Hey Mighties!

Now that the game is releasing in Europe, we wanted to update our backers on any remaining issues regarding the launch especially issues relating to product keys.
Since the release of the game earlier this week we have seen reports of backers not receiving the codes they requested in the survey. After working and sorting out these issues with our partner Humble Bundle we have identified the following issues (with conclusions on some of the reported problems).
If you are still having trouble receiving your codes, please review the following information and see if your problem falls in to any of these examples.

The issues break down into a few different categories and it appears that the majority stem from typos or input/encoding errors in the email address field from the final platform survey.
This can include normal typos in the address or domain name or an unnecessary space included in the text field. Most of these were easy for the Humble Bundle team to track down and have already been fixed. 

Here is a more detailed breakdown of some of the issues we have seen.

- DLC keys delivered without the Main Game Product Key.
This issue is most likely caused by the errors described above related to the email entries.
Our support teams are checking everyone's data and distributing any missing codes.
If the proper codes are still not displaying on your account, please contact Humble Bundle's support
to solve any further issues.

Delivered code is for a different platform/region from what was chosen on the survey.
For any such issues, please contact the Humble Bundle support staff. They have the 
survey results on hand so they can check that against the codes being distributed in their system and clear up the issue.

Missing DLC Keys
Our support teams are aware of this issue, and have been working to correct any discrepancies.
If your account is still not displaying the correct keys, please contact Humble Bundle support to 
clear up any remaining issues.

- No Keys received
Regarding this issue, it is necessary to check each of these issues separately in order to confirm each backer's status. We are working through them now as fast as we can. 
*We have noticed a number of users who backed for less than $20 claiming this issue. Please
remember that a digital copy of the game is only included for backers who pledged $20 or higher.

Due to the amount of requests our support teams are receiving, we are still working through all of the support mails. 
There is also a chance that your issue has been resolved as Humble Bundle fixes issues in their database, so please make sure to check your Humble Bundle account page. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

We also have another small update from our side is regarding the Wii U codes for NoE and NoAUS. These have been 100% imported into the system by Humble Bundle now, so any backers waiting for those keys should be able to find them on their Humble Bundle page at this time.

We also received word from Deep Silver that the Xbox 360 version of the game has gone gold! We have received the Xbox 360 backer codes and passed them on to Humble Bundle. We expect them to be added to everyone's accounts very soon. We will update everyone once they have all been imported into the system.

We do have one piece of bad news for our European backers. We had word last night from Deep Silver that a minor issue with the Vermilion Destroyer (RAY) DLC for PS3/PS4 was flagged by SIEE and was regressed from gold status as a result. This means that the DLC will not be available for a few days as Deep Silver and SIEE address the problem.

If you are still experiencing issues relating to the product codes or running into any other troubles please contact our support teams for help:

Customer Support Links:

Humble Bundle Support Page

We have also been keeping an eye out for any game-related bug reports, and those issues have been reported to Inti Creates and we are awaiting their feedback on the issues.
Upon encountering any bugs please take the time to report them in our Bug Report Thread on the forums:

Enjoy your game, Mighties! (`_´)ゞ

-The Mighty No. 9 Team



Mighty No. 49180 Matt's picture

Still haven't heard anything

Still haven't heard anything from you guys or HumbleBundle. How do I get a download key for the platform I want? Never received an e-mail for a survey or any kind or communication Comcept.
Mighty No. 10997 Dardangelos's picture

$120 dollars worth of nothing

I contacted Humble, they told me to email you. I did. I want to play this game. When can I receive my Vita code? (I know its cross buy)
Mighty No. 42522's picture

No keys, no physical rewards

I'm a $60 tier, I go to the humble page and only see the demo and the digital artbook and strategy guide. I also have no clue where the physical rewards are, I emailed comcept and fangamer and also sent multiple messages in the Kickstarter and nothing. So, do you want me to also start complaining on Twitter? I think that's the only one I haven't done yet
Mighty No. 36188 GreenGrappler's picture

Humble Bundle fixed my order

I never received any of the surveys to pick my platform last month, so I got sent a Steam key instead of PS3. Comcept has yet to respond to any of my emails on fixing this, so I emailed Humble Bundle asking if they could help me, which I didn't expect they could do. To my surprise, they responded pretty quickly and got me a code for PS3. If anyone else has the same problem I did and didn't get a survey to pick their platform of choice, I suggest emailing Humble Bundle and asking for a new code. Better odds than getting Comcept to respond to you, at least.
Mighty No. 70777's picture

No rewards for post-fund digital rewards

I paid via Paypal after the funding ended but when they extended the rewards deadline: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/mighty-no-9/posts/633167

I still have no received ANYTHING. No codes, no rewards, NOTHING.
That also includes support emails.
I have yet to hear back at all from Comcept despite numerous email requests. I expected at least some generic response but still NOTHING.

Humble Bundle and Kickstarter say it's out of their control since it was done outside of their domains.

So the only left is legal action. It's one thing to deliver something different than what was promised, but it's another thing if you simply don't deliver after someone pays. That's a bait and switch and it's theft

Please Comcept, don't make us do this...

Mighty No. 16555 Kero's picture

I just want to play

So how long does it take to get a reply to this? I've been waiting since launch for a reply as I sit here looking at my Gold Beck skin and NO GAME to use it on. No response from Humble Bundle OR Comcept. Guess I should just kiss my money goodbye huh?
Broken heart
Mighty No. 54146's picture

No response to emails

Ive emailed comcept five times in the last month and a half and no response. Are they just ignorig emails hoping that we just go away?  I got the wrog key, no surveys, and no responses!  What to do for help?
Mighty No. 70777's picture

Same here. They've screwed us

Same here. They've screwed us over. Time to bring it to a legal level because this is ridiculous.
Mighty No. 28988 pomidor rolo's picture

Anyway, Keiji Inafune, Mighty

Anyway, Keiji Inafune, Mighty is a good game! Not the perfect, and we don't see what we wanted to see, but it,s a very good game, seriously! So, many thanks to you, Inafking and all Concept, Inti Creates & Deep Silver guys, and sorry for all this shit we say to you:)

(but i still don't get my DLC Keys for Wii U... Huh...;)
Mighty No. 19089 cleber_thiago's picture

What would I do with TWO Ray

What would I do with TWO Ray+Retro DLCs code for Wii U and none actual game code?
Waiting to someone actually fix this and not blame each other (Comcept x Humble Bundle).
I was hopping that at least in the end Comcept was going to do a good job, but even now, have months and months after delays to organize this, they managed to screw everything up with the backers... Congratulations! You're officially the face of how to ruin a KS game!!No
Mighty No. 59007 Master Beach's picture

I have exactly the same

I have exactly the same problem pal, 2 DLC codes for Ray and retro hero WiiU, but no game code!!! the mails I send 4 mails to comcept and humble and are still not answered im a $60 tier (only digital), and $41 tier (phisical usb) and I´m worried of don´t receive the usb too.
Mighty No. 5969 ZAON's picture

can't connect to Xbox live on 360 version

I got 360 code and downloaded, but  the xbox live always get disconnected when I started the game.

I tried many times but I still can't connect to the xbox live during the game, but it will reconnected when I exit the game.this issue must be fix.
Mighty No. 58572 AxlRocks's picture

My Issue

Thank you for some acknowledgement of the issue.

I have emailed you and contacted Humble Bundle. I am currently missing the MegaXel DLC for Steam. I've emailed you 3 times actually, but only once with the email associated with my payment. I assume you are not getting my emails from my other (preferred) email account.

Humble has not yet responded to me but I backed at $80 so MegaXel is definitely part of my rewards. I have the base game, Golden Hero, Ray, and Retro Hero Steam keys redeemed in my Steam account. I also don't have the digital OST and manual, but I assume those will just show up after time and I'm most worried about in-game content I paid for that I can never, ever get again if I do not get my key now.

Also, the resender did not work for either email. (I use one for my actual Humble account and again, another for the actual payment made to you.) So currently I am just awaiting a response from either end and the resolution.
Mighty No. 19832 Kolzig's picture

DLC code for Wii U?

I have now contacted both Comcept and Humble Bundle because I backed the 20 dollar pledge and my Humble Bundle listing for Euro Wii U says Mighty No 9 + DLC, but I only have one code there which seemed to be the main game, but no DLC.

How many different DLC are there for the game and how many are tied to which pledge amount?

Ray DLC was supposed to be for everyone who is getting the main game, then you have some in-game transformation DLC, Golden Hero DLC and also some retro DLC? Are all those other ones for the higher pledges?

I also received no email from Humble Bundle regarding the key, I had to manually refresh yesterday all the time the Humble Bundle Purchase/Key pages and then it just at one point appeared and I could claim the game.

Also, I looked at the credits for backers part from 10000 to all the way to 19832, but it was quite sad to see in my number *A Generous Backer* even though I filled in all the surveys that Comcept sent I put my name in each one of those.

Is there something that you could do about the loading times? On Wii U it takes 15 seconds in main menu to load the options menu, also it takes 27 seconds after dying to continue playing from checkpoint after loading.
Mighty No. 51530 Alex Baluh's picture

At $20 tier you should get

At $20 tier you should get the Ray DLC (extra stage and playable character) and Retro Hero DLC (One-hit death Maniac Mode with Minecraft-ish skin). 

The Golden Beck skin and MegaXel Transformation are only available for $60+ backers.
Mighty No. 32218 Darion Mayfair's picture

Within the game

Finally, after 3 long years, the time has come.

I must say, this doesn't feel like a 4-Million-Dollar game and definetly not something that comes out of a 3-year-long development. Still, the game is great! Once you get the right system requirements or a console / portable device version, the games feels swift enough and the gameplay is exciting and very fun, with almost no load time. The music is charming (although I don't focus in music a lot) and the voice-acting is decent. Sanada seems a bit cartoon-ish, but is not frustrating. The mighties (I've only reached Pyrogen and Cryosphere so far) are well-written and their voices fit their characters well.

I've faced some bugs so far in the Steam version (Plattaforms not solid after getting hit in the Avi level) and in the Xbox 360 version (game freezes during the Boss defeat animationh if you press the middle button), but nothing as far as getting my file deleted. Actually, I haven't checked since I've turned my game off and haven't restarted it, so I might be wrong.

As in graphics, I must say that is the worst aspect of the game. The animation is good and the framerate is within expected levels. However, the art style was expected at the beginning of the sevent gen (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii), not in the middle of the eight gen (Xbox One/PS4/WiiU) and the 3D models seems like wax during close-up scenes. Almost like a McDonnald's Happy Meal toy.

Final examination: the game is not a big let down, however it's close on being one if you backed the project since the beginning, specially if you spent $80 backing the project. However, Comcept reached their goal: to fufill peopole's expectations in releasing a fun game and to compensate the backers with extra content according to their money invested. I'd definetly buy Mighty No. 9 2 (No. 10?) if it gets released. The game is worth your money even at full-price.

Grade: 7/10. Points deducted over the badly-organized distribution and over-the-top long development.
Mighty No. 41385's picture

Everything but the soundtrack.

I got everything from the $40 Tier except the soundtrack. I'll try another resend order from Humble Bundle to try to get it.
Mighty No. 40880 Boh's picture

Still not quite right...

I'm at the $60 tier. Still only have a demo of the game available from Steam. "Please remember that a digital copy of the game is only included for backers who pledged $20 or higher." So I'm pretty sure that means I qualify and yet still haven't gotten it...
Mighty No. 70777's picture

You're not alone. I paid $60

You're not alone. I paid $60 for the post-kickstater digital rewards extended deadline and I still have yet to receive ANYTHING.
No codes, no emails.
Mighty No. 36922 Qirn's picture

Still don't have my pal Wii U

Still don't have my pal Wii U code. I sent an email to Humble Bundle early yesterday and now I'm waiting. I've got like two products on my page that say 'Mighty No. 9 (Kickstarter)' for some reason, and one contains only the golden beck dlc for steam and the other has no codes in it whatsoever so that's kind of weird.  Anyone know whats up with that? :/ I just want to play while I've got time this weekend... :(
Mighty No. 48865's picture

Comcept email no reply

I have already contacted the Comcept email twice about the missing RAY DLC issue and never got a reply. I emailed Comcept THREE years ago about recieving two Mighty No.'s and I never heard a reply (no I don't use spam filters). I just sent my second email to Humble Bundle about this, and I am hoping they will be able to help. I don't think I'll ever hear from Comcept.
Mighty No. 55793 GaMa's picture

Nice Job

Great job guys!  Since the XBox 360 delay, I was given a steam key to play Mighty No 9.  I have been playing NON-STOP since yesterday afternoon.  The game is fluid, great controls, and great japanese voice acting.  I don't like the bloom effect on fire particles, and the 3D models always seem to have their mouth open and not move at all.  Not a huge loss though, because the gameplay DEFINITELY makes up for it.

I might just stop playing now, because I'm going to have to redo everything once I get my 360 version.  Again, great job, and I can't wait to receive the rest of my rewards and the eventual announcement for your next game.  Game development, as indie developers would put it, has a harsh critical community.  So far, you're pulling through great, and addressing promptly of issues that users are having.  Keep up the great work Comcept!