Drum roll, please!

The Mighty Community has spoken, and we have heard your Call!


It’s finally time to unveil the winner of the Call Vote, and so, by popular demand, I give you the results of the second Call Vote:


In 3rd place...
Call H! (15.47% of the vote)

In 2nd place...

Call E!! (41.14% of the vote)


And so, the winner of the second and final round of the Call design vote, scoring 43.39% of the votes and thus becoming the basis for our heroine in the final game --

Call F, by Inti Creates’ Yuuji Natsume!!!


(above) Call F, by Yuuji Natsume of developer Inti Creates


Call F exits the Battle Colosseum triumphant, as the people cheer her on!!

We’d like to say thank you to all the Backers who contributed to making this second vote a great success! The battle got heated at times, but the Mighty Numbers stayed strong and campaigned through numerous threads to support their favorite Call! We couldn’t have done it without you, and the goodwill and enthusiasm surrounding this Poll! Thank you, Mighty Beckers!

What’s your take on the vote? Wish to laud the victor? Lament the vanquished? Let us know how you feel in the forums, KS comments section, and on Facebook and Twitter!

In other news, the New Year is almost upon us and we hope you’re ready to welcome it!

While you’ll want to have your eyes on the skies for the New Year’s Eve fireworks, you might want to peep at the forums too on January 1st for a little surprise! (Shhhh…)

-Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Koji Imaeda (Mighty No. 610), Mark (Mighty No. 84),
and the Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 36834 RavenAX's picture

I give in

you know, I had voted for Call E (Pink Call originally) but having a kick as version who can hold her own is much better. So I'm glad F won.
Mighty No. 44549 MegaBamX's picture

Mighty No. 4 is looking good

I have to say I cant wait to see what happens with the core gameplay of this game.
The only reason why i stress it, is because some of the Mighty No.# look like they might be able to change the environment ?? I hope they add some type of exploration with beating him.. Maybe a drill to find hidden parts, or use bulldozer part to grip on (ice) levels. This game has me thinking.
Mighty No. 70703's picture


Well, given that this whole project is giving Capcom the finger by making "Totally Not Megaman", I feel that that's kinda the point.
Mighty No. 71108 PhantomOfNyx's picture

Whooohooo :3

yay :3

I'm Happy F won, However just like most other people here do I also agree on the fact that I don't think the other versions should be scrapped, maybe use them for side characters or etc.

Mighty No. 70790 Zig Ridley's picture


Rejoice Call F fans!
E and H designs are really good on their own right and I believe they shouldn't be scrapped. Like others have said before, I'd love to see them as alternate skins/costumes, maybe outfits for special ocassions/events/cutscenes.
Mighty No. 55806 Krukmeister's picture

So close...

I knew F was going to be the most popular design (mostly just because it looks like Roll), but I still wanted E to win. Well, I can live with it. It'd be nice if Call E would be an optional skin of sorts, because it's such a close second.
Mighty No. 12019 A.V.A.R.I.C.E.'s picture

That was a close... Call

By a little over 2%. I liked the E model of Call. But the majority has spoken. I still feel as her earpeices should match Beck's though, something that links her directly to him visually.

Well... aside from the eyes.

Welcome, Call, to your final iteration.

Mighty No. 13541 x_shockersft's picture


I'm so excited to play this game but I'm more excited and thrilled to see the future of this game. With that videogame company which still owns Mega Man saying it's going to bring back an old IP or something, I'm willing to bet it's Mega Man and they're doing it because they're scared of the momentum MN9 is going to get. Instead they'll rush it and mess it up. I'm happy Comcept has the nuggets to stick it to the man. Strength In Numbers!!!!
Mighty No. 19260 Dollbot's picture

Call E was still great

Don't trash that character design. It's still wonderful. Save her for an NPC or something.
Mighty No. 17516 ancode's picture

I would even say that it

I would even say that it would be cool if they actually save all the other Call designs for NPC characters at some point. it woudl be nice to have all of them, even though if the real call is just this one.
Mighty No. 70356's picture

Man ,why does everyone like

Man ,why does everyone like the uggo ones? So much for enjoying that aspect of the game.
Mighty No. 28245 Muska's picture

not mad about the winner im

not mad about the winner im mad about the pun >: "takes it (c)All" REALLY!!!!

but seriosly i liked all 3 looks here so im happy either way, this was harder then naming my animal crssing town
Mighty No. 46425 Solvi's picture

Congratz to Miss F!

The fight was pretty close, she only won by about 2.25%.  I hope the other designs will be used in the game somehow.  It would be sad if they were all just scrapped.