Mighty No. 9 Demo Available!!

Hey Mighties!
The main event of Mighty Month 2 is here!
Thanks to our partners at Humble Bundle, the Special Demo Version of Mighty No. 9 is now available for our backers!

All you need to do is use the e-mail address that is attached to your Kickstarter or Paypal pledge to login to the Humble Bundle website and the download link for the Special Demo Version will be available! From there you just need to download and enjoy!

If you do not have a Humble Bundle account, or are unable to locate your order please enter the e-mail that was used to back Mighty No. 9 on the Humble Bundle Order Resender page.

We are extremely sorry for the delay in delivering this demo to you, but we hope you enjoy your time with it!

Also, as a result of switching to DRM-Free distribution, there is obviously not a cut-off date for this demo.

You are also welcome to stream or record gameplay videos to share with your friends and followers!



If you have any problems finding the EXE to start the demo, please use these images as a point of reference!
You can find the MN9Game.exe at the following folder location: Build>Binaries>Win32

And finally, we have another nice little something for you!
We are returning with more episodes of MighTV!
With the Special Demo Version now releasing, our backers will get a chance to try out a portion of the Challenge Mode which is included in the full game.
For this episode of MighTV we invited the Mighty No. 9 Lead Composer, Manami Matsumae, to try her hand at the mode!

This was actually her first time ever playing this mode so she was a little nervous! How far do you think she can get on her first try!?

We also just recorded another episode of MighTV a few days ago, so you can look forward to seeing that in the future as well!
We are still editing the footage, but we think you will enjoy it once it's ready!
That’s all for this update, Mighties!
See you next time! (`_´)ゞ
-Mighty No. 9 Team


Mighty No. 12748 Dash's picture

I've just downloaded it

I've just downloaded it (forgot I had it, recently donated to a charity Capcom was sponsoring and Steam games were the prize) and I'm pretty happy with the game and gameplay. Being a casual player and having had my fair share of console games, I'm looking forward to the full version and have no complaints.

Arigato gozaimasu!
Mighty No. 15030's picture

No Mac Demo?

Will there not be a Macbook compatible version of the demo? When I made my donation I had said I'd be playing on Mac which if I remember correctly was one of the platforms that first became available through the stretch goals. I'm more than happy to wait for the full game but Im a little dissappointed I won't get to play the demo.
Mighty No. 66348 Gilded's picture

Guys if you get an error, it

Guys if you get an error, it's probably because you put it as a shortcut on your desktop. You have to open it from the folder.
Mighty No. 41449's picture

Can't even see Mighty no. 9

I pledged $40 and have contacted Humble 3 times and used the resender and checked through my humble library and nothing. Mighty no. 9 dosen't even appear on my humble account.
Mighty No. 57394 Clay's picture

Demo won't download

Brand new spanking laptop running DirectX 12 and the game will not install because it says I do not have steam_api.dll, nvt.dll, libvorbisfile.dll, and physxextensions.dll. So frustrating ny help would be awesome.
Mighty No. 7834's picture

No Demo

I created a humble bundle account with the same email as my kickstarter and paid at the $99 option.  I still don't have access to the demo.  I've tried the order resender page, the purchases page, and the keys page and nothing...
Mighty No. 46748 Brain Digger's picture


Why can I only rebind controls once I'm inside the game (after the intro stage!) ?
Why can't I do it from the main menu?

Also, why is there no mouse control in the main menu? Very strange, considering the default binding for "attack" is mouse button 1 and also that the demo is only available for PC... You can't just expect EVERYONE to have a gamepad or for PC users to even WANT to use a gamepad.
Mighty No. 23975 Zen's picture

What backer tier do you need to be?

I've checking since the announcement and i haven't see anything on my humble bundle account regarding getting the special demo. So it's only avaliable to thos that backed a certain tier and up?

I back the $20 tier so either way i'm getting the full game but still would of been nice to of checked out the demo :c
Mighty No. 22600 MeanMetaur's picture

Super happy and super hard

This demo is megaman hard like i like it but i beeted battalion and got no transformation... what am i doing wrong?
Mighty No. 23912 zarek's picture

Missing XINPUT1_3.dll

Like others I can not start game demo because I am missing XINPUT1_3.dll from my computer. I have tried reinstalling DirectX 11.1 and does nothing. I am on Windows 7 64bit so DirectX 11.1 is as high of an upgrade as I can go for DirectX in Windows 7. Is this game only Windows 8 and up?
Mighty No. 64806 catwashere's picture

No link in my order

I do all the posible steps mention here and I don't find my download link :(

The other thing that is weird is that my voucher at humble bundle is in Japanese, I'm trying to figure it out with google translate and it doesn't say anything about a demos or download link.
Mighty No. 38900 Kchunxty's picture

controls/gamepad not working

Every time I start up the game, i get to the title screen and then my keyboard i guess keeps registering the down arrow? the menu items get selected in a downward order constantly. the only control i have is holding the up arrow to stop it, and the enter key. once i get to the options menu, i can't do anything except go back. no gamepads get recognized. anyone else having this problem?

Also some of you backers can be childishly impatient. Game development is tough and long, and I think Comcept has done a fantastic job. It's amazing to see Inafune and his old team on their feet again and I want to see this continue. Please be patient and wait for an overall better product and have faith in Comcept, they know what they're doing.
Mighty No. 38462's picture

what worked for me

i tried downloading it through humble bundle and it told me i did not have steam which was wierd cause i did so i tried to play the old demo through steam cause the tab was still in my steam library and it worked the demo is pretty fun I hope this helped some people out there and for people that are having problems i just want to say sorry its not working but when it comes out it will be a fun game to play hope my comment helped
Mighty No. 52383 Fredendil's picture

No mac demo?

I'm a mac user and I'm dissapointed there's no demo for mac. I actually regret at this point ever backing this game based only on MegaMan nostalgia and cool-looking artwork that turned out not to be representative (so far) of the final game. I'm very dissapointed at Inafune and Comcept. I considered backing Igarashi's Castlevania-like game, but after all I've been through with this particular kickstarter, I don't think I'll ever be backing any other videogame project in here.

Sorry for the long rant. To conclude, I ask: Where's my mac demo for Mighty No. 9?
Mighty No. 70311 Karyuudo's picture

Although I am not happy with

Although I am not happy with the lack of transparency, lies and misinformation that Comcept has fed us backers, I am happy with the way the game is / has turned out. At least I know that my $100 pledge into this project hasn't gone to waste. However, with the negative taste in my mouth left by Inafune and those around him, I'm sorry to say that this will be the last Kickstart project that I will back from either him or anyone wanting to make a video game. I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same. If companies like Comcept are easily able to back their own projects by way of other 3rd party investors instead of Kickstarter backers, what's the point in asking us for money? I realize that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than we all know and understand, however, this information should be presented to all backers up-front.

Anyway, looking forward to finally getting the full game in February and closing the page on the drama and problems that've plagued this project for the last few years.
Mighty No. 15499 BaKtUs's picture


I found my download link at the Humble Bundle site, and I am about to try out the demo :) Cant wait!

Just log into your account. If you already had an account the demo will show up among the other games on your list.