Hey Mighties!

We are back with the second week of this year's KIMOKIMO CUP,
and we will be taking submissions for the Blue Area this time!


Just in case you need a reminder, here are all of the submission and guidelines for the contest!


Design Submission Details
 ・For those who want to draw, please design and submit your robot in accordance to the following rules.
 ・For those not confident in their drawing abilities, post any good ideas you have!
   Or if you see an idea you like, please feel free to design a robot from that idea.
 ・Use the feedback you get on submitted designs to polish them into even better pieces!
 ・Please make sure to include any nicknames/Mighty No.s of everyone involved in a particular design.
 ・Image size: 946×669px or larger
    (You can just take a picture of any sketch for submissions as well.
     We plan to print them out on A4 paper and show them to Inafune.
     A format or size that fits on A4 paper works best!)
  ・File type: .jpg, .png
 ・Please do not plagiarise other artists' work.
 ・Please do not take other artists' design and edit without permission from the creator. Credit when neccessary.

 ・Please do not commission or buy designs to use as your entries.
 ・Collabs are okay, and are highly encouraged!
 ・Please do not use any designs that utilize characters from other games or any other type of media or include them in your images when submitting (even as a reference) as we will not be able to post any such designs in our updates.

You will own the rights to your own submitted content. However, if comcept has chosen your design to be re-interpreted, that reinterpretation belongs to comcept. In this way we make it possible to include this design in future installments of the series.Please refrain from submitting your work if this is an issue.
Robot Design Rules
 ・Robots representing countries and states from all over the world meet in the Battle Colosseum.
  Please make sure your design clearly portrays its country/state of origin.
・Please determine the following 4 parameters of your robot.
  These figures should add up to 100 points in total.
  SP Attack.......................25
・ We will start a new thread every week for the area that submissions are open for,
so please post any images or ideas for the robots you have designed!

Finally, we know that all of our fans are looking forward to the Special Demo Version we are preparing, and we just ask that you be a little more patient. The team is working on it, but some issues popped up regarding the distribution method so there is a good chance it will not be ready to launch by the 15th. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.
As soon as we have more info, we will let everyone know immediately.
Now then... let's get those creative juices flowing Mighties!


Mighty No. 42835 NW's picture

That's OK

I can wait.
I want to have something good,better than something quick but has bug everywhere.
Mighty No. 5308 Cold Machine's picture

For some reason, I don't feel

For some reason, I don't feel incredibly burned by this. I only backed it at the $20 tier (thank goodness), I have plenty of other games to play (and Metal Gear Online is coming soon), and we're still getting the game in 2016 (right?) It's not like they were out to screw us from the get go—things do happen. Things can snowball. I'm just disappointed with how this has all been handled from a PR standpoint. I feel sorry for the QA team and whoever else actually has the brunt of the work of meeting these apparently unrealistic deadlines.
Mighty No. 13027 Nicotine's picture

is there a way to get our money back?

$321 on lies and broken promises.

do we have any recourse at all at this point???

inafune, you set out to not be what capcom had become - instead, you are worse than capcom. At least we know capcom is a disapointment.... We HAD faith in you.
Mighty No. 4610 Imagio (bnmotive)'s picture

Going to Capcom

I've been going back to Capcom recently, their fantastic community reps are always communicating with their users and always have something good to share.

I only came here to share this information because Capcom is getting better.

oh, by the way? I talked to one of your marketing assistants at San Diego Comic Con this year, for those who want to know about your copies of the game, I was told that you are freaking out trying to figure out how to debug and distribute all the copies of all the platforms you plan to release, hence why you aren’t getting anything out the door yet.

The poor man looked stressed, tired and incredibly pissed off, even more now since he said that he had no interest in a game that is not even finished ( he was referring to red ash) so he didn’t even wanted to talk about it.

Inafune, you've lost all respect from everyone and I doubt anyone even wants to work for your company now.

god speed man, god speed. 

Mighty No. 19971 Cyber Angel's picture

Explain or Game

I have yet to receive my demo either.  I would either like my demo or I would like an honest, transparent answer as to what has been happening to cause all of these delays.
Mighty No. 28988 pomidor rolo's picture

SHAME ON YOU, Inafune! You

SHAME ON YOU, Inafune! You was one of my favorite game designers, but NOW... Hey, maybe you put all our's money into Re: Core, huh? So, you and your Concept MUST apologise to us, your (maybe ex) fans and send to us codes to the end of the month NOT ONLY for PC, but for ALL console systems for them your (not so pretty) game was annonced! Some kind of multiply code! One for each backer, and for all system for choose, maybe ONE FOR ALL SYSTEMS!!! And this demo must not be deleated through the month, it will be on my consoles FOREVER! And if NO, man, - bring BACK OUR MONEY, LIARS!!!
Mighty No. 25594 Sung Jo's picture

I want my money back

Backing this game was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. Fuck you Inafune. Fuck you comcept. Give me my money back. The game graphic looks like a android game. I really want to see how Inafune spent their 4million dollers.
Mighty No. 13440 TechnoWolf 2.0's picture

I thought the game was 99

I thought the game was 99.9999% complete and only some bugs in the online mode subsisted...

... so you guys lied to us ?

What else did you lie to us about ?
Mighty No. 35309 Dragonus45's picture

Hey I just wanted to thank

Hey I just wanted to thank you for slipping in the news of the delay at the end of an unrelated new update. That is totally mature of you. I'm done with you, I only wish it was early enouhg for me to be able to chargeback on this crap.
Mighty No. 13027 Nicotine's picture

If only I can get a refund...

I put my full faith into comcept and Inafune. With all the addons, usb addons, my $250 tier cost way over $300.... When you have people making your startup company successful and putting that much faith and trust in you to front huge money - this is not how you thank them. Comcept got greedy. They thought red ash would be the next MN9 or Bloodstained level success. Instead, they burnt the ass of their die hard trusting fans. I would NEVER back another Comcept project ever again.

Instead of being upfront with it's own post, you sneak it into the very bottom of a fair sized post hoping maybe it would slip on by without much noise being made.

There is no trust anymore. Those bridges have been burned time and time again. When your fans are the reason for your out of the gate success, the reason you were able to produce your companies dreams - then burn them, lie to them, be sneaky - it says a lot.

To me, it says that Comcept is not a company that will be getting any more of my money. Sorry - I was insane excited about the MN9 announcement. I upped my pledge numerous times during the kickstarter campaign. I told everyone I knew...

Now? I regret it all.

For those that say "Well, i'd rather have a great game than a buggy one" - yeah, I agree! BUT - red ash took away focus from a project that was in full swing. Their greed is their undoing. They should have made good on their promises first and then, with us still having faith in them, launched red ash. with faith lost from those fans that made you what you are, of course you're going to be a failure and ruin the image you've built for yourselves. I didn't touch red ash with a single dollar because of the lies, tricky crap like this (hiding the announcement buried at the bottom of a huge contest announcement), and lack of delivery.  Why would I put up MORE money when the first project has not even been delivered/finished?

Inafune, you should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone talks about greed from Capcom, yet here we are - just like mega man - disapointed fans and greed from a company that doesn't give a sh1t about it's fans. Comcept is NO better than Capcom at this point. Both are huge let downs.
Mighty No. 40591 LicoriceRabbot's picture

Demo Issue

Are the people at Comcept going to aknowledge that they horribly botched the release of a demo and made it even harder for backers to have faith in them? The game still looks good, but the constant problems you guys seem to have dealing with distributing your demo and interacting with customers is really worrying. The least you guys could do is make a proper update admitting you messed up and clarifying exactly what's gone wrong.
Mighty No. 12369 X's picture


I do hope that Comcept can figure things out soon. Even sending a private download link for the trial via e-mail to backers in waves at a time would be a pretty quick fix. I will still support Inafune-san and Comcept fully and I can't wait to finally play the full version of Mighty No. 9!  Smile Mighty salute
Mighty No. 16489 itos's picture

Where is the demo? I will not

Where is the demo? I will not support anything that Comcept does from now on. This is starting to be joke...
Mighty No. 27083 Jaime's picture

Again with being sneaky

Stop being sneaky. Tell us the truth. We believed in you, our money and faith went to you. I've emailed you many, many, many times about what to do since I was an idiot and I bought 3 digital copies. And still no answer. You're just avoiding us. You guys have lost yet more backers. I thought Comcept was different, it turns out they just used us to create buzz and abandon the project and move on to other things.

Thanks for killing my faith and my trust. Shame on you.
Mighty No. 25462 Drascoll99's picture


So how do you get ahold of Customer Service around Here? I tried to send an e-mail to several times but no response.

I need to change the e-mail adress associated with this account. I'm worried I will never get a copy of the game I backed because it's associated with a dead e-mail adress.

Also the Game is delayed and apparently the Demo has even been delayed? Oh boy!

Mighty No. 34487 Mega.EXE's picture

What are you going to do for all this?

So you barely tell us this is happening, then you delay a DEMO even further? You do realize the more you make constant minor screw ups, the more we lose interest? I forgot all about Mighty No. 9 because of all this. I'd probably play it at this point if I was bored. Comcept, you're going to really need to pull something to win at least THE BACKERS back. We funded you for all this, and we are getting the absolute worst treatment. Poor decisions by a company that we put so much faith into.
Mighty No. 19089 cleber_thiago's picture

So, I didn't want to flood

So, I didn't want to flood here, but this is how you say you're transparent with the backers?! The game got delayed, but you promissed a (time-limit) demo for today but instead of being honest with us (like you were when everybody knew the game got delayed for 2016, but you denied it until last moment?!) you don't give any satisfaction for the backers and put just a small note in a post which has no conexion with the real problem!?

You guys are doing terrible wrong in how to manage the comunication... I regret the day I got excited and decided to back this... I honestly hope all disappointment get at least 10% recompensed in the end...

And how do you explain this?!
Posted on September 11th...

Totally disappointment.

Mighty No. 59359 Roc's picture

Okay, question: why sneak the

Okay, question: why sneak the notice about the Trial delay (which, surprisingly, I expected) at the bottom of a page that not every backer is going to read, rather than making a different post informing us straight on? At least make it more blatant - I read through this page expecting it all to be about the design competition and I wasn't even remotely expecting it to turn into that notice.