Mighty No. 9 Product Keys

Hey Mighties!

How is everyone enjoying the game? I know our European backers are still waiting for the game to release, but it is right around the corner!

There were a few small issues regarding the keys that went out yesterday, so we wanted to quickly put out an update to clear that up.
The Humble Bundle team were able to fix an issue in their system where the Retro Hero DLC codes for Steam were being distributed in place of the RAY 'Vermilion Destroyer' DLC codes.
This issue was fixed right before the Steam release went live, and for anyone who had that issue they should have a new key waiting on the Humble Bundle account page.

There were also quite a few backers who reported issues with the PSN codes, and that issue was cleared up once the PSN store finished their update. 
Those codes should have been valid as soon as the game went live on the PSN store at 9AM PDT

We have also seen users who have had problems finding their account on Humble Bundle.
For that and other issues, the following page is useful for clearing up any issues:

Our team and the team at Humble Bundle will be doing our best to clear up any remaining issues!

Enjoy your game, Mighties! (`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 51610 Machew's picture

60 Dollar backer with nothing so far?

Backed $60 and still wainting for anything. Steam hasn't shown any signs of life and nor has my mailbox.  Can't seem to get the contact button to do anything either.  Anyone having this issue?
Mighty No. 42711 Arcmage's picture

60 dollar backer

Apparently last post didn't save, but anyways backed 60 bucks and still waiting for codes for 3ds, have yet to get anything except art book and instruction manual. Whats going on here?
Mighty No. 42711 Arcmage's picture

Still waiting on 3ds codes I

Still waiting on 3ds codes I backed 60 dollars, and still only have art book and instruction manual on humble bundle. Whats um going on with the rest of my stuff?
Mighty No. 14151 Ev0's picture

Still waiting on 3DS

I'm the same and I've not got the art book or the instruction manual!
I've logged into my Humble Bundle but nothing has come up. When did it show up for you?
Mighty No. 13386 JCMAC3's picture

Missing Keys

My "Mighty No. 9 - Ray and Retro Hero DLC WiiU" product key doesn't work. Either that, or there is a special way to play as Ray that is not obvious when I load the game.
Mighty No. 24069's picture

Save files disappearing, crashes

So, how am I enjoying Mighty No. 9, you asked? Not very much so far. After installing the game via Humble Bundle, I was immediately met with an error about x3daudio1_7.dll missing when I tried to run it. I eventually installed a runtime package from Microsoft to fix that issue. Next, instead of that error, the game would simply crash, with a message saying the program had stopped responding (before anything actually opened). Fortunately, some people on the Steam community also encountered this and found a workaround, which I was able to get to work for me too.

So, after all this, I finally get the game to open and run. It starts windowed at a smaller resolution, so I try to go into settings to make it full screen. I discover trying to make any changes to the settings immediately crashes the game. At one point my computer got a blue screen of death and I was forced to restart.

Okay, I figure, I've had it with messing around and I am just going to try and play the freaking game, windowed or not. I play the first level through, actually having a pretty decent time with it (I've been hearing plenty of negative criticism of the gameplay), so I'm having some fun and things seem to be going okay. I get to the menu after the first level but, perhaps it's all the trouble I've already had, I don't quite trust the stability of the game yet. I quit to the main menu and reload my save - no problems. I exit the program completely and ... my save has vanished. GAH! And I'm not the only one having this issue either now that I look online for it.

If I were a Mega Man sprite I'd be cradling an arm and breathing real heavy from all the mental damage and annoyance this has all caused me over the last several hours. I can't remember ever having this much trouble getting a game to run properly. I've managed to get obscure, 20+ year old games working easier than this.

First time I've posted anything here too; I've been waiting patiently for this game and I haven't been wanting to complain, but this is just getting ridiculous. Also, I don't have access to the retro manual, art book or soundtrack downloads on Humble Bundle yet - I can wait and I'm not super concerned, but that's just another annoyance. Yes, I've tried the resender.

UPDATE: I originally posted this message Wednesday evening. On Thursday I heard from someone having the same problem as me, save files going missing upon closing the game, that running the game as an administrator fixes this issue. Doing so has fixed the issue for me and I have been able to play the game without any further serious problems. Last I tried, trying to change any of the game settings still causes the game to crash, so I'm just stuck playing it windowed - I'd prefer playing fullscreen and at my monitor's native resolution, but oh well. I've gone through quite a bit of the game now and have overall been enjoying it. It's certainly not perfect, but it is genuinely pretty fun. My Humble Bundle has allowed me access to the art book and strategy guide; still waiting on the manual and soundtrack.
Mighty No. 70785 Mike's picture

WTF after all this waiting still issues? Come on.

Paid $20 no keys what so ever, I want my 3DS code. Havn't recieved shit.

But hey I get the flipping "DEMO" from humble bundle.
Mighty No. 36188 GreenGrappler's picture


I opted back in to the survey, emailed Comcept twice, and still never received any of the surveys last month. So no suprise, I apparently defaulted to getting a Steam key. I DO NOT WANT A STEAM KEY. I don't have a functioning personal computer right now, I don't use Steam anyway. I backed this game to play it on PS3, not Steam. I will not be using the Steam key you gave me. I want the PS3 code I paid for three years ago.  
Mighty No. 47818 Nechigawara's picture

Wrong Region?

I received Asian PSN codes instead of JP codes, but I'm sure I said that my account was US in the survey.

I don't think I can redeem them with my JP PSN account...? I haven't redeemed the codes from HumbleBundle, can I get JP/US codes instead? :/
Mighty No. 20774 omegadragon's picture

What about people who got the wrong platform codes ?

What about people who filled out the platform survey every time and ended up getting codes for steam instead of codes for ps4? I contacted humble bundle and they told me to contact the mighty number 9 email and they haven't gotten back to me. I included screen shots of my mighty number and the steam keys and I haven't heard anything since launch day ..
Mighty No. 45827 Axlyted's picture

not even mentioned my name in the credits :(

ahh that's not cool. I even used the forums and yet my name wasn't included in the credits :(

I'm so depressed right now
Mighty No. 45827 Axlyted's picture

not even mentioned my name in the credits :(

ahh that's not cool. I even used the forums and yet my name wasn't included in the credits :(

I'm so depressed right now
Mighty No. 42634 Ethereal Vision's picture

I have not received my Steam

I have not received my Steam key.  I can do a direct download but that's it.  I also have no indication that I get my extra content.
Mighty No. 56288 NK's picture

Wish I could play it..

Still have not received my PS4 code for the game yet or for the DLC. I would really like to play it here's hoping I can play it some time this year. 
Mighty No. 35405 RyanNotorious's picture

Nintendo ftw

Got my Wii U copy no issues. Love the game so far, have yet to beat a level , this game is really challenging and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks!
Mighty No. 38545 GarGoy's picture

PSN code wrong zone!!!

Asked for a Japan PSN code got a PSN (Asia) instead  I still redeemed the code but not still receive PSN (Asia) code
Mighty No. 9332 Mighty No. 9332's picture

$99 level tier here

Have not received any thing from this except for a golden beck key, and not even a shirt that's supposed to be sent to me. sigh, I'm still hopeful for this game. just hoping to play the damn thing at least
Mighty No. 60408 Psych0's picture

PSN key

I got two different codes and none of them work for my PSN, it says code invalid or expired. Humble bundle doesn't send me anything when I click to resend code, in summary I still without the game to play.
Mighty No. 66531 hentaisama's picture

3DS key

I got the PS4 and on the page with my Keys it says the 3DS is coming soon, and the 360 version is coming very soon so I bet the 3DS is gonna be a bit late to the party. hope that helps at least a little, I'm planning on getting the 3DS version myself when it becomes available.