On Cloud (No.) 9: Post-PAX catch-up, Beck Transformations and Backer participation!

Good day (and a Mighty Month) to you all, Mighties!

Our month-long celebration continues with our first September update! 9/9 is a big deal to us, so we turn to our director Koji Imaeda to take the stage and start off our Mighty Month right!

Getting Fired Up at PAX 

Imaeda: Hi backers, how’s it going? We hope you’re having fun with the beta! From the current state of gameplay to the Online Race Battle test video, to starting up our backer beta testing, our PAX panel was chock-full of new info. If you haven’t checked them out already, take a look!

 If you missed the PAX panel itself, you can watch it here: http://www.twitch.tv/pax2/c/5059023 

Looking at the post-PAX response, I was taken aback by all the people enjoying both the videos and the beta tests. Of course everyone on the team is going on all cylinders to make headway on development, but seeing all of your responses to getting your hands on the build is the best motivation we could ask for! We’ve already gotten boatloads of feedback on the beta, too, which we’re quite grateful for. We’ll use your opinions and impressions to make the game even better, so keep sending them our way!

Speaking of the beta, we’ve had a massive influx of emails since our launch last week, so we assembled a small FAQ to address the major questions:

Q. I backed the Kickstarter, why haven't I gotten my beta code yet? 

A. More than likely, the email message with your code got bounced back. We've been receiving bounced emails in the THOUSANDS, and we're trying to get those codes back out to people as they email us about their codes.

We're also getting emails from a lot of backers under the $80 beta access reward tier. Please remember that beta access is for Kickstarter campaign backers at the $80 tier level at above, so unless you backed at that level or recently upgraded you are not eligible to participate.

Q. I upgraded my pledge to [$80+] via the Fangamer survey, am I eligible for the current beta?

A. Yes, you are! On top of addressing backers who haven’t received codes yet, we're getting out new beta codes to upgraded Kickstarter backers on a rolling basis, so please be patient!


What’s more, we also talked about both Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mighty Gunvolt, the crossover game starring the protagonists of Mighty No. 9 and Gunvolt!

And what’s this!? To commemorate the release of the beta and these two titles, Inti Creates designer Yuji Natsume made us this incredible crossover illustration!


 It’s a costume swap of our heroine Call and the character Lumen from Gunvolt! Both of them look great to me. Thanks again, Natsume-san!

Now then, as for our monthly development update, we… w-well, to be honest, we’re a bit tapped out after spilling our proverbial guts at PAX, so there’s not a lot of new info to go around. Hmm, let’s see… oh I know, how about these designs!?

Beck Decked Out in Mighty Transformations! 

We showed off a few of Beck’s transformations in the gameplay video, did you guys see them?


 This design’s already out there: No. 2’s power lets Beck freeze enemies in their tracks.


 Repel attacks, get in close and cleave the enemy in two with No. 7’s sword!


 And for No. 1’s power, he… wait, he blows himself up!?

Through his battles with the Mighty Numbers, Beck can absorb their Xel and “learn” their abilities. Learning how to use enemy abilities is certainly a basic part of the game system; but on top of that, Beck’s growth from learning abilities from other robots is an essential part of the story as well. Keeping that in mind while playing around with the Mighty Numbers abilities will let you experience Mighty No. 9 on a whole different level!

Call Weapon Survey is GO! 

We’re still sorting to the enemy design contest entries, and we’re THRILLED at the response we’re getting to the Mighty Month robot design forum event, KIMO KIMO Cup… now on top of that, we’ve got one more thing for all of you to sink your teeth into. Next up is Call’s weapon design, and we want to hear what you’ve got to say! 

The reason we didn’t show Call fighting in this gameplay video was simply because her weapon hasn’t been made… to go into more detail, let’s open the floor to Call’s creator and head honcho of SANDA Technology, Dr. Sanda!


Each weapon has its own appeal, doesn’t it? 
Just like with the Support Character survey, we’ll be sending this one via email. We look forward to your responses!

 ・Deadline: Wednesday, September 17th @ 12:00am PST
 ・Format: Email Survey

P.S. If you're on SurveyMonkey's opt-out list, please opt-in here to get your email. If you still haven't gotten an email by the end of Friday, September 12th, you can email backerpoll@comcept.jp, subject "Missing Call Weapon Vote Email" and we will try to get you squared away ASAP!

It’s time for Call to enter the fray, guns ablazin! What’s more, it’s also about time to start telling us (and everyone else!) your weapon of choice, so get at us in all the usual channels! You know what I’m talking about: here in the comments, back on the forums, on twitter, or our official Facebook page!

Keep it up, everyone, Mighty Month’s only just begun!(`_´)ゞ

-Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Koji Imaeda (Mighty No. 610), and the Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 37856 Crimson's picture

The bow.....

Before I even saw the options I thought bow.... and I still picked bow. But the bow in this artwork is kinda ugly. I would love an amazing cool looking bow.... please?
Mighty No. 26510 Miden's picture

I want to play T_T

I really want to play Azure Striker Gunvolt, but i can't because of the stupid region lock that nintendo love to put us into it.... Seriously -_-
Mighty No. 69484 Eyz's picture

Voted for the bow. I was

Voted for the bow. I was going to go for 1 or 2, but the bow is a really fun different and unique idea for a "robot's" weapon! Love it!^^
Mighty No. 66348 Gilded's picture

They're all so good!

They're all so good!

It's a tough choice for me between A C and D, because I'm a sucker for references.
Mighty No. 10876 Amani, Who Else?'s picture

C seems like the most

C seems like the most interesting option simply because design-wise it's not a regular, boring looking bow. It could probably transform into different modes, like a melee form, a drill form maybe. 

As for boss power-ups, different arrow types a-la Zelda seems like it'd make the most sense (Fire ammo from No.1, Thunder ammo from 3, etc.). Maybe new bow transformations from the non-elemental bosses?
Mighty No. 47088 DroutKaiser's picture

hmm i have to say out of all

hmm i have to say out of all the options, C is the one for her in my honest opinion.

the reasons to it:

- A: it looks like a hair dryer and is gun which is a generic thing in the gaming world.
- B: another gun that looks like Ulala's gun from Space Channel 5.
- C: This one is a bow which makes it different than the rest. also if they want to they could make the Bow transform into a close combat weapon like blade. also possible homing shots.
- D: yet another gun that looks not only like the one gunvolt its using but as well kinda like Axl's gun from the MMX series sort of speak.

I think visually speaking the Bow makes more sense for been different and there is a possibility of making it into a melee weapon for close combat which is a rare thing. If she is gonna use a gun then might as well be a buster since there not that different except on the look.

Also if the end results turns out to be any of the 3 guns then might as well make them transform differently whenever she gains the power of the bosses. but then again it might turn like Axl's gun from the MMX series, whenever he gets the power of the maverick bosses his gun changes shape and element.

my option is definitely C for the possibilities.
Mighty No. 11733 2Phan's picture

I was initially going to

I was initially going to choose B, because it really matched the jetpack, but eventually chose C, because we need more heroines being badass with bows <:

I like A too but liked B more, and D was cool too, but I like Call developing her own identity and uniqueness, rather than "hey, look, it's that guy's pistol thing" (: They're all great weapons though, and I'm excited to see which one will be picked.Cool
Mighty No. 59165 Pedronian's picture

well i kinda want other weapons

for close combat like staff or hammer

I like the how MX4 used 2 differnt type of character with 2 differnt fighting style
Mighty No. 12183 Eric Rinehart's picture

i went with a bow cause  

i went with a bow cause   there have been busters and gun  type characters Axel nice to see a different  weapon style besides   busters and guns also there are more possibilities uses for the bow like explosive shots that can clear   rubble to get that special item behind that wall or  can use  the bow to shot at  certain locations  where u can use the bow as grappling hook style     so  call can get to high places if she cant jump that high  just some ideas of different ways a bow type weapon can be a fresh  change   for  anything we seen in a megaman/spiritual successor  game character
Mighty No. 32223 Mesha's picture

Dang...all are good...?

A: has this cool buster-like feeling. Smile

B: Fits her "jetpack" and has a very unique and girly feel to it (the C logo on it is a plus) Wink

C: Much like "another heroine's" weapon in a certain gameboy advance game, the bow is very nice and makes her feel different than any playable character we have tried. Surprised

D: Very cool, the C logo on it is nice, the coolest weapon but also too much of a reference...hmm..too good its bad kinda thing you know?...maybe doesn't fit her that much. Ugh

Hmm, I think I'm between B and C, A is too much of the same we have seen and D is too much of a reference, I want Call to be her own character. Cool
Mighty No. 39796 SonicX796's picture

It keeps getting better and better

First off, Beck's transformations are the bomb! (Aside the pun)
Second, Call and Lumen from Gunvolt are wearing lovely switch outfits. Heart

And finally, Call's weapon should be C or D but I love C more because it fits her persona.
Mighty No. 21745 Max's picture

No Sword?

I was kinda hoping that she could have a sweet ass katana (or a cute one if that works for people).
Mighty No. 6014 Mighty No. 6014's picture

About the bow

I chose the bow, but only on the grounds that it would work differently to Beck's blaster.
If it's only a visual change, I'd prefer the more badass design of the Gunvolt pistol.

But if Call's bow could eventually become as iconic as Zero's sword, that'd be awesome.