream on Twitch to coincide with the North American release of the game. 

You can join in on the action by watching the livestream at the following link:

We are planning to start the livestream at 3PM JST (23:00 PST) later today!
Please stop by and join in on the festivities with us!

Have a Mighty release day everyone!(`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 69636 TastyNerd's picture

Similar Issues

I have the same problem as a few of the people here. The Ray DLC code did not work, it was instead the retro hero DLC code. The rest of the steam codes worked fine. 

On the plus side it seems that the DRM free downloads are connected to the right titles. 

Now all we need is the rest of our physical rewards to be shipped and this will be a finished campaign. 
Mighty No. 69888 LeonardoVS's picture

Wrong key? No release?

My Ray DLC Steam key says I already have it, even if I don't. Repeated key for other DLC? I don't know, 'cause Steam won't show what the key is for...
Also, today is release date... But it's not released yet and I can't even install it on Steam. Activated DLCs could at least appear on my library (remember that demo key realeased for us backers a long long time ago? It's still there...)

Mighty No. 9632 Ismael M's picture


Well the store does show that you can buy MN9 right now and play it but our codes are all invalid, wow...just wow...
Mighty No. 40765's picture

No Game Key

In my humble account I see DLC keys but no key for for the actual game
Mighty No. 40911's picture

I got my steam copy and tried

I got my steam copy and tried to play it with my xbox controller. Not responding. Tried configuring it to work. Allows only keyboard to change commands and nothing else. Still doesn't let the controller work. Won't save the things I change either. I hope they fix this issue soon.
Mighty No. 5376 ZEROmaverick's picture

PSN Code doesn't work

The codes I received for PSN don't work. plus there is nothing available in my humble bundle account to download (no artbook, nor soundtrack....)
Mighty No. 56757 Maldez's picture

PSN codes doesn't work

Having the same problem as some people where I enter the code, but it say that it's wrong or is no longer valid.
Mighty No. 42835 NW's picture


I am an Asian player, I accidentally changes subtitle options, and now I can not change back to the traditional Chinese subtitles.
what should I do?
Mighty No. 58078 MrMSTy's picture

Steam Key

On my Humble Bundle library, I don't see a key for the actual game, let alone any DLC. It says I ordered it under Purchases, but I have nothing in the Keys tab. Is there anything special I have to do, or just wait?
Mighty No. 20460 hotctime's picture

about psn code

you sent me EU  psn code
my psn account  is NA (usa)    not EU  (europe)
so i hope this issue gets fixed
Mighty No. 47688 Mighty Ray's picture

so first of all I got the

so first of all I got the steam key for the game, the game appears on my library, but the play/download button isn't there... is it because I'm in europe?
then when I activated the Ray DLC but it said I activated the Retro Hero DLC. and when I tried to activate that it said I already own the product. does that mean I don't have the Ray DLC? what the hell, and how do I get it?!?

p.s. my nickname is derived from Rayman. any connection to Mighty No. 0 is purely out of the coolness of RAY as a concept
Mighty No. 58460's picture

Do Comcept even care about

Do Comcept even care about Brazil? We couldn't get Azure Striker Gunvolt for free and now we receive a American Code instead of a brazilian. I'll just wait a bit to see if it works because right now I can't redeem anything.
Mighty No. 33629 TomySakazaki's picture

@Mighty No. 58460 - BR PSN

Most of times American PSN codes do work with Brazilian PSN Accounts (and vice versa), the actual problem for now is that the PSN codes sent through Humble Bundle doesn't work at all.
Mighty No. 43518 Nerhain's picture

DLC Codes

Unfortunately I have the same problem with the DLC Codes for Steam, I got 2 Codes for the Retro Hero DLC. I would like to get the Ray DLC afterwards, too.