Mighty No. 9 Product Keys

Hey Mighties!

How is everyone enjoying the game? I know our European backers are still waiting for the game to release, but it is right around the corner!

There were a few small issues regarding the keys that went out yesterday, so we wanted to quickly put out an update to clear that up.
The Humble Bundle team were able to fix an issue in their system where the Retro Hero DLC codes for Steam were being distributed in place of the RAY 'Vermilion Destroyer' DLC codes.
This issue was fixed right before the Steam release went live, and for anyone who had that issue they should have a new key waiting on the Humble Bundle account page.

There were also quite a few backers who reported issues with the PSN codes, and that issue was cleared up once the PSN store finished their update. 
Those codes should have been valid as soon as the game went live on the PSN store at 9AM PDT

We have also seen users who have had problems finding their account on Humble Bundle.
For that and other issues, the following page is useful for clearing up any issues:

Our team and the team at Humble Bundle will be doing our best to clear up any remaining issues!

Enjoy your game, Mighties! (`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 34376 Tonithetower's picture

Wrong region code

Asked for a Japan PSN code got a US instead (I have no US account) I still haven't redeemed the code.

Wrote you email several times but still no aswer. What is happening?
Mighty No. 30819 Mad_Cartoonist's picture

Code's Region

Please also check the group who got the wrong PSN Region Code.
I specifically asked for a US Code, but I got an Asian Code.

Essentially at this point, we're not really different from those who haven't received anything just yet.
Mighty No. 56287 Rednavi's picture

I really hope you guys are

I really hope you guys are acknowledging the people who got TWO copies of the game instead of ONE + all the preorder and backer DLCs?

I pledged far more than enough to get a steam key for the game + all the preorder and backer exclusive DLC. The only things I got instead are TWO copies of the BASE game with NO DLC whatsoever! Why would you even send me two of the same game to begin with? And where's ALL of my DLCs?

Contacted humble bundle, they have yet to respond but even then they'll send me back to you anyway.

Contacted comcept, they have yet to reply to me.

What am I supposed to do at this time? I'm about to gather the rest of the people with a similar situation and talk to the gaming press and social media about this. It's ridiculous how people who literally purchased the game yesterday has access to more content than I who paid for this 3 years in advance.

I'm giving it a day before all of this explodes even more. All I want is to play the damn game with the content I'm entitled to.


Mighty No. 5969 ZAON's picture

360 version

I still only got  demo on the humble bundle site. Where's the steam code for 360 platform chooser ?
Mighty No. 11364 MN. 11364's picture

My Golden Beck code was for

My Golden Beck code was for steam but I had picked PS4 as my platform of choice. All other codes were for PS4 except for Golden Beck.
Mighty No. 62435 Gardian X's picture


Like Mighty No. 66531, I too am still just getting "an error occurred" message.
Contacted comcept via email, contacted humblebundle and Sony.
Humblebundle has said it can take up to 2 days for their response, which at least is something.
Sony helped to the best they could.
*Update* Finally got the code to work -_- 25 hours after getting the code.
Mighty No. 62435 Gardian X's picture

MN9 The Game

The game does do a number of things right that I've noticed to be fair. But there are a few things that really hurt it.
Framerate dips. Beck and his almost pixelated appearance at points. And lastly: the flat expressions.

Overall, the game is far from a total disaster, but I can't say I'm going to be able to sing praises to Beck and Call tonight either. Speaking of tonight... Goodnight. I need sleep.

Can judge the game more fairly after a long sleep.

Mighty No. 52005 Mizuhiro's picture

I have nothing but a demo on

I have nothing but a demo on the humble bundle site. Wanna fix this so I can get my game please? I payed up 3 years ago and nothing.
Mighty No. 45924 MT's picture


I've still yet to get a Steam code. All I see on the Humble Bundle site is the demo, and i've done the resender link a few times.
Mighty No. 66531 hentaisama's picture


Again, still getting "an error occurred" message on my end, also haven't even got a "thanks for sending us a question, we'll get right on it" bot message to even let me think they are "getting on it".