Mighty No. 9 Product Keys

Hey Mighties!

How is everyone enjoying the game? I know our European backers are still waiting for the game to release, but it is right around the corner!

There were a few small issues regarding the keys that went out yesterday, so we wanted to quickly put out an update to clear that up.
The Humble Bundle team were able to fix an issue in their system where the Retro Hero DLC codes for Steam were being distributed in place of the RAY 'Vermilion Destroyer' DLC codes.
This issue was fixed right before the Steam release went live, and for anyone who had that issue they should have a new key waiting on the Humble Bundle account page.

There were also quite a few backers who reported issues with the PSN codes, and that issue was cleared up once the PSN store finished their update. 
Those codes should have been valid as soon as the game went live on the PSN store at 9AM PDT

We have also seen users who have had problems finding their account on Humble Bundle.
For that and other issues, the following page is useful for clearing up any issues:

Our team and the team at Humble Bundle will be doing our best to clear up any remaining issues!

Enjoy your game, Mighties! (`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 62435 Gardian X's picture

PS3 Framerate

The framerate drops is making certain sections of the game completely unplayable. MN2's Cryosphere level in particular.
The simple sets of jumps near the end of the stage have a framedrop so bad that it's impossible to pass. (I think it has to do with when the stage is loaded because I was able to pass it the first time around with only minor challenges.)
Mighty No. 55793 GaMa's picture

No Keys

I have selected XBox 360 as the platform.  In the email it said I would receive a steam key so I could play on release day.  I didn't receive a key, just a direct download for the demo.  I have tried the resender quite a few times and have not received my key.
Mighty No. 55793 GaMa's picture

Yeah, I know.  But XBox 360

Yeah, I know.  But XBox 360 owners were also suppose to be given a steam key so we could play on release day.  That never happened :(
Mighty No. 59007 Master Beach's picture

Waiting for my WIIU (america)

Waiting for my WIIU (america) game code and rewards from "mighty no. 9 only digital($60 tier)", I only received two Ray and Retro Hero DLC codes (wiiu, america), I´m too a usb tier,  and no have received a mail asking for my adress, we already waited 3 year how much have to still waiting?
Mighty No. 66531 hentaisama's picture

PSN (update)

My codes came in, and got through with a slight problem, had to enter them in twice. First time it took the code then sent me to a blank screen. Hit the x button, it exited me out of the PSN store. Went in again, and entered the code, and it worked just fine the second time. Keep up the patience everyone, and good luck to you all.
Mighty No. 41573's picture

I don't have my Code

Im still waiting on any code, I requested the 3ds version.
Mighty No. 66531 hentaisama's picture

The humble bundle page I have

The humble bundle page I have says the 3DS is coming soon and seeing as the 360 version is labled as coming very soon, I'd wager it has a bit more time then the 360 version. I'm planning on getting the 3DS one as well.
Mighty No. 62435 Gardian X's picture

3DS Launch

From what I could tell, Vita/3DS will be out later than many of the others.
Release groupings
Mac/Linux/3DS/Vita in the 'near future'.
Mighty No. 30190 Vinny's picture

Wrong Version!

Happened a little problem. I asked for the PS4 version but I got the PC version DLC (Steam) and demo on the humble bundle site. Could you take a look, please?   Thanks a lot!
Mighty No. 62435 Gardian X's picture

Framerate Issues

I actually do have a question about the framerate slowdown. Are there any plans for a patch to help with that? Speed running a game that has slow-down seems really counterintuitive.
Mighty No. 66531 hentaisama's picture

I'm willing to guess with the

I'm willing to guess with the problems they are having with the distrobution codes it may be a few days/weeks before they can fully address the framerate issues. I'm not holding my breath, but I have faith they will be fixing it asap. What is your primary system your playing it on?
Mighty No. 19786 monkeydata30's picture

Everything going smooth hear

Everything going smooth hear having fun with the game ,thank you :).for some having trouble you may have to log into humble bundle to claim your codes, like actually log in not just click the email. once i did that all was well
Mighty No. 36004 Edgeitor's picture

still nothing

Did that and still nothing. Just an add on for retro and rey for psn, a golden hero for steam?! (Really?) And nothing more. Thanks for the suggestion anyway, it's more than what I'm getting from the support of either comcept of humble bundle.
Mighty No. 38651 Zel's picture

Product Keys?

I'm in the same boat as those who only have their demo copy and the Golden Beck DLC on Humble Bundle.  I chose the PS4 version as my primary version, and received a Steam key for the Golden Beck DLC, but have yet to receive any codes to download the actual game (from either Steam or PSN.)
Mighty No. 25580 Vicensept's picture

A Generous Backer

Same here, man. Definitely remember that survey

I know it doesn't mean much being one out of 70,000+, but it was yet another dash of salt to watch my nameless number go by.
Mighty No. 32218 Darion Mayfair's picture

Still no keys

Still waiting for the Steam Keys. Maybe I'll only get my Xbox 360 Key instead and not supose to have the Steam one? I don't even have access to the game yet. One big let down after the other.
Mighty No. 6654 andycruize's picture

Love this game

To be honest I really love this game, good work guys. I hope this game have a huge success (i dont care with People Who hate this game Just because the game had long delayed or not what they expected) i wish this game will get next chapter. Will always supporting u guys.
Mighty No. 45514 TheOmegaForce70941's picture

Got the DLC, but not the game

Got the DLC, but not the game. Inafune I trused you to be able to handle this kickstarter to a somewhat profetional level. But you've just gotten worse and worse for everything you've done 
Mighty No. 27895 /Mantis/'s picture

So I'm probably just adding

So I'm probably just adding another problem to the query, however I only have access to the demo within humble bundle and not the actual 20$ tier game. Hope for the best, wish you guys success.
Mighty No. 15104 Naxster's picture

Backer Credit.

So I waited in the credits just to see my name as "A Generous Backer." Yes, I filled out the survey... Thanks, guys.

PS.  I didn't get the digital Art Book.
Mighty No. 48865's picture

Missing Ray codes

I am missing the Ray code for my game. I did the $120 tier and I never got the Ray Code. Per this FAQ http://www.mightyno9.com/en/faq6 I should have it. Humble Bunde and Comcept have not replied to me about it. I feel everyone should be getting these DLC for free at this point. I mean a gesture like that seems reasonable considering the issues most people are having.
Mighty No. 58572 AxlRocks's picture

Great Job, Comcept

I backed at 80 and I'm missing the MegaXel DLC and the Digital Manual, Digital Artbook, and Digital OST. Did Comcept reply to my email? No, of course not. I'm completely sick of their non-answer news crap like this which is literally a worthless statement ignorant to everyone's problems. I'm not going to quit complaining until this is sorted out and they will not quit getting emails from me either.
Mighty No. 49057 RawDerps's picture

No steam code

I have the Deep Silver demo, but not the actual game in the humble bundle. Are they not ready yet? I have the golden hero DLC for steam, but not the actual steam game, so I am not able to use the key. Please help me correct this issue. It would mean a lot.
Mighty No. 55326 Shiro's picture

Same Boat

I'm in the same boat, I've already emailed both parties.  Only have the Golden Hero, no Ray dlc, no game, nothing.  Worse was that my steam library said I had the game time from when I played the beta and it had the "Purchase" option instead of install or anything to add fuel to that fire.  Until then, I sit patiently waiting for a chance to play the game.