Q: Are you asking for more funding to complete Mighty No. 9? Is the funding raised in the original Mighty No 9 Kickstarter campaign not enough to complete the video game?
A: The video game we proposed in the Kickstarter campaign last year is going to be completed with all of the funding we received from backers. For this new funding campaign we are looking to add new content to the game that we did not or could not add to the stretch goals during the original funding campaign!


Q: Will pledging now give me access to the exclusive backer rewards from the Kickstarter campaign?
A: No, the exclusive backer rewards like forum access and special in-game content are just that—rewards for our awesome Beckers that supported us in spades during our Kickstarter campaign. Some of the non-exclusive content will be made available for purchase, and we are exploring several options for additional rewards. But one of the most important aspects of this new funding campaign is making sure our backers know that we hold their contribution sacred, and we don’t want this campaign to impact original backer rewards in any way.


Q: At the same time as the new funding announcement I saw a teaser for Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series. Did comcept use Kickstarter funds to produce a Mighty No. 9 cartoon?
A: Absolutely not, the funds from the Kickstarter are going towards the game and all related content our partners are creating for us. The animated series project is a completely separate endeavor; the good people at Digital Frontier took it upon themselves to reach out to us, pursue the idea of an animated series, and generate all of the assets/content seen so far. They’ve been really passionate and amazing, and we’re lucky to have them put their faith in the franchise!


Q: What stretch goals do you have in mind for the new funding campaign?
A: We have a huge list of ideas we’d love to put in the game if funding allows, but we’ve decided to take it slow and incorporating fan feedback into our ongoing campaign. To start with, we’re aiming for full English voice acting in the game!


Q: How does the new stretch goal process work? Is it just like Kickstarter?
A: Right now we have three things available for purchase in the store: pre-orders of Mighty No. 9, beta access to the game (Steam, Windows only) and non-exclusive digital rewards, including the digital retro manual, digital art book/strategy guide and digital soundtrack. Pre-orders will function as just that: pre-order sales. All content besides game pre-orders will go towards the stretch goals in the new funding campaign. For example, the Digital Rewards Tier includes a pre-order of Mighty No. 9 and digital rewards. The sales from the digital rewards will go towards the stretch goals.